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Philly Equals Good Food, Good Sports, and Mike Vick

If there is anything that gives me a good vibe is the atmosphere and passion of Philadelphia. From the way they support nearly all their sports teams, to the absolutely staggering amount of restaurants. Philly is blue-collar by nature, but people who live there are genuinely  Pennsylvanians.  You got to love the Pennsylvania  hospitality, the openness and the ability to have a small town mentality with a big town cover.

Philly is real, the atmosphere, the down home mantra that nearly everyone displays, the entertainment.  But there is literally nothing like Philadelphia Sports. From the Phillies to Eagles, to the  Flyers,  one thing is sure,  Philly loves its sports.  You could write an entire blog just on Philly sports.  The Big story this year was the redemption of  Michael Vick.  Philly did not embrace Vick at first, but one thing brought the Philly fans on board. Vick starting doing miraculous things on the football field and won games that they would have otherwise lost.

What are you going to do?  Continue be a hater or give  a guy like Mike Vick props for how he rehabilitated himself on the field and off. Philly loves it sports and they roots for underdogs. So goes the story of  how they accepted and embraced Mike Vick.

The Vick  story was the  highlight of the year. The Flyers and Phillies both made  miraculous runs  and the Sixers well, were just the Sixers.  Thanks Philadelphia for being real.

Crossover the Trial of Allen Iverson

I watched  30 for 3o, ESPN DVD Sports presentation of Crossover- The Trial of Allen Iverson and I came away impressed with a few things, most notably the  directing done by Steve James of  Hoop Dreams fame.

It was a fascinating first person interview of all the people involved in the Allen Iverson story , during his pre NBA, pre Georgetown years; the high school years. A story that culminated in a bowling alley brawl that landed Iverson and four other classmates in jail in Hampton, Virginia.

This classic and I will call it a classic, was directed by Steve James, who has to his credit directed one other monster basketball hit, called  Hoop Dreams. I will say this much about James, He should stay in the business. This was one of the most fascinating basketball documentaries that I have seen.  For those of you who saw Hoop Dreams, the same can be said.

The way James weaved the story around the black and white residents of Hampton Roads, to get their feeling about AI is magnificent.  Make no mistake Iverson is a complicated guy, but James did a lot to bring out this sad segment of a period of Iverson’s life when his future was in the balance after being sentenced for his involvement in a brawl, which nearly curtailed his  his  famed NBA career.

If you have the inclination,  purchase 30 for 30 Volume 01, Films 01-15. You’ll be glad you did and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a library of other 30 for 30 documentaries.

Phillies Win It All

The Philadelphia Phillies took home the world championship trophy tonight winning its first championship since 1980. Twenty-five years to be exact. It was a wacky series that resumed tonight after a rain delay on Monday. The Phillies took home the championship for a city starved from championship glory.

For the first time, the championship came before a national television audience before 11 PM. Which meant that the series had someone of a prime time audience. So the city of Philadelphia can be proud of a winner and with it full slates of sports teams, the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers and Phillies, the city where Philly steaks are king, can be proud that they now have a winner.

Charlie Manual guided the Phillies to its second World Series title.