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Redskins, Stop Disrespecting The American Indian

In an era when everyone gets props and consideration, it's time for the American Indian to get some respect. It time for the Washington Redskins to change their name and stop disrespecting the American Indian. We've been ripping off the American Indian since the beginning of time. They deserve a little respect. The Redskins could be renamed, how about these to get started?

The Washington Capital Bombers

The Washington Force

The The Washington Filabusters- ( how about “Busters” for short)

The Washington “Whips”

The Presidents

The Commanders

Just a few names for consideraton. They really do need to stop disrespecting the American Indian.



Nationals Meltdown With One Out, One Strike to Advancement

I visited Nationals Park in 2010. Just curious as to how Major League Baseball looked in DC after so many, many, years without a major league team. Now just watching the last out of the ninth inning I realize that they may be at the brink at going  deeper in the playoffs than any Washington DC baseball team.

So this is historic, Washington failed as a baseball town, but a trip to the World Series will be unprecedented. 1924 was the last time a Washington Major League Baseball team the Senators played in an won a World Series Game.

The Washington Senators beat the New York Giants.

Washington DC events Memorial Day

Hi there,

If you’re planning a stay-cation in DC this long Memorial Day weekend, here are the top 10 things I recommend you add to your to-do list:
National Memorial Day Concert: Hang out by the Capitol and enjoy a variety of renowned performers. Event is on Sunday (5/27), gates open at 5pm, music goes from 8-9:30pm and oh… admission is free and this is a nationally televised concert!

Memorial Day Jazz Festival: Happening at the Waterfront Park in Alexandria on Sunday (5/27) from 1-6pm, admission is free and the event features The Commodores, Marcus Johnson, Barbara Martin Trio with Liz Barnes and Al Williams. BBQ, fried chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, snow cones and funnel cakes available or bring your own chow for a picnic.

Get your swim on at Capitol Skyline Hotel: Adult Swim’s weekly summer pool party is launching this weekend with a giant pool party and BBQ from 12-6pm on Sunday (5/27). Free admission before 1pm with RSVP (text full name to 202-RESERVE). Cover charge is $20 after 1pm.

Sunday Funday at Eastern Market: Grab your Capitol Deal voucher and head to the world-class flea market at Eastern Market on Sunday (5/27). Celebrating its 29th year of operations, you can peruse a selection of up to 100 exhibitors from 5 continents and choose from arts, crafts, antiques, food and more!

Hometown Holidays: Rockville’s Memorial Day celebration is happening Saturday (5/26) and Sunday (5/27) from 1-10pm and boasts dozens of free concerts and nearly 20 of the city’s restaurants will serve up samples at the Taste of Rockville. Admission in to the event is free (and $1.25 per ticket for the sampling).

Cuba Libre: This restaurant & rum bar in Chinatown is hosting a Memorial Day weekend Pasaporte event, where they will be giving away 200 pasaportes on both Friday (5/25) and Saturday (5/26).

International Night at BAR-CODE: Enjoy a Memorial Day bash on Sunday (5/27), featuring top DJs, drink specials and no cover charge all night long!

All-Day Brunch: The LINCOLN restaurant is hosting brunch from 11am-6pm on Sunday (5/27) and is offering omelets, burgers, punch, and acclaimed professor and artist DJ Adrian Loving will be performing a special must-hear music set.

Viva Vienna: Memorial Day Festival in Vienna, VA featuring live entertainment, food, arts and crafts, rides and more. Admission is free and the event is 10am-10pm Saturday & Sunday and 10am-6pm

President Obama Speaks at Dr. Martin Luther King’s Monument On The Mall In Washington D.C.

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr.s day and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, must be commended for their work in accomplishing the completion of  this great  monument.  Although we in Black fraternities and sororities are competitive, we do come together to celebrate this monument and Omega Psi Phi  Fraternity commends the dedication and commitment of the Alpha Phi Psi Fraternity in honoring their brother and our revered leader, Civil Rights and American Icon, Dr. Martin Luther King.

