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More on Leadership

What is leadership-How do you get people to follow you
1.   People must have confidence that you will get things done
2.  People must have evidence that you have successfully accomplished objectives in the past.
3. You must be a  winner-you must stand out from the crowd.
4. You must be persuasive-You must have the ability to move people to action
5. You must be guided by good and admirable principals
6. People look to you for guidance, opinions, and the ability to influence others
7. A leader  exudes action and a can do attitude.
8. Leaders can inspire people to do the seemingly impossible
9.Leaders are trustworthy
10. Leaders can create an unmistakeable legacy.
11. Leaders are not afraid to make the right, value centered decision.
12. Leaders must be intuitive and able to use the information for the common good.
13. A leader cannot be biased and show favoritism.
14. A leader must have clear goals and a clear vision for success.
15. A successful leader is Christ centered in their thinking and in their life.
16.  A leader must pick the right moral cause to fight for- if you are on the wrong side of the fence you want be seen as a leader or have a legacy as a leader.
17. True leaders are calm in the midst of the storm

McCain Has Always Been Reckless and A “Mavarick”- Read The Article on His Flying Skills

Here’s a performance review on John McCain, you need to read. No one is questioning his courage and his service to his country, he is an American hero, but his judgment is questionable. It is good insight in how McCain would lead this country in the office of the President. It also questions lesson learned by McCain. It appears that McCain has not learned many of them since he was twenty-three. Read the article and judge for yourself.

Click link Below-Article on McCain Naval Flying Record