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Network To Help Each Other In Job Search

If you lost your job, and today we learned that there are 3.6 million Americans who have lost their jobs, then join the club. It is growing daily. Now is the time for congress to act and pass the stimulus package. How many resumes have you sent out?  Day after day, people are sending out resumes, knocking on doors. The trouble is each day job seekers are forced to compete with another 500,000 workers who are doing the same thing…… knocking on doors.

I want to hear your story, perhaps we can network with other right here are this blog. Recruiters take not everyone needs a job. This is a totally bad economy. There are 3.5 million people who need to find a way to provide income for their families.

Lets do something ourselves. If you have networking suggestions. If you know suggestions on how to go about finding a job. I would like to hear from you. I will do my part by providing more suggestions to those of us who are struggling right now to find work.

Republicans Are Holding Up Progress

Republicans continue to be Republicans. You know, same old story, no taxes, less spending. They never care about people who are struggling, who have been laid off, no job. Perhaps Republican don’t know what it means to be laid off. They don’t   know what it means to be in danger of losing their house. They don’t know what it means to be targeted to lose their jobs, because they can always go to somewhere else and get another job.

The America people have spoken. They want the stimulus plan. Republicans as usual stand in the way of progress.  Republicans got us into this mess, now they are holding up progress.

Geithner Just Confirmed-President Obama Moves To Swear Him In

Timothy Geithner was just confirmed as Treasury Secretary and he is slated to be immediately sworn in by either President Obama or Vice Presdient Biden.  President Obama wants to put Geithner to work immediately.  He is a key player in the ongoing  and crucial stimulus package debate.  Currently the White house and  congress are in a fierce debate over the $850 Trillion dollar Stmulus proposal. Today alone, Home Depot, Sprint/Nextel, Catepillar among other announced layoffs.

Planning Before The Marketing Call

Planning The Marketing Call

There many roads to marketing success, but the surest way to prepare yourself for success rest on these tenants.

1.) Organization- knowing where client information is, client history and having sales tools readily available.

2.) Planning, Projecting, Forecasting- The bottom line on how successful you become is based on reaching and achieving revenue goals and objectives. You must become adept at projecting and forecasting revenue budgets. You must anticipate revenue performance and set goals personal goals, months in advance. You set your goal and set it much higher than management. For instance you should set your goal one year in advance on a monthly basis. You set a much higher standard for yourself and you aggressively work toward achieving that goal. When management finally sets your goals, you have already made their goal, because you have an entire year of pre-set goals. If you have done a good job organizing, planning and projecting, you have all the tools in place to reach your goals. Once you know what your goals are; you have a clear objective as to how you need to perform and what you need to do to get there.

The next step is developing an action plan or game plan. This is a crucial step toward reaching your defined revenue goal. You must determine the following;

Who are your pre-sold accounts?
What accounts have promised to buy from you in the future?

This is your sales foundation. Once you know what pre-existing sales are in place and how much revenue is involved, you are well on your way to reaching your goal. Typically, pre-sold accounts, including current and seasonal accounts, can represent anywhere between 0 to 90% of your customer activity. Your objective here is to grow the number of pre- sold accounts and raise the sold percentage. You do this by establishing yearly budgets for your accounts, anticipate trends and opportunities.

Your action plan should be to set up appointments and put together proposals to help you get there. You always keep an eye out for opportunities maybe it is a follow-up call that you will need to make in two months. Keep score by adding revenue for that month in anticipation of the sale for that month.

3.)Engage the customer- You must be engaging toward the customer. The customer must feel comfortable with you. They do not necessarily have to like you, but they do have to have a healthy appreciation for your product and your service, which it is up to you to convey. There are a number of ways to do this. You can be friendly and outgoing, or the prospect just simply likes you. This often wears off if you do not deliver results. YOU MUST BECOME A NECESSITY TO THE ACCOUNT; BECAUSE YOU DELIVER RESULTS. IN ORDER TO DELIVER RESULTS YOU MUST DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU KNOW YOUR PRODUCT or SERVICE. Listen to the customer and confirm that customer’s needs and then prescribe a plan of action for the customer.

4.) Time is money and people do not have a lot of time. You must learn to quickly assess what the customer perceives as a need and suggest the product or service that will help the customer achieve that need. Give them a price that they can agree on, based on their perceived value of your product. This perception is fostered and created entirely by you, so you must be persuasive and you must close, close, close throughout the sales process.

5.) Always leave a reason to follow-up with the customer. This creates an open opportunity for you to show up at their door step; welcomed. The customer has already approved that you can follow-up with them and this gives you an opportunity to win the customer.

President Elect Barack Obama Faces Opposition On Stimulus Package

President Elect Barack Obama, faces opposition from his own political party. The problem is differences in approaches regarding content to be included in the stimulus package.

Obama wants to add tax cuts for businesses that hire each new worker, both republicans and democrats seem to disagree with this. Obama is willing to compromise to get the stimulus plan passed. The next few weeks will prove to be interesting as the congress, senate,  along with President Elect Obama,  negotiate the content of the stimulus package. In his weekly radio address President Obama called for urgency, something that all law makers should be in favor of.

Facts About The Inauguration

The presidential inauguration is an historic affair that dates back to our first President, George Washington. Barack Obama will be the 44th President and the first African American President to be sworn in. “A New Birth of Freedom is the theme for Barack Obama’s inauguration and commemorates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The words come from the Gettysburg address, and express Lincoln’s hope that the sacrifice of those who died to preserve the nation shall lead to “a new birth of freedom” for our nation. Washington, DC is marking the Lincoln Bicentennial with a 4-month promotion featuring more than 80 events celebrating the life and legacy of President Lincoln.

Inaugural balls and parties take place at venues throughout the city, beginning approximately January 15 and ending the evening of January 20. The official balls are planned by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is established shortly after the election. Other balls are planned by the state societies. There will be many other balls and ceremonies held during the week.

An Obama Presidency May Look like This

We are looking at a crossroads in the country. With the Election of Barack Obama, thing will change. Rapidly. The stagnation we have faced over the last eight years has been an Albatross over the necks of Americans. Now we don’t need partisan politics, but cooperation on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Barack Obama will bring more faces and thoughts to the table to create policies and decision that will be better crafted than at any time in the last eight years.

An intellectual deficit took place with an a country led by George W. Bush. America is stagnated, dead in the water both at home economically and diplomatically abroad. The prescription for this is the change we need. Obama’s, world view and the ability to at least engage foreign leaders around the world speaks volumes about where we will go and how our standing around the world will improve. Of course this is a mute issue for many Republicans, who could care less about how the world feels about America. But this head in the sand mentality our country can Ill afford to accept.

At home in America, we place little value on the lives of our elders and have not made provisions for them in regard to our aging populace. Health care is a national disaster, that is not considered a right or a privilege in this country. But in reality it is both. Provisions should be made to insure all American. To ensure that employers will not take away hard earned benefits that worker have earned throughout their lives.

Barack Obama will change all of this and we can expect more of a prosperous, pro-active and aggressive America. A country that truly cares about it’s people.