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Network To Help Each Other In Job Search

If you lost your job, and today we learned that there are 3.6 million Americans who have lost their jobs, then join the club. It is growing daily. Now is the time for congress to act and pass the stimulus package. How many resumes have you sent out?  Day after day, people are sending out resumes, knocking on doors. The trouble is each day job seekers are forced to compete with another 500,000 workers who are doing the same thing…… knocking on doors.

I want to hear your story, perhaps we can network with other right here are this blog. Recruiters take not everyone needs a job. This is a totally bad economy. There are 3.5 million people who need to find a way to provide income for their families.

Lets do something ourselves. If you have networking suggestions. If you know suggestions on how to go about finding a job. I would like to hear from you. I will do my part by providing more suggestions to those of us who are struggling right now to find work.

Do Your Homework Before You Purchase a Product

If you are thinking about purchasing a product, perhaps an electronic device or equipment, think long and hard about where you decide to purchase the product. There are few hard and fast rules that you should employ before you decide to take the plunge and purchase the product.

1.) Always consider the return policy- Never purchase a product from a store that only offers a two week return policy. You need at least one month to work out any kinks and to determine if the product is truly what you want or what you thought you wanted. A store must offer at least one month return policy and the assurance that you can return it undamaged with a receipt. If you don’t have that assurance, don’t purchase the product.

Many stores will allow you to purchase the product and give you a warranty, where they will actually send the product off for repair. That’s fine,  if you are okay with the hassle involved,  and the time that you will spend away from your new toy. If you are like me, if there is a defect,  I simply want to exchange the product for a new one, a different brand or I want my money back on the spot. If a store cannot make that promise, then don’t patronize  or do business with them.

As a general rule small mom and pop stores cannot afford to take back merchandise that you purchased two weeks ago. They can only send off your product to a contractor that they have as a referral and you are responsible for paying the charges that your warranty, if your purchased one, will not cover. Why put up with the hassle?

Solution- You can purchase high quality merchandise from Sam’s Club or BJ’s and you are able to return it in a reasonable amount of time with out hassle, certainly within 90 days.   Large chains like Walmart and Target have offerred generous return policies and you should not fear returning them if you are not completely satisfied.

Whenever you purchase a product, make sure you keep the box it came in, with out the box, you are out of  luck  in  trying to return it; even if you have a receipt. Just because you have the money to pay for a product, don’t squander you money needlessly by letting a company pass the service fulfillment onto you.

Kissinger Praises Consideration of Hillary Clinton As Secretary of State

Henry Kissinger came out today with a resounding endorsement of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Kissinger said she would be an outstanding Secretary of State. Kissinger may be right because this is an absolute brilliant move by Obama and a necessary move Clinton; perhaps an anchor for Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s problem is the Senate. There is no where for her to go since she lost her bid for the Presidency. So she must rebuild her image.

Clinton moved to New York in 2000, to win a Senate race. Although contested; the candidate she faced, Rick Lazio, had absolutely no chance of beating her. It was a free pass to the Senate and the chance for Clinton to hold the first elected position in her life. It was also a spring board for her to campaign for the Presidency. When Bush left office, either in 2004 or 2008, Clinton got her chance in 2008. She was the clear front runner for the office, but a funny thing happened; she lost to the man from Illinois with the funny name, Barack Obama. Obama was not figured into equation. He was a wild card. Quite frankly, Hillary Clinton, underestimated Obama.

The lost left Clinton dead in the water, with no way to go. Her grand plan to the White House was foiled by President Elect Barack Obama. Clinton has no options if she stays in the Senate. She should thanks President Elect Barack Obama for throwing her a lifeline to rejuvenate her career. Hillary Clinton would make an outstanding Secretary of State. It will rejuvenate her career and position her for another run in 2012 of 2016. She should take it.

Hillary As Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton Secretary Of State.  It has a  ring to it.  CNN reports that Hillary is being considered by Barack Obama. She would bring Clinton star power to the White House. President Obama has a  enough confidence and self esteem to know his standing and hers.  It may be time for Clinton to leave a sinking ship in New York state, with the upstate economy on the rocks and state struggling to make budget.  It would be great time for Hillary who seems  a little warmer to Barack Obama now that the hostilities are over.  Hillary brings her White House  ties and her standing along with Bill around the world.

Obama is very smart and calculating.  He knows he needs to surround himself with very smart people and  he is confident enough to feel comfortable around them.  He resisted the urge to bring Hillary on as his Vice Presidential selection, perhaps to prove that he could win the White House  and her supporters on his own.  Hillary now sees him as an equal who can stand on his own. He has earned her respect. What better person for her to go to work for to build President Obama’s legacy and her own? After all she would be on the world stage as Secretary of State.

