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Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Is Nothing New

“Pass A Bill”…………President Obama


President Obama announced an Executive Action on Immigration last night. This is nothing new, President Roosevelt, President Bush are among Presidents who have announced Executive Action. This is literally nothing new.

Couple this with the fact the Republicans have not passed a bill since it seems like, the stone age. Which begs the question why? To find the answer you will need to request an explanation from both House and Senate Republicans.

The entire congressional and senate arm of our government is broken. Not because of Democrats, no more likely because of Republicans,


John F. Kennedy

John Kennedy was a visonary. Someone who was not afraid to go against the grain and a person who pioneered standing up for the rights of those who could not stand up for themselves. Kennedy was not adverse to making tough decisions. He contemplated his actions and only acted after thinking through the situation.

Kennedy was thinker and an astute politician. He was cool under fire and when he needed to be, he was tough as nails. This was America's first visionary President. Ufortunately President John Kennedy was assasinated. We will never know what kind of impact he would have on this country and on the world, because he was killed by an assasin. However he mad a lasting impression on this country and the world.

Kennedy had his infidelities at a time when this was winked on by the world. In this day and time this would tarnished his Presidency and his reputation. This was a fault, however all humans have faults. So you must judge him, by the policies he set and the standard he made. He was not the greatest President ever. He was one of the most influential and charismatic presidents that America has known.

























Latino Votes Swing Toward Obama

Daily News


KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Her Latin American background is clear in her speech as Lynnette Acosta talks about how President Barack Obama’s health care plan could help a diabetic neighbor. “La familia es bien importante para el presidente Obama. Y e?l sabe que familias que son luchadores a veces lo han perdido todo porque alguien en la familia se enfermo?,” Acosta says in an Obama campaign ad. The English translation: “Family is very important to President Obama. And he understands that families that are fighters sometimes have lost everything when someone gets sick.” The upbeat ad starring a Florida resident is one of several such spots the Democrat’s team is running on Spanish-language stations in pivotal election states, and it contrasts sharply with the hard-hitting commercials in English that the incumbent’s campaign is airing against Republican rival Mitt Romney. With the lighter tone, Obama hopes to shore up what polls indicate is a large lead over Romney among Hispanics. They are the nation’s fastest growing minority group, usually a reliable Democratic voting bloc that’s causing consternation for Republicans trying to position their party for the future. Obama is reinforcing his advantage with a sizable Spanish language TV and radio ad campaign in some of states expected to be among the most contested in the general election. On this front, he is vastly outspending Romney in a race that could be decided by thin margins in many states. “It makes sense for Obama to run nice ads in Spanish that only Latinos watch. It’s a way of saying, ‘We’re the candidate and the party that respect you,'” said Marc Campos, a Texas-based Democratic strategist who produces campaign commercials targeting Hispanics. “When they see positive, feel-good ads in their native language it reinforces the notion that this administration is working on their behalf.” An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released last month found Obama leading Romney among Hispanic voters by a margin of 61-27 percent. It’s a gap so wide that for now at least, Obama’s campaign is running positive ads designed to boost confidence in the president among Hispanics rather than to discredit Romney. The Obama campaign has spent $1.7 million since mid-April on Spanish language ads in Florida, Nevada and Colorado, according to SMG-Delta, a media firm that tracks campaign advertising. Obama carried all three states in 2008 against Republican John McCain; all are closely contested this time. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/obama-campaign-woos-hispanic-vote-tv-radio-ads-article-1.1092602#ixzz1xJmJmQgM

Republicans Continue Racial Insensitivity Toward Michelle Obama

This is an interesting article from The Root that touches on the apparent inability of Republicans to cease the demeaning attacks not only in the President, but also on his wife. This is getting to be hard to take and ridiculous. It is racist, insensitive, and disrespectful. Of course Republicans apparently think black people do not deserve respect. Racial insensitivity training and racial tolerance training is in order here. Until they see black people as equal and worthy of the same respect that they themselves demand from everyone else, this will never change. Here’s the article for review.