It is a great day for African-Americans and Americans as a whole who sacrificed much and overcame much because of this great man. We were denied common rights as Americans. The rights to vote, the right to drink at a public fountain, the right to use public parks, the right to attend integrated schools. Dr. King gave his life so these basic rights were available to all.

Now Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has a Monument on the Mall in Washington, D.C. This is a great day and as we celebrate our nation’s first African-American President, it is a testament to the sacrifice that Dr. King made. Without Dr. King’s supreme sacrifice, President Barack Obama would not be where he is today.

President Obama, said the Monument was not just for him, but for those who struggled with Dr. King.  Obama mentioned the strength and courage of  those  who march with Dr. King, some living, some have passed on. Those who marched and sang, sit in and stood in. Obama called them foot soldiers for justice.   He talked about the half century that has passed since the March on Washington in 1963.  The day when Martin Luther King gave the “I Have A Dream Speech”.

Martin Luther King, was flawed, he had setbacks, he was a man of flesh and blood, said President Obama.  All of us have fallen short of God’s perfect nature.  He was a man sent by God that tried.  He tried because of what he tried to accomplish. The people he tried to bring together, to bring the detractors and positive people together to come to the table of negotiation.

That is what our challenge is and we must  never forget  the sacrifice and the hope of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama Visit Ben’s Chili Bowl In 2009

President Obama Creates Publicity For Ben’s Chili Bowl

  President Obama has a soft spot for not so good food. Nearly everyone else dose as well, so this is an ingratiating quality. Obama heard about Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington and decided to check it out. It was reported on the national news. Ben’s Chili Bowl received unprecedented traffic during the inaugural festivities Check out this photo of the long lines.

President Obama Gives Some Power in Education Back To The States

From The New York Times

With his declaration on Friday that he would waive the most contentious provisions of a federal education law, President Obama effectively rerouted the nation’s education history after a turbulent decade of overwhelming federal influence.

Mr. Obama invited states to reclaim the power to design their own school accountability and improvement systems, upending the centerpiece of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law, a requirement that all students be proficient in math and reading by 2014.

“This does not mean that states will be able to lower their standards or escape accountability,” the president said. “If states want more flexibility, they’re going to have to set higher standards, more honest standards that prove they’re serious about meeting them.”

But experts said it was a measure of how profoundly the law had reshaped America’s public school culture that even in states that accept the administration’s offer to pursue a new agenda, the law’s legacy will live on in classrooms, where educators’ work will continue to emphasize its major themes, like narrowing student achievement gaps, and its tactics, like using standardized tests to measure educators’ performance.

In a White House speech, Mr. Obama said states that adopted new higher standards, pledged to overhaul their lowest-performing schools and revamped their teacher evaluation systems should apply for waivers of 10 central provisions of the No Child law, including its 2014 proficiency deadline. The administration was forced to act, Mr. Obama said, because partisan gridlock kept Congress from updating the law.

“Given that Congress cannot act, I am acting,” Mr. Obama said. “Starting today, we’ll be giving states more flexibility.”

But while the law itself clearly empowers Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to waive its provisions, the administration’s decision to make the waivers conditional on states’ pledges to pursue Mr. Obama’s broad school improvement agenda has angered Republicans gearing up for the 2012 elections.

On Friday Congressional leaders immediately began characterizing the waivers as a new administration power grab, in line with their portrayal of the health care overhaul, financial sector regulation and other administration initiatives.

“In my judgment, he is exercising an authority and power he doesn’t have,” said Representative John Kline, Republican of Minnesota and chairman of the House education committee. “We all know the law is broken and needs to be changed. But this is part and parcel with the whole picture with this administration: they cannot get their agenda through Congress, so they’re doing it with executive orders and rewriting rules. This is executive overreach.”

Mr. Obama made his statements to a bipartisan audience that included Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee, a Republican, Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, an independent, and 24 state superintendents of education.

“I believe this will be a transformative movement in American public education,” Christopher Cerf, New Jersey’s education commissioner under Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, said after the speech.

