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Joseph R. Biden III Dies of Brain Cancer

Joseph R. Biden III, the former attorney general of Delaware and the eldest son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., has died after spending more than a week battling brain cancer at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, his father announced on Saturday. The younger Mr. Biden was 46.

Our prayers go out to the Biden family.


President Obama Said to Tap Kansas Governor As Secretary of Health and Human Services

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius , is President Obama’s  choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Obama will mke a former announcement next week on the choice, according to a White House Sources who not authorized to speak on the record. Sebelius a former insurance commissioner and long time friend of  Obama is no stranger to health  care reform.  She is an advocate for the the consumer and has been know to fight long and hard for the consumer.

President Obama move to pick Sebeius is  one that will strenght the foundation of his fight to brings someone well versed on the subsject of insurance and health care; equipped to handle the tough questions and touch issues that arise form the many susbets of the Health car issue. Sebelius is bright, a fearless advocate and will bring must knowledge to the table  in Obama fight to overhaul healthcare and the reform  that is needed in that area.

More on the story.

Obama Did The Right Thing To Put a Cap On Salaries of $550,000- It’s Enough

It a new day and a new climate for Wall Street firms. If you are going to accept tax payer money, there will be strings attached. It is corporate welfare.  You take our money, then you have to be responsible how you spend the money. There will  consequences.   If you take bail out money, you will need to be accountable.  The cap is at $550,000 per year, the pundits are saying this is not a lot of money for an executive to  make.  Sounds like a lot to me. What about the rest of us who are making  maybe a tenth of that?

Come on, give me a break.  It’s our money, you don’t like it, then leave.  It is accoutability.  There is no credibility and there is no confidence in Wall Street. Banks are taking junkets, spending year end bonus on some far away location.  Many are saying that the talent may leave because they can’t make the money.  I guess they need to make the free enterprise system work for itself…. Find a new job.

Geithner Just Confirmed-President Obama Moves To Swear Him In

Timothy Geithner was just confirmed as Treasury Secretary and he is slated to be immediately sworn in by either President Obama or Vice Presdient Biden.  President Obama wants to put Geithner to work immediately.  He is a key player in the ongoing  and crucial stimulus package debate.  Currently the White house and  congress are in a fierce debate over the $850 Trillion dollar Stmulus proposal. Today alone, Home Depot, Sprint/Nextel, Catepillar among other announced layoffs.

Sarah Palin Attacks Obama-Apparently Knows the Pulse of America

Sarah Palin talked about how Obama does not see America the way people she knows see America.

“This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America,” she said. “We see America as a force of good in this world. We see an America of exceptionalism.” …Sarah Palin

The question is who is she talking about. Just what group of people does Sarah Palin thinks she speaks for?

This country is a very diverse country. The last time I checked it did not belong to one group of people. So we need to question Sarah Palin;  exactly what did she mean? Why did she make the comments? Who was she speaking for?

Did Sarah Palin conduct a poll to get a feel for how America feels about the issues? Does she really know how any of us see America? It is very presumptuous for someone from Alaska, to somehow think she has insight on the pulse of America. That she would have a clue on how a diverse America thinks on the issues.

It is odd how someone who only a week ago could not name any publication that she regularly read when asked in a CBS interview. Yet this is the same woman who has suddenly taken to the the apparent lost art of reading. And what a contrast! Her  known reading list; a Starbucks Cup and the New York Times article on a sixties radical. Yes it is the same New York Times, in which John McCain called the most liberal publication in America. Which brings into question why McCain, would pick a liberal like Palin as his running mate.

So it is safe to say that Sarah Plain sees the world as other Liberals. If that is the case then Sarah Palin is lying to the America Public, she not a conservative, she is a liberal and probably a Democrat in disguise, because she read the “Liberal New York Times”.

Maybe she not like most Americans, because most Americans are truthful. And she is truly Un-American by trying to distract us Americans by diverting from the issue of a failing economy and how they (McCain and Palin) propose to fix it.

Women in Alaska Question Palin’s Standards

Alaskans are wondering about Sarah Palin’s character and parenting skills according to CNN. They are also wondering can she be a mom, have five children, and be Vice President of the United States? These are questions posed by women in Alaska. Sarah Palin is a staunch supporter of abstinence and Alaskan women are holding her to a tighter standard.

There are allegations of the abuse of power by Palin in the so called Trooper Gate scandal, which has prompted more scrutiny . The one on going investigation centers around a phone call supposedly made by Palin pressuring to have her brother in law fired. Alaskans were shocked to hear the news that her daughter was pregnant as well.

Palin will be scrutinized on these and other issues throughout the campaign. But when you enter into such a high profile, high stakes campaign such as a presidential election, Palin can and should expect to be scrutinized. it is said that Sarah Palin was fully vetted by John McCain and the McCain campaign feels that she will be exonerated.

The reality is all this could have been avoided if McCain had done a complete vetting and made a more thoughtful and careful decision.

McCain Should Have Done His Homework Before Picking Palin

Maybe John McCain should have vetted Sarah Palin longer than just a few days. It just seems that there is not enough known about her character or her past to just pick her as a Vice Presidential candidate with little or no scrutiny. She is quite a hot topic around the blogs tonight. The stories about Palin though unsubstantiated are flooding the Internet.

The point is that John McCain did not do his homework. Any story or stories about Palin are distractions that McCain and the Republican party can ill afford to endure, with less than 66 days to the election. In the coming days more issues will surface regarding Sarah Palin and John McCain and the Republican Party will have to deal with them. It is unfortunate.