This Article Was Originally Publish By The ROOT……………………

One thing I hate to do is act as teacher to the clueless. But it’s clear, after the speaker of the Kansas House, Republican Mike O’Neal, forwarded an email with pictures making fun of first lady Michelle Obama’s appearance and calling her “Mrs. YoMama,” that school is once again in session. You would think these folks — including Wisconsin GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner, with his unhealthy obsession with what he called the first lady’s “large posterior”; the South Carolina Republican activist who once compared her to a zoo’s escaped gorilla; and all the other offenders — would have at least learned self-control. But since they can’t seem to help themselves, some lessons bear repeating. Read and learn.

1. When people who aren’t black use slang that purports to be “black,” it just makes them look incredibly foolish. To all who thought the email O’Neal sent was hilarious, you need to know that black people don’t go around saying “YoMama” in conversation. (After holiday visits with family, I can report that the term did not come up once.) Use the term around anyone, particularly your actual mother, and random black people within earshot will make that circle-around-the-head motion and slowly back away. (Hint: Black people call other black people by their names.) Words such as “YoMama” are used by people who don’t know anything about black people to mock them. It’s how they imagine black folks speak, and the fact that they spend so much time imagining such things is something they probably should discuss with a doctor. Either that, or spend some time with black people.

2. The cartoon in O’Neal’s email showed Mrs. Obama’s hair blowing in the wind and compared it to an image of Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. Hair is hair. A black person’s hair is no exception. It comes in all different textures and styles. We wash it, dry it, curl it, straighten it or leave it be — and sometimes it even blows in the wind. Our hair is not a secret weapon or a hiding place for one.

3. An apology goes something like this: “I messed up; I’m sorry.” In O’Neal’s apology, first reported in the Lawrence Journal-World, he said he didn’t read the email before he forwarded it and had no idea it labeled Mrs. Obama with a racist slur. He made clear that he did indeed intend to share the cartoon, which he thought was a real thigh-slapper. In a statement, O’Neal said, “I’ve had bad hair days too … To those I have offended, I am sorry. That was not at all my intent.” Did you write that statement — the one that repeats one part of your insult before implying that anyone who had a problem with the email might be too thin-skinned — with a straight face, Mr. O’Neal? No apology at all would have been better.

4. No woman likes to be insulted and demeaned or compared to cartoon characters. Just because black women are used to such treatment (and worse) in America does not mean they think it’s OK. Would your wife or mother, daughter or sister, like it? What would you do to the guy who spread insults about them? Keep it up, and even no-drama Obama might be tempted to punch you in the mouth.

5. A little history and geography lesson is also in order for those who continue to grumble that the president and first lady took a Hawaiian vacation on the taxpayers’ dime. All presidents take well-deserved breaks; many Americans, for that matter, return home for the holidays. For me, that meant seeing hubby’s mom in New York and my family in Baltimore. President Bush loved to clear brush in Crawford, Texas. President Obama returns to Hawaii because he was born and mostly grew up there. (Yes, it is a state.) It’s where the grandmother who helped raise him lived until her death in 2008. He can’t help it if his home has beaches, warm weather and killer optics. In November 2012 there will be an election when all those who want a new family in the White House will have the chance to make their dreams a reality. It’s how America works. Until then, the first family we have is the image the United States presents to the world. Some respect, or at least good sense, is in order.

And one final lesson: When you receive a nasty email, “delete” works so much better than “forward.” Mary C. Curtis, an award-winning Charlotte, N.C.-based journalist, is a contributor to the Washington Post’s She the People blog, The Root, NPR, Fox News Charlotte, Creative Loafing and the Nieman Watchdog blog, and she was national correspondent for Politics Daily. Follow her on Twitter.

