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Obama Unveils $300 Billion Jobs Package

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will roll out a jobs package on Thursday that strives to lift the ailing economy through $300 billion worth of tax credits,  and $300 Billion in new cuts.  The jobs package will include school renovation projects, job training for the unemployed and a program to prevent teacher layoffs, according to a person familiar with the administration’s plans.

In his speech before a joint session of Congress, Obama also will ask lawmakers to renew the 2 percent payroll tax cut that was approved last December and to extend jobless benefits, said the person, who requested anonymity to talk more freely about White House internal deliberations.

The White House would not confirm specifically what is in the plan. And details could change as White House advisers fine-tune the package.

The address being written by chief White House speechwriter Jon Favreau looms as one of the most important of Obama’s presidency. Unemployment stands at 9.1 percent and the fragile economic recovery appears to have stalled.

A new wave of polling this week shows that people are deeply pessimistic about the country’s future and dissatisfied with Obama’s management of the economy.

A survey by The Washington Post-ABC News showed that 77 percent believe the country is on the wrong track.

Obama is under pressure from his Democratic base to submit a “bold” package that would put a real dent in the jobless rate — and revive his re-election prospects.

To the extent he follows this advice, though, he risks alienating Republicans and even conservative Democrats who want to avoid anything that smacks of another expensive stimulus package.

Briefing reporters on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that impartial economists will conclude that the new jobs plan would “have a direct, quick and positive impact on the economy and job creation.”

Carney also said the package would be “paid for,” not financed through deficit spending.

Whether it can pass the Republican-controlled House is no sure thing. Obama has said the jobs plan would include ideas that Republicans have traditionally embraced. One such proposal is a tax credit for businesses that hire new workers, an idea that fits within Republican economic doctrine. But the level of polarization in Congress doesn’t bode well for any new presidential initiatives.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky gave a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday predicting that Obama would unveil ideas that “represent more of the same failed approach that’s only made things worse over the past few years.”

The top-ranking House Republican leaders, meantime, sent Obama a letter Tuesday asking him to meet with congressional leaders of both parties and discuss his jobs package before laying it out in a nationally televised speech.

An aide to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said that in crafting the jobs package, the White House has not consulted Boehner.


Law Makers Should Impose Sanctions On AIG For Bonuses

My feeling are mixed on President Obama call to lawmakers to not govern in anger, by imposing taxes on  AIG bonuses.  I believe that congress in this instance is acting appropriately. Perhaps the President knows something that we don’t know. But on the face of it, it is wrong for executives to take government money and pay bonuses from it , especially at a time when when are economy is facing  problem, people are losing their jobs, and many are unemployed.

Some sanctions need to be applied to these execuitve to deter future activity and governement in Washginton should be more responsible. Mainly reading the language in bills that they pass. To make sure unwanted clause are not included in the bills. We will neer know  who was responsible for placing this clause in the legislation or who turn their head to let it pass. That is the trouble with Washington too much secrecy and too much behind the scene deal making.

President Obama Learned From the Mistakes of Bill Clinton Regarding Health Care Reform

President Obama learned from the mistakes of  Bill Clinton in rolling out the Health Care Reform Initiative.  Obama has the benefit of wide spread political support from the American people, but not from Republicans in the house and senate.  The American people put Obama in office.  The election was  more a repudiation of 8 years of Republican strategy and certainly not an endorsement of  Republican doctrine.

Republican  ideology  is the same.   Spend less, Taxes Less. That is their only message.  The trouble is Republicans have never cared about the working poor or even those who are laid off, trouble is  Republican have never  given much thought to helping those less fortunate receive a job.

When raising the minimum wage for workers came up time and time again.  Republicans voted against it. When  the issues of  providing Health Care for Children came up, Republicans voted against it.  They do not believe in “trickle down”  theory of economics.  Article of Health Care Reform.

New York Post Cartoon Is Insensitive

The New York Post  cartoon is in a word disturbing, and brings up subtle connotations that cannot be tolerated.  This cannot and should not be tolerated from a media outlet, much less a newspaper. It brings up images of  old Jim Crow rules and serve to remind Americans  that there is still need for work in the way of racial insensitivity.

Yes, the Post should be  reprimanded and held accountable for their irresponsible journalistic behavior.  It is no excuse Post editors would approve a cartoon of this nature.  Beyond the rhetoric and verbal nonsense coming from Post officials lets call it what it is…… racist. It is what it is!

