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Memo to Heat: Get More Production From Their True Centers

My take on the Miami Heat. Chris Bosh says he wants more touches inside and his teammates need to get him the ball. Look, Bosh in my opinion is not the superstar that he and a few others thinks he is.  He has a decent game, but nothing that could be construed  as on the same level as  LeBron, or  D Wade.  Bosh is a power forward, but yet he sees himself as a post player, a big man. Look he’s 6’10 and 235. That is not the build or the make up of a center.

Yes the Heat need  a formidable  center in the middle,  a go to guy to take the heat off of James, Wade,  and Bosh. But that is  just it. They only need someone in the middle that can score consistently and forcefully. They do not have that on this team.  Getting the ball more to Bosh inside is not the answer. Bosh is already getting the ball. He’s averaging 18 points per game.  The scoring mix is where it needs to be,  James is averaging 26 points , Wade is averaging 25, and Bosh is averaging 18 points.  The rest of the team is averaging 4 points per game collectively. There lies the problem.

In effect the Heat are playing without a true center. Dampier is big enough and so is “Z”, but neither are productive enough to draw defenses away from the big three and allow them  to do their thing.  That is the problem.  The Heat needs to  get more production from Dampier and Z;   at least enough  to draw attention from opposing teams, and not allow them  the luxury to double team either of the big  three stars.


LeBron James the Serial Part II

There are a lot of opinions on LeBron James’  decision to go to the Miami Heat.   Depending upon who you  ask you can certainly get a  diverse cross section of opinions and responses.  LeBron did the wrong thing. LeBron did the right thing.  LeBron is a slave. LeBron is not a slave, you get the picture….. all of it is rather ridiculous and the world continues to be held hostage over who will follow LeBron to the revamped Miami Heat.

Every NBA player would like to win a championship and money in that matter is irrelevant.  They will take a pay cut if it means that an NBA championship ring is in the immediate future.  So we need to give  LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh credit, for coming together and producing a player driven assembly of an entire new team.  Expect a new NBA Champion to be looming on the horizon, despite the fact that Kobe is patiently waiting to be the spoiler.  That champion will be the Heat thank you.