The No Child law that President George W. Bush signed in 2002 was a bipartisan rewrite of the basic federal law on public schools, first passed in 1965 to help the nation’s neediest students. The 2002 law required all schools to administer reading and math tests every year, and to increase the proportion of students passing them until reaching 100 percent in 2014. Schools that failed to keep pace were to be labeled as failing, and eventually their principals fired and staffs dismantled. That system for holding schools accountable for test scores has encouraged states to lower standards, teachers to focus on test preparation, and math and reading to crowd out history, art and foreign languages.

Mr. Obama’s blueprint for rewriting the law, which Congress has never acted on, urged lawmakers to adopt an approach that would encourage states to raise standards, focus interventions only on the worst failing schools and use test scores and other measures to evaluate teachers’ effectiveness. In its current proposal, the administration requires states to adopt those elements of its blueprint in exchange for relief from the No Child law.

Mr. Duncan, speaking after Mr. Obama’s speech, said the waivers could bring significant change to states that apply. “For parents, it means their schools won’t be labeled failures,” Mr. Duncan said. “It should reduce the pressure to teach to the test.”

Critics were skeptical, saying that classroom teachers who complain about unrelenting pressure to prepare for standardized tests were unlikely to feel much relief.

“In the system that N.C.L.B. created, standardized tests are the measure of all that is good, and that has not changed,“ said Monty Neill, executive director of Fair Test, an antitesting advocacy group. “This policy encourages states to use test scores as a significant factor in evaluating teachers, and that will add to the pressure on teachers to teach to the test.”

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said her union favored evaluation systems that would help teachers improve their instruction, whereas the administration was focusing on accountability. “You’re seeing an extraordinary change of policy, from an accountability system focused on districts and schools, to accountability based on teacher and principal evaluations,” Ms. Weingarten said.

For most states, obtaining a waiver could be the easy part of accepting the administration’s invitation. Actually designing a new school accountability system, and obtaining statewide acceptance of it, represents a complex administrative and political challenge for governors and other state leaders, said Gene Wilhoit, executive director of the Council of Chief State School Officers, which the White House said played an important role in developing the waiver proposal.

Only about five states may be ready to apply immediately, and perhaps 20 others could follow by next spring, Mr. Wilhoit said. Developing new educator evaluation systems and other aspects of follow-through could take states three years or more, he said.

Officials in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and in at least eight other states — Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, Minnesota, Virginia and Wisconsin — said Friday that they would probably seek the waivers.

We The American Voters Are To Blame For Washington’s Gridlock

Great Article on why  Democrats and Republican can’t get anything done from  Associated press.  Give us all room to pause.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dear voter: Want to know why Democrats and Republicans in Congress find it so hard to work together to solve tough problems like the debt ceiling, health care and Social Security?

Look in the mirror.

Americans gripe about cowardly, self-serving politicians, and Congress doubtlessly has its feckless moments and members. But voters are quick to overlook their own role in legislative impasses that keep the nation from resolving big, obvious, festering problems such as immigration, the long-term stability of Medicare, and now, the debt ceiling.

Here’s the truth: The overwhelming majority of senators and House members do what their constituents want them to do. Or, more to the point, they respond to people in their districts who bother to vote. Nothing is dearer to politicians than re-election, and most have a keen sense of when they are straying into dangerous waters.

For a growing number of senators and representatives, the only risk is in their party’s primary, not in the general election. Most voters, and many news outlets, ignore primaries. That gives control to a relative handful of motivated, hard-core liberals (in Democratic contests) and full-bore conservatives (in GOP primaries).

In politically balanced districts, a hard-right or hard-left nominee may have trouble in the general election, when many independent and centrist voters turn out. But many House districts today aren’t balanced, thanks largely to legislative gerrymandering and Americans’ inclination to live and work near people who share their views and values.

The result is districts so solidly conservative that no GOP nominee can possibly lose, or so firmly liberal that any Democratic nominee is certain to win. In these districts, the primary is the whole ball game.

Republican lawmakers are under constant pressure to drift to the right, to make sure no fire-breathing conservative outflanks them in a light-turnout primary dominated by ideologues. The same goes for Democrats on the left.

