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What is leadership-How do you get people to follow you
1.   People must have confidence that you will get things done
2.  People must have evidence that you have successfully accomplished objectives in the past.
3. You must be a  winner-you must stand out from the crowd.
4. You must be persuasive-You must have the ability to move people to action
5. You must be guided by good and admirable principals
6. People look to you for guidance, opinions, and the ability to influence others
7. A leader  exudes action and a can do attitude.
8. Leaders can inspire people to do the seemingly impossible
9.Leaders are trustworthy
10. Leaders can create an unmistakeable legacy.
11. Leaders are not afraid to make the right, value centered decision.
12. Leaders must be intuitive and able to use the information for the common good.
13. A leader cannot be biased and show favoritism.
14. A leader must have clear goals and a clear vision for success.
15. A successful leader is Christ centered in their thinking and in their life.
16.  A leader must pick the right moral cause to fight for- if you are on the wrong side of the fence you want be seen as a leader or have a legacy as a leader.
17. True leaders are calm in the midst of the storm

President Obama Conducts The First Internet Town Hall Meeting

Visit the White House. Gov to participate in the first ever internet town hall meeting conducted by a President of the United States.

Stimulus Package Explained Via Community Meetings

The economic crisis is growing more serious every day, and the time for action has come.

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act, which will jumpstart our economy and put more
than 3 million people back to work.

I hope to sign the recovery plan into law in the next few weeks. But I need your help to spread the word and build support.

It’s not enough for this bill to simply pass Congress. Americans need
to know how it will affect their lives — they need to know that help
is on the way and that this administration is investing in economic
growth and stability.

Governor Tim Kaine has agreed to record a video outlining the recovery
plan and answering questions about what it means for your community.
You can submit your questions online and then invite your friends,
family, and neighbors to watch the video with you at an Economic
Recovery House Meeting.

Join thousands of people across the country by hosting or attending an Economic Recovery House Meeting this weekend.

The stakes are too high to allow partisan politics to get in the way.

That’s why I’ve consulted with Republicans as well as Democrats to put together a plan that will address the crisis we face.

I’ve also taken steps to ensure an unprecedented level of transparency
and accountability. Once it’s passed, you will be able to see how every
penny in this plan is being spent.

You can help restore confidence in our economy by making sure your
friends, family, and neighbors understand how the recovery plan will
impact your community.

Sign up to host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting and submit your question for the video now:

Our ability to come together as a nation in difficult times has never been more important.

I know I can rely on your spirit and resolve as we lead our country to recovery.

Thank you,

P.S. — If you can’t host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting,
you can still submit your questions for Governor Kaine and then share
the video with your friends and family this weekend. Learn more here:

Geithner Just Confirmed-President Obama Moves To Swear Him In

Timothy Geithner was just confirmed as Treasury Secretary and he is slated to be immediately sworn in by either President Obama or Vice Presdient Biden.  President Obama wants to put Geithner to work immediately.  He is a key player in the ongoing  and crucial stimulus package debate.  Currently the White house and  congress are in a fierce debate over the $850 Trillion dollar Stmulus proposal. Today alone, Home Depot, Sprint/Nextel, Catepillar among other announced layoffs.

Facts About The Inauguration

The presidential inauguration is an historic affair that dates back to our first President, George Washington. Barack Obama will be the 44th President and the first African American President to be sworn in. “A New Birth of Freedom is the theme for Barack Obama’s inauguration and commemorates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The words come from the Gettysburg address, and express Lincoln’s hope that the sacrifice of those who died to preserve the nation shall lead to “a new birth of freedom” for our nation. Washington, DC is marking the Lincoln Bicentennial with a 4-month promotion featuring more than 80 events celebrating the life and legacy of President Lincoln.

Inaugural balls and parties take place at venues throughout the city, beginning approximately January 15 and ending the evening of January 20. The official balls are planned by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is established shortly after the election. Other balls are planned by the state societies. There will be many other balls and ceremonies held during the week.

President Elect Obama Broadcast His Weekly Radio Address On U-Tube

President- Elect Barack Obama utilized U-Tube, in addition to radio to broadcast his Saturday Morning Radio address. The use of U-Tube Message is a ground breaking historic way to address the American People.  Previous presidents have used Radio as the only means to distribute this message.  This is groundbreaking in that it is the first time a president has ever used U-Tube for a weekly radio address. As of today over 550,000 have view the first ever U-Tube message.  The is just one more in a series of Obama innovations and there are sure to be more to come.  Click here to view Obama’s U-Tube Message Saturday, November 15.

Palin Post Election Interviews Are Not Helping Her

Sarah Palin says during last week’s media blitz that she would love to do interviews. The problem is that Palin did not help herself by conducting all the interviews. She actually hurt herself in the interviews. Matt Lauer’s interview with Palin brought out twisted logic and some cases out and out lies to cover up her ineptitude.

Sarah Palin is extremely ambitious, and very unprepared. She did not clearly articulate her vision on what she wants to do next or her vision for Alaska. She did not get specifics on what she would do in the future. Many in the media say she often goes into Tina Fey mode when she has no answer or does not know the answer to questions.

Palin said the mainstream media started the rumor that her son was not her baby. In fact John McCain put out a press release about the rumors stated on the Internet; at the point the media responded. Palin tried to paint herself as a victim. Because of the scrutinizing of Reporters like Katie Curic and Wolf Blitzer, the American people earned more about the unpreparedness of Sarah Palin.

The Great Debaters Starring Denzel Washington

If you did not see the movie, the DVD is available.

The Great Debaters, a movie about a famous, yet little known debate team from small Wiley college in
Texas, was an inspiring movie. The central focus of the movie was about students from the African American College who defeated Harvard University’s debate team in 1935. Later the debate team  went on to defeat the University of Southern California to win the National title in 1935. The Movie focused on the debaters most
notably James Farmer, Jr., who went on to be a significant figure in the Civil Rights movement in the south.

Facing touch and demeaning Jim Crow laws in Texas, Wiley College overcame significant prejudice to rise
to one of the Premier debate teams in the country. The Wiley debate team and a winning streak of ten years.

Hillary As Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton Secretary Of State.  It has a  ring to it.  CNN reports that Hillary is being considered by Barack Obama. She would bring Clinton star power to the White House. President Obama has a  enough confidence and self esteem to know his standing and hers.  It may be time for Clinton to leave a sinking ship in New York state, with the upstate economy on the rocks and state struggling to make budget.  It would be great time for Hillary who seems  a little warmer to Barack Obama now that the hostilities are over.  Hillary brings her White House  ties and her standing along with Bill around the world.

Obama is very smart and calculating.  He knows he needs to surround himself with very smart people and  he is confident enough to feel comfortable around them.  He resisted the urge to bring Hillary on as his Vice Presidential selection, perhaps to prove that he could win the White House  and her supporters on his own.  Hillary now sees him as an equal who can stand on his own. He has earned her respect. What better person for her to go to work for to build President Obama’s legacy and her own? After all she would be on the world stage as Secretary of State.