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Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Is Nothing New

“Pass A Bill”…………President Obama


President Obama announced an Executive Action on Immigration last night. This is nothing new, President Roosevelt, President Bush are among Presidents who have announced Executive Action. This is literally nothing new.

Couple this with the fact the Republicans have not passed a bill since it seems like, the stone age. Which begs the question why? To find the answer you will need to request an explanation from both House and Senate Republicans.

The entire congressional and senate arm of our government is broken. Not because of Democrats, no more likely because of Republicans,


President Obama Appeals for the Votes of Americans

Barack Obama, admitted that he felt the need to turn to a higher power. He transformed from a young person with the potential of widsom. To a President who not has the insight and discernment that the weight of the office of the Presidency gave him. Obama focused on his transformation. The President wanted you to know the trials and tribulations that he has been through have made him a more mature President and man. Because he is a President in office, he now has a different perspective that he himself did not have four years ago,

This is a man that has the wieght of his country and the world on his shoulders. This makes him a reestablished President. But he never gave up on hope, he asked America to not give up on hope. He asked them to take responsibility by asking them for their vote. The President rallied the crowd and and admonished them to vote for him. He's definitelyhas my vote.

President Obama is a smart man and today he even more than four years ago. That's the crux of his speech and the meaning of it.

Republican Continue to Lie and Deceive in 2012

I can’t hold back any longer other than say this, the Republicans are the biggest liars and deceivers on earth. All the problems that we are facing today were caused by the Bush administration and the Republican do nothing congress led by Tea Party influences. It is sad for America that we accept lies and deceptions from Republican and call it truth.

I watched the republican convention and it struck me as unbelievable all the lies that the Republicans came up with in blaming nearly everything on President Barack Obama. As usual the Republican came up with zero solutions. Yes fellow Republicans you can do better than this.

Latino Votes Swing Toward Obama

Daily News


KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Her Latin American background is clear in her speech as Lynnette Acosta talks about how President Barack Obama’s health care plan could help a diabetic neighbor. “La familia es bien importante para el presidente Obama. Y e?l sabe que familias que son luchadores a veces lo han perdido todo porque alguien en la familia se enfermo?,” Acosta says in an Obama campaign ad. The English translation: “Family is very important to President Obama. And he understands that families that are fighters sometimes have lost everything when someone gets sick.” The upbeat ad starring a Florida resident is one of several such spots the Democrat’s team is running on Spanish-language stations in pivotal election states, and it contrasts sharply with the hard-hitting commercials in English that the incumbent’s campaign is airing against Republican rival Mitt Romney. With the lighter tone, Obama hopes to shore up what polls indicate is a large lead over Romney among Hispanics. They are the nation’s fastest growing minority group, usually a reliable Democratic voting bloc that’s causing consternation for Republicans trying to position their party for the future. Obama is reinforcing his advantage with a sizable Spanish language TV and radio ad campaign in some of states expected to be among the most contested in the general election. On this front, he is vastly outspending Romney in a race that could be decided by thin margins in many states. “It makes sense for Obama to run nice ads in Spanish that only Latinos watch. It’s a way of saying, ‘We’re the candidate and the party that respect you,'” said Marc Campos, a Texas-based Democratic strategist who produces campaign commercials targeting Hispanics. “When they see positive, feel-good ads in their native language it reinforces the notion that this administration is working on their behalf.” An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released last month found Obama leading Romney among Hispanic voters by a margin of 61-27 percent. It’s a gap so wide that for now at least, Obama’s campaign is running positive ads designed to boost confidence in the president among Hispanics rather than to discredit Romney. The Obama campaign has spent $1.7 million since mid-April on Spanish language ads in Florida, Nevada and Colorado, according to SMG-Delta, a media firm that tracks campaign advertising. Obama carried all three states in 2008 against Republican John McCain; all are closely contested this time. Read more:

How Well Did Obama Do?

The Atlantic Magazine did a piece on Barack Obama and the question posed in the article is how well did President Obama’s agenda play out when he first took office? The answer to that question is not very well, given the changing state of the economy that prevented The President from implementing the ideas that he ran on doing his election campaign. The article then went on to rate the President’s social ability to interact, his staff’s ability to live up to the difficult expectations of Obama’s Presidency. It proceeded to rate the President more stringently than a typical performance review.

I want dwell on the Atlantic article, however I believe they are ill suited to run a critic of President Obama. Yes he started off rocky, placating the Republicans perhaps because of his wish to be a conscientious defined president. That is his ideal of how and where Republicans and Democrats worked together. He followed that line entirely too long. This less than a year when voters would actually go to the polls to elect a new President or reelect Barack Obama in November 2012.

