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The Deal- On Uncomfortable

  • Have you ever found yourself viewing a potential new hire as not quite good enough? Have you every found yourself saying, that you know a person, he a good person and everyone seems to like him, but somehow you just don't like him. You have no reason, he's certainly been nice to you, but you just can't accept him. Is this you, do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable about this person, yet have no reason? Is this person of another race, black, asian, latino? Does skin color sometime make you feel uneasy? Is this you?
  • What is it that bugs you about the person? You know he does good work, he is polite with everyone. No one has a bad thing to say about him, but you just don't like him. Others in your circle of friends feel the same way, however is anyone in your circle of friends like this minority. Yeah but you say I have an asian friend and a black friend that I talk to each day at work. In your mind this gets you off the hook, why, because you talk to a minority at work so that makes you all inclusive. Never mind that you don't have these individuals in your life other than brief encounters at work.
  • Yeah but, I give to minority causes , like starving children in Africa……well said! Do you often say…”I know I don't have minority friends in my life, because they are unapproachable.” Do you feel bad about your feelings? I doubt if you would say no, because every now and then, it bothers you. You know why? Because God is convicting you for your dislike of a person, for literally no reason. He is convicting you for not reaching out right here at home to a minority and not hide behind your feelings by donating to African relief, primarily beacuse it make you feel better.
  • I'm just saying! Everyone needs to feel a little uncomfortable from time to time……. it for a specific purpose.




Report: Mike Vick beat LeSean McCoy in a Foot Race at Practice

Apparently Mick Vick and LeSean McCoy had a 40 yard race in practice and Mike Vick won. As reported by the  Birds 24/7, McCoy has taunted Vick, calling him Old Man for quite some time. So Vick took him up on a race.  According to those in attendance Mike Vick all 32 years old defeated the  24 year old McCoy.   Vick is known to be insanely fast, and apparently he still has what it takes.  Just another reason that Chip Kelly is probably salivating at what Mike Vick has to offer.

Washington Politicans Continue To Use Racially Disparaging Code Words Agaianst President Obama

In this climate of change in demographics, and more people are inclusive of individuals different from them, why is it that so many politicians feel that they have creative license to use  racial slurs or racial innuendos, when they are complaining about President Obama’s political agenda.

Instead of attacking the agenda, they are attacking Obama, personally with racially charged  code words.  They say everything except actually use the “N” word.  If they could get away with it, they would use the “N” word.  They usually follow-up the slurs with a half  heart apology.

Why is it that Mitch McConnell can brag that his mission is to destroy Barack Obama to ensure that he does not have another term?  He’s calling himself-  “just a committed Republican”.  How about a committed racist?  Yes, it is alright to oppose  the President on an ideological basis, thats politics, but to literally oppose any and every legislation that he puts forth and to state that you hope everything he does fails, is not in the spirit of what this country is about.  He is not only disparaging President Obama, he is also harming our country and the American people in general.

McConnell is a great example of a Republican from Kentucky, who has way to much power, especially to speak for  all Americans. Yet McConnell and his Republican friends, who by the way, all look like him, mistakenly believe that this  is what America wants.  And to top it off the guy is 69 years old. Can you say out of touch? No way him or his friends will like President Barack Obama, a black president from Hawaii!

No way we can expect that McConnell  will warm up to Obama, he probably never knew  a black man, except maybe his gardener or someone who worked in his cotton field in Kentucky.  Here are some words of encouragement we can give the president in dealing with  this guy – “Good luck with That!”

Joe Biden Will Address Fears Of Barack Obama

Joe Bden’s mother once paid him $10 to go down the street and beat down, a neighborhood bully who messed with one of her son’s. Barack Obama just paid Joe Biden by selecting him as his VP, to do the same to John McCain and the Republicans, who have been beating up Obama pretty bad in July. This is a smart pick. With Biden, you have a Senator who marching to his own beat, and not his Washington colleagues.

So it is a mistake to think that Biden is just another Washington insider; he’s not, he a free thinker and some one who can bring creative ideas. And for the first time during his long tenure in Washington, Biden now has the Most Important World stage that he ever had.

Biden charge will be to address the concerns of older American,  and that Obama has what it takes to lead this country. Biden , A Roman Catholic, can speak to this constituency. He can also speak to those who feel uneasy about voting for some one, particularly, an African American, who is not like them. This is and issue and it needs to be dealt with. The election will really tell whether Americans have grown up and truly faced or embraced diversity in America.


Barack Obama is not doing as well in the Polls, because of his race. That is not an excuse, it is a reality. Obama, will have trouble in the polls as the First African American to possibly win the Presidency. Are white Americans ready to vote for a black man for President?  To put it bluntly, no one wants to talk about this issue, but all of us need to do soul searching in this area.

Would we really put the stressful economic concerns to the back burner and not vote for Obama, because he’s black?  I know we are the greatest country in the world, yet we can’t get past our racial biases. Obama would improve every ones lives and with him we would have prosperity. Republicans have not been able to bring prosperity to this country and John McCain certainly want. He doesn’t know how many houses he owns, and he thinks being rich in America means you are worