The Deal- Charleston Continues To Be A Catalyst For Discussion on Race

The Confederate flag is an unwanted symbol of hate and oppression. Hate that signifies a long history of oppression and offensiveness to African Americans. They say the Confederate flag is a symbol of pride. Pride for some and pain for those who were oppressed. Yes, our past is unspoken, shameful, and the flag is a starting point for discussion and where we stand as it relates to race. There is great significance attached to this flag wherever it blows. Significance that is certainly not good, and in no way honorable. It is ironic that one flag can represent so much pain, sorrow, and hurt. Yet we have participated in many hours of debate on whether it should fly in front of the South Carolina Statehouse. It is a no brainer…… Take Down The Flag!

I believe the flag will be removed not only in Charleston, but on state capital grounds across the south. The Flag unfortunately flew despite the oppression and the hurt inflicted on African Americans for hundreds of years. It continues to fly. There is no excuse. However despite this, yesterday one woman broke the law. No doubt she was fustrated like all of us. She did not want to see it anymore. the Confederate flag is hurtful, it is racist, it signifys insurrection, slavery, bigotry, hate, and a host of other adjectives.

The Civil War started in Charleston, South Carolina,when Fort Sumpter was bombed in 1861. Fort Sumpter was a federal fort. It was bombed and the Stars and Stripes were removed from the pole and replaced with the Confederate flag a symbol of hate, racism and bigotry. Yesterday, It took an activist to take matters in her own hand to take the Confederate flag from a pole in front of official state office complex. She was wrong to do so by law. Morally, because of the oppression, the hurt, and the misguided patriotism that the flag represents it is time for the flag to go.

Ironically discussions we are having in 2015 are about events that occured in Charleston, South Carolina the first state to succeed from the Union and where the hostilities of the Civil War occured 154 years ago. We are still debating equality and appropriateness of symbols today. Ironically, Charleston, South Carolina is again at the center of discussion and debate. It was 1861 when the Civil War started in Charleston, where the first shots were fired to start the Civil War. This speaks volumes about our perceived progress in the realm of race relations. We have miles and miles to go before we can get to inclusiveness and our moral center.




The Deal-Charleston and Affordable Care



This is a good time for all Americans. We are seeing a coming togther of all races, national companies and all those who are passionate about equality, love and justice. Charleston, South Carolina is a great example of how love can overcome hate. The Supreme Court just yesterday showed compassion to the millions of Americans who need Heath Care by upholding the tenants of Affordable Health Care.

It is a great week despite terrible things that have happen, just a few weeks ago. Everyone is still coming together despite those who try to impede progress. We are Americans, however we care about each other…. and that is the most important thing. This day we should all be proud to be Americans.