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How Well Did Obama Do?

The Atlantic Magazine did a piece on Barack Obama and the question posed in the article is how well did President Obama’s agenda play out when he first took office? The answer to that question is not very well, given the changing state of the economy that prevented The President from implementing the ideas that he ran on doing his election campaign. The article then went on to rate the President’s social ability to interact, his staff’s ability to live up to the difficult expectations of Obama’s Presidency. It proceeded to rate the President more stringently than a typical performance review.

I want dwell on the Atlantic article, however I believe they are ill suited to run a critic of President Obama. Yes he started off rocky, placating the Republicans perhaps because of his wish to be a conscientious defined president. That is his ideal of how and where Republicans and Democrats worked together. He followed that line entirely too long. This less than a year when voters would actually go to the polls to elect a new President or reelect Barack Obama in November 2012.

What I believe we witnessed was that Obama realized, that there was something bigger and more important than his agenda, and perhaps how he defined himself. Prior to the final year of his term, he finally realized that he must reach and define the expectation of what the electoral base expected of him. This made Obama step out of his comfort zone. Things came easy for him, but Obama has demonstrated that he is adaptable and a master of analytics, human analytic and dynamics. He can then define a roadmap and a plan to execute a winning strategy. If one were to define Barack Obama, you can call him adaptable and able to apply reason and strategy at the right time with an eye to the future. Also he is a master of what if scenarios, able to apply contingency plan when needed and shift to new strategies when necessary,