Republicans Can No Longer Place Blame on President Obama

President Obama has to be very pleased about the news of 200,000 jobs added in December 2011. This is the highest uptick of jobs since February 2009. All rational economists know that the cause of this recession was not on Obama’s watch; however a shell game, played by the Republicans was instrumental over the last two years to place blame on the Obama Administration. This dubious strategy put forth by Republicans is in a word irrational and a failed strategy. Much to the Republican’s deep alarm, the economy has taken a turn for the better and now the spin doctors are hard at work to deny any gloating from the Obama administration. The last thing they want is for Obama to gain traction with this good news.

Already there is little they can do to pin the recession on him. He has virtually won the terrorist war. He has brought home the troops from Iraq. He has begun to withdraw troop from Afghanistan. Republicans now have nowhere to go in pointing out deficiencies in Obama’s policy. Not only that, the best candidate that they can put up against Obama is Mitt Romney. They certainly will need to bring someone stronger than that. At this late date, it is highly unlikely that they will find the perfect candidate with the attributes to beat Obama. So the next few months will be interesting to say the least as the election season gears up.

Republicans Need To Keep Their Members in Line and Stop Racial Rhetoric

It is absolutely ridiculous that Republicans continuously use racist innuendo to disparage the President of the United States with racist jokes and get away with it. Yes presidents have been ridiculed before, but never taken to this low level. Certainly not at a racial level. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They have posted pictures of watermelons on the white house lawn, drawn offensive pictures of Obama, and just out and out disparaged President Obama and His family. This is absolutely unacceptable to most Americans, but apparently not to the Republicans, who within their own party have said absolutely nothing to stop this behavior by their peers; fellow Republicans.

Just like the continued erosion of this country, we see a strange tolerance that speaks volumes about who we are as Americans. We are better than this and Republicans need to step up and get their fellow Republicans in line and stop this behavior.

Republicans Block Job Bill For Second Time

The vote to advance the bill was 50 to 50. Democrats needed 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster.

This time, the bill was narrowed to provide $35 billion to state and local governments to prevent layoffs of teachers, police officers and firefighters. To offset the cost, the bill would impose a surtax of 0.5 percent, starting in 2013, on income in excess of $1 million.

Despite the vote Thursday, Democrats said they hoped to gain a political edge, by forcing Republicans to vote on this and other discrete parts of broader legislation proposed by Mr. Obama to create jobs and revive the economy.

Campaigning for his $447 billion jobs package this week in North Carolina and Virginia, Mr. Obama suggested that Republicans could not understand the whole thing all at once, so he said “we’re going to chop it up into some bite-sized pieces.”

The Senate last week blocked consideration of the larger bill, which included a 5.6 percent surtax on income over $1 million.

Republicans objected to the tax and said the bill would be no more successful than the economic stimulus law Mr. Obama signed in February 2009.

The vote late Thursday generally followed party lines. Two Democrats — Senators Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mark Pryor of Arkansas — and Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, joined Republicans in voting against immediate consideration of the bill for public employees.

Both parties seized on the smaller bill to draw contrasts in advance of the 2012 elections.

Democrats said the bill would save or create jobs for nearly 400,000 teachers and force millionaires to make a small sacrifice for the benefit of the nation.

“The massive layoffs we have had in America today are rooted in the last administration,” said the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada. “It is very clear that private sector jobs have been doing fine. It is the public sector jobs where we have lost huge numbers.”

The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, derided the Democrats’ proposal as “a government jobs bill.” He said it would “impose a permanent tax hike on about 300,000 U.S. business owners and then use the money to bail out cities and states that cannot pay their bills.”

The bill would pay for the hiring, rehiring and retention of school employees, law enforcement officers, firefighters and other emergency workers.

Public employees and labor union leaders joined Democrats, including Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., at a rally on Wednesday urging the Senate to pass the bill. Mr. Biden said that because of police layoffs, “murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up” in many cities.