So who turns up on Capitol Hill for freshman orientation? Democrats and Republicans who can barely comprehend each other’s political viewpoints, let alone embrace them enough to pursue a possible compromise on big issues.

But what if a Republican and Democrat do decide to meet halfway in hopes of finding, say, a path to shore up Social Security for decades to come. What can they expect?

In some states and districts, they can expect to be drummed out of their party for the crime of engaging with “the enemy.” That’s what happened last year to Bob Bennett of Utah, a mainstream conservative Republican senator. A relatively small number of conservative activists, led by tea partyers, bounced him from the ticket at a GOP convention. They taunted Bennett with chants of “TARP, TARP.” He had voted for the bipartisan bank bailout legislation pushed by Republican President George W. Bush. The Senate’s GOP leaders also voted for the bill. But it was an unacceptable compromise in the eyes of Utah Republicans picking their Senate nominee.

In Alaska, GOP primary voters also kicked Sen. Lisa Murkowski off their ballot. She barely saved her seat with a scrappy write-in candidacy. Murkowski supported the bank bailout and, admittedly, is more moderate than the average congressional Republican. But her improbable write-in victory proved she is popular with Alaskans in general, even if her own party rejected her in the primary.

Tea party leaders spell out a warning in their periodic Washington rallies.

“The message is that we’re watching, and we want you to vote based on our core values,” Mark Meckler, a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, said at one such event.

When Democratic leaders were struggling earlier this year to strike a budget deal and avert a government shutdown, Phil Kerpen of the conservative group Americans for Prosperity said sharply, “No Republican better help them.” The crowd cheered loudly.

Such threats are mainly aimed at Republicans for now, largely because of the tea party’s rapid rise. But Democratic lawmakers also know liberal discontent might undo them if they stray too far to the center.

“It’s astounding how often some Democratic leaders sacrifice principles when critical issues are at stake,” said a writer for the liberal AmericaBlog. The column rebuked Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., for working with the bipartisan “Gang of Six” on a debt-reduction plan.

A McClatchy-Marist poll this year found that 71 percent of registered voters want political leaders in Washington to compromise to get things done. If those voters skip key primaries, however, they may have little say in the matter. Political enthusiasts, whether they wear peace signs or “Don’t Tread On Me” T-shirts, will determine who gets elected in many districts before a wide swath of Americans even notice it’s an election year.

Except for a recently appointed senator from Nevada, every member of Congress got there the same way: American voters elected them.

People may bristle at the notion that we get the government we deserve. But there’s no denying we get the government we elect.

Politicians Need To Find Common Ground

Americans are in a climate where they expect excellence and proven value. They also expect everyone to deliver on promises. Mediocrity is not an option.

Americans are mad and they aren’t going  to take it anymore. They are mad at politicians, they are mad at doctors, institutions, government, local government……the list is huge!

Politicians over promise and under deliver.  Retailers, banks,
, lie, cheat and steal and deny it with a straight face. It is without a doubt a  climate ripe with deceit.

Is there an end to this madness? Not in the short run. We created this mess over a lifetime and now we just have to dig ourselves out.

No political party can turn this ship around quickly. Our political system is not set up to allow it.  Too many checks and balances.

The solution is to work with the party in power and try to get all parties to come to a consensus/ agreement. Over a period of years things will change.

But we just can’t keep changing parties, because we are impatient. This will only make matters worse.

House Passes Health Care Reform Bill 220-215

The house passed the Health Care Bill tonight by a margin of 220-215 for the bill.  It is a culmination of nearly 75 years of attempts to pass a bill. With the passing of tonight bill it is the first step in the process. The Senate will have to pass their version of the bill. 39 democrats  actually voted against the bill. Which says volumes about the split between progressives and so call Blue Dog Democrats.

President Obama, congratulated  Nancy Pelosi, for a great victory in overseeing a  house majority in the vote for Health Care reform. The passing of the bill insures that every American will have affordable health care. Only one  Republican voted for the the Health Care Bill.