What I believe we witnessed was that Obama realized, that there was something bigger and more important than his agenda, and perhaps how he defined himself. Prior to the final year of his term, he finally realized that he must reach and define the expectation of what the electoral base expected of him. This made Obama step out of his comfort zone. Things came easy for him, but Obama has demonstrated that he is adaptable and a master of analytics, human analytic and dynamics. He can then define a roadmap and a plan to execute a winning strategy. If one were to define Barack Obama, you can call him adaptable and able to apply reason and strategy at the right time with an eye to the future. Also he is a master of what if scenarios, able to apply contingency plan when needed and shift to new strategies when necessary,

Obama’s Lays Out Many Initiatives in State Of The Union Address

President Obama’s State of the Union Speech tonight, was in a word, interesting. It was defiant, it was ideological, it was partisan, he introduced provocative ideas, and he certainly gave Republicans something to think about. One thing is clear Obama plans to take it to the republicans during this Presidential election season.

There’s not really one part of the speech that one can focus on, it touched on so many segments held dear to Democrats. Obama, more than anything set the agenda for the platform that he intends to run on in the fall. This is where Obama will fight and attack on multiple fronts. Jobs, tax breaks, all were part of his strategies. Obama’s goal tonight was to create the beginnings of a grassroots campaign.

President Obama hinted toward cutting toward cutting or reforming social security and medicare. In some respects Obama is still trying to compromise with Republicans. We will see where this all in ends up, but the one constant that gives all Democrats room for optimism is that Republican policies and strategies will always ultimately fail.

Republicans Can No Longer Place Blame on President Obama

President Obama has to be very pleased about the news of 200,000 jobs added in December 2011. This is the highest uptick of jobs since February 2009. All rational economists know that the cause of this recession was not on Obama’s watch; however a shell game, played by the Republicans was instrumental over the last two years to place blame on the Obama Administration. This dubious strategy put forth by Republicans is in a word irrational and a failed strategy. Much to the Republican’s deep alarm, the economy has taken a turn for the better and now the spin doctors are hard at work to deny any gloating from the Obama administration. The last thing they want is for Obama to gain traction with this good news.

Already there is little they can do to pin the recession on him. He has virtually won the terrorist war. He has brought home the troops from Iraq. He has begun to withdraw troop from Afghanistan. Republicans now have nowhere to go in pointing out deficiencies in Obama’s policy. Not only that, the best candidate that they can put up against Obama is Mitt Romney. They certainly will need to bring someone stronger than that. At this late date, it is highly unlikely that they will find the perfect candidate with the attributes to beat Obama. So the next few months will be interesting to say the least as the election season gears up.

President Obama- Simply a Politician

We are  definitely in an up and down relationship with President Obama.  The trouble  is  Obama’s relationship with  independent voters, African Americans, his so called base, labor unions,  and Republicans, remains undefined  and unclear at best.  No one has  a clear handle on this man, who remains a mystery to all.

The only thing we really know is  that Obama is likeable and easy to talk to.  He also appears to be too willing  to yield in deference to the wishes of others,  even when by doing so it is in conflict to his stated beliefs and policies.  So we really do not know this man. I’m beginning to wonder if he really believes in or stands for anything of substance, or  is he in the mold of testing the wind, to see which direction it blows and follows the least provocative course? Typically  political.

It was troubling to hear president Obama talk condescendingly to the Congressional Black Caucus at the their recent dinner.  It was so odd that it appeared staged. It probably was.  Obama really wanted to send a message to independent voters that he would not  focus on African American issues, if  they (African- Americans) follow me, they will need to  get in line, a number of people and groups have agenda’s and I am president of them all. Well that is really noble. The trouble is Americans want a President that stands for something.  At the end of the day, if you cannot stand up for your base, how can you stand up for Independent Voters or any other Democratic constituent?

That is clearly a noble stance for a president if it were believable. The American people really need to know what this  man believes and the most predictable gauge of determining that is by closely studying his actions.  Obama’s  words and his subsequent actions are not in alignment.  In his efforts to appeal to one group, he acts condescendingly to others ( The Congressional Black Caucus).  He in effect harms his standing with African- Americans and ultimately appears to  African- Americans as someone who cannot be trusted.

So our problem is we have to choose between too evils, totally odd and  mentally challenged Republicans and Tea Party members, and a man who in effect bends over backward in deference , but rarely does his actions validate his stated goals. Still the choice is clear , given the alternative, it simply has to be President Obama.