Our Society of Contradiction

We live in a society of contradictions. The individual personal judgments that we use often are not doled out with our idea of justice. We render personal judgments everyday in America. The examples and cases are paramount. To numerous to mention. We hold others to higher standards, still others to lower standards. Not quite deciding on where we should stand at all. We are a schizophrenic in our thinking and in our reasoning. We are unduly harsh in our criticism of others and unforgiven in our ability to forgive.

We have the audacity to to judge and to place our so called moral value on one issue, when we allow immoral activity to occur almost blatantly in other area. The examples of these instances are many; but it is irrelevant to mention them. What would be the point. We all know how we judge others, how we hold others to higher and lower standard and we take stance on these issues by molding and shaping them in our minds. Not based on any moral or biblical standard. Often based on a gut feeling, or some opinion formed through experience, thus clouding our thinking and clouding and our often unreasonable reasoning.

We give a blind eye to history; perhaps acting as if history is not a good marker to determine opinions and issues of fairness in the future. But history is perhaps the one marker that can at least deliver a perspective on why things happen the way they do and why people behaved in the way they do now. We call ourselves spiritual people. But how can we be spiritual when we don’t have the ability to forgive? Or we set time limits as to when forgiveness is appropriate.

Free Obama Victory Sticker


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Palin, Among Other Things, Did Not Know Africa Was A Continent

The London Times reports that Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent. That she spent way more on clothes than the $150,000 reported by the media. The newspaper also reported that Palin also one greeted McCain aides at the door wearing nothing but a towel. Check out the link to the Times story.

London Times Story

This Election Day Is A Special Day

Today’s the day! It is a great day for America. We are a diverse people and this Presidential race is the first to embrace the embodiment of diversity. I took pride this morning when I went out to vote at 6 AM. It was with pride and a sense of history that I pulled the level for Barack Obama. I would like to say a lot of things, but as an African American, I think back at how we we denied the ability to vote for many many ,many years.

We were slaves only 145 years ago. Although Abraham Lincoln freed our ancestors with the Emancipation Proclamation, we still did not realize the promise of all the freedoms of America. Families were separated doing slavery, slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write. The African American family was totally separated and destroyed. When the slaves were finally freed, we were still second class citizens. Harassed and denied the freedom that everyone else enjoyed, even in a free country.We were looked down upon, degradated, called every name, but a child of God, yet we pressed on.

Given these odds, we still pressed on, our ancestors rallied and accepted the long odds set against them, but kept pressing for the next generation. For black people to make it in America was like being in a race where you forced to start one hundred yards behind that starting line. Those were the odds we were faced with.

The leaders that helped us paved the way for our piece of the American dream, was W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, A. Phillip Randolph, Dr. Martin Luther King, all helped us through the age of Jim Crow, segregation in the south, voter suppression, lynching, and a host of other atrocities that in many cases were sanctioned or ignored by our government.

So this day is a special day, given our struggle, given the resolve that we had to face. But given our faith, our strong faith in God, we have seen this day. It is a day of Hope for all Americans, and that is the key for All Americans… because that is what we truly are. It is a day that we can look back on and say we can really overcome the stain of racism, we can overcome to stain of complacency in our own community, and striving as a race to be the best that you can be. It is a day that we change the outlook of African Americans, that if you buckle down and work hard that the dreams of America, really can be yours. That’s what this day means to all of us……..Americans.

In Fighting Between King Family Tarnishes King Legacy

The fight between Bernice and Martin Luther King III vs their Brother Dexter King continues. The three King siblings have been fighting over family memoirs and documents since the death of their Mother Coretta King a few years ago. It is a sad commentary that America’s premier Civil Right Family is embroiled in a a fight over who has the right to the personal intimate documents of Coretta King. At issue is $1.4 million book deal that Dexter signed to publish the memoirs of Coretta Scott King.

Bernice and Dexter King refused to release these documents to Dexter, who signed a book deal with a book Publisher to publish Mrs. King’s Memoirs. This has become a power struggle between the siblings. Bernice and Martin III vs Dexter. This is not the first time they have butted heads regarding the King Estate. A Georgia Judge ruled that Bernice and Martin III must turn over the documents and any party failing to turn over the documents will be subject to sanctions, which could include jail time.

It is totally a travesty that the King Legacy is tarnished by his own family and by this in family fighting. His legacy belongs to more people than just the immediate King siblings, it belongs to America, a point the King children should give serious and sincere thought.