Democrats see an urgent need to aid state and local governments, whose revenues have not fully recovered from the recession. The Congressional Budget Office said that less than one-third of new spending under the bill would occur in the coming year, however. It foresees annual spending of roughly $11 billion in 2012 and 2013, followed by $7 billion in 2014, $5 billion in 2015 and $1 billion in 2016.

Unable to pass the full bill devised by the White House, Senate Democrats hope some of the individual pieces will prove more popular with Republicans. Other smaller bills to be taken up in turn would expand the current payroll tax cut for employees, increase spending on transportation and public works projects, and provide incentives for the hiring of unemployed veterans.

For their part, Senate Republicans pushed Thursday for a bill that would repeal a tax compliance requirement that businesses consider extremely burdensome. The provision, adopted in 2006, requires federal, state and local government agencies to deduct and withhold 3 percent of payments they make to many suppliers of goods and services. The requirement was adopted after federal auditors found that thousands of government contractors had substantial amounts of unpaid federal taxes.

Democrats supported the intent of the bill, but blocked its consideration because it would also require unspecified cuts in spending for domestic programs.

Senator Scott P. Brown, Republican of Massachusetts, said, “We need to repeal once and for all this onerous and costly unfunded mandate.”

WASHINGTON — For the second time in 10 days, the Senate on Thursday rejected Democratic efforts to take up a jobs bill championed by President Obama.

Republicans described their proposal as a jobs bill because, as Mr. Brown said, it would “repeal a part of our tax code that promises to kill jobs.”

Enforcement of the requirement has been delayed several times. As part of his jobs bill, Mr. Obama proposed a further delay, to 2014. Businesses say the withholding will disrupt their cash flow and cause administrative headaches.

Obama Visit Ben’s Chili Bowl In 2009

President Obama Creates Publicity For Ben’s Chili Bowl

  President Obama has a soft spot for not so good food. Nearly everyone else dose as well, so this is an ingratiating quality. Obama heard about Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington and decided to check it out. It was reported on the national news. Ben’s Chili Bowl received unprecedented traffic during the inaugural festivities Check out this photo of the long lines.

Obama Needs Better Advisors

Obama-Boehner speech spat should worry Democrats
By James Downie
When you thought Washington couldn’t get any lower, now the two parties are squabbling over when the president can speak to Congress. The White House asked if President Obama could address a joint session on Sept. 7 at 8:00 p.m., the same night and time as the next Republican presidential debate. House Speaker John Boehner, citing scheduled votes that would make a security sweep before the president’s speech impossible, asked the White House to move the speech to Sept. 8. Should this even be a story at all? No, of course not, but the whole episode should still have Democrats concerned.

Of the two, Boehner is acting less dignified. Citing a cluttered House schedule when he controls said House schedule is ridiculous, and citing the logistics of security sweeps on top of that is even more so, especially when Boehner’s rejection of the president’s request is historically unprecedented. Frankly, though, his actions aren’t surprising, given his antics during the debt ceiling debate.

But I’m more disappointed with the White House, because this spat sums up so well the image problems that Obama has faced since the start of his term.

● If the White House has spent months working to appear above the partisan fray – as they insist they have – then pulling a blatantly partisan stunt like this torpedoes all of that PR work.

●Pretending the timing was a coincidence has backfired with the press and pundits. Did the White House really think, when it sent Jay Carney to his press briefing, that people would swallow his line that the timing was “coincidental”?

●In the aftermath of the announcement, the narrative of the afternoon on cable news ran in part that the White House had not cleared the date with the speaker, with some outlets suggesting that Boehner’s office had only been given 15 minutes notice. If true, the White House was disrespectful and should rightly be admonished.

● Since Boehner’s rejection, several outlets have now reported (and the White House is now insisting) that the speaker’s office “raised no objection or concern.” Yet if that is true, that’s scarcely better news for Obama, because that means his staff somehow let the opposite narrative in this “nuh-uh, ya-huh” debate get a multi-hour head start. Now they’re scrambling to correct the record. If only there’d been some kind of press conference where these details could have been mentioned.