President Obama Message On Signing The Stimulus Bill

Today, I signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law.

This is a historic step — the first of many as we work together to climb out of this crisis — and I want to thank you for your resolve and your support.

You organized thousands of house meetings. You shared your ideas and personal stories. And you informed your friends and neighbors about the need for immediate action. You continue to be a powerful voice for change throughout the country.

The recovery plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs, provide tax cuts for working and middle-class families, and invest in health care and clean energy.

It’s a bold plan to address a huge problem, and it will require my vigilance and yours to make sure it’s done right.

I’ve assigned a team of managers to oversee the implementation of the recovery act. We are committed to making sure no dollar is wasted. But accountability begins with you.

That’s why my administration has created Recovery.gov, a new website where citizens can track every dollar spent and every job created. We’ll invite you and your neighbors to weigh in with comments and questions.

Our progress will also be measured by the tens of thousands of personal stories submitted by people who are struggling to make ends meet. If you haven’t already, you can read stories from families all across the country:


Your stories are the heart of this recovery plan, and that’s what I’ll focus on every day as President.

With your continued support, we’ll emerge a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Network To Help Each Other In Job Search

If you lost your job, and today we learned that there are 3.6 million Americans who have lost their jobs, then join the club. It is growing daily. Now is the time for congress to act and pass the stimulus package. How many resumes have you sent out?  Day after day, people are sending out resumes, knocking on doors. The trouble is each day job seekers are forced to compete with another 500,000 workers who are doing the same thing…… knocking on doors.

I want to hear your story, perhaps we can network with other right here are this blog. Recruiters take not everyone needs a job. This is a totally bad economy. There are 3.5 million people who need to find a way to provide income for their families.

Lets do something ourselves. If you have networking suggestions. If you know suggestions on how to go about finding a job. I would like to hear from you. I will do my part by providing more suggestions to those of us who are struggling right now to find work.

Republicans Are Holding Up Progress

Republicans continue to be Republicans. You know, same old story, no taxes, less spending. They never care about people who are struggling, who have been laid off, no job. Perhaps Republican don’t know what it means to be laid off. They don’t   know what it means to be in danger of losing their house. They don’t know what it means to be targeted to lose their jobs, because they can always go to somewhere else and get another job.

The America people have spoken. They want the stimulus plan. Republicans as usual stand in the way of progress.  Republicans got us into this mess, now they are holding up progress.

Stimulus Package Explained Via Community Meetings

The economic crisis is growing more serious every day, and the time for action has come.

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act, which will jumpstart our economy and put more
than 3 million people back to work.

I hope to sign the recovery plan into law in the next few weeks. But I need your help to spread the word and build support.

It’s not enough for this bill to simply pass Congress. Americans need
to know how it will affect their lives — they need to know that help
is on the way and that this administration is investing in economic
growth and stability.

Governor Tim Kaine has agreed to record a video outlining the recovery
plan and answering questions about what it means for your community.
You can submit your questions online and then invite your friends,
family, and neighbors to watch the video with you at an Economic
Recovery House Meeting.

Join thousands of people across the country by hosting or attending an Economic Recovery House Meeting this weekend.

The stakes are too high to allow partisan politics to get in the way.

That’s why I’ve consulted with Republicans as well as Democrats to put together a plan that will address the crisis we face.

I’ve also taken steps to ensure an unprecedented level of transparency
and accountability. Once it’s passed, you will be able to see how every
penny in this plan is being spent.

You can help restore confidence in our economy by making sure your
friends, family, and neighbors understand how the recovery plan will
impact your community.

Sign up to host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting and submit your question for the video now:


Our ability to come together as a nation in difficult times has never been more important.

I know I can rely on your spirit and resolve as we lead our country to recovery.

Thank you,

P.S. — If you can’t host or attend an Economic Recovery House Meeting,
you can still submit your questions for Governor Kaine and then share
the video with your friends and family this weekend. Learn more here:


President Elect Barack Obama Faces Opposition On Stimulus Package

President Elect Barack Obama, faces opposition from his own political party. The problem is differences in approaches regarding content to be included in the stimulus package.

Obama wants to add tax cuts for businesses that hire each new worker, both republicans and democrats seem to disagree with this. Obama is willing to compromise to get the stimulus plan passed. The next few weeks will prove to be interesting as the congress, senate,  along with President Elect Obama,  negotiate the content of the stimulus package. In his weekly radio address President Obama called for urgency, something that all law makers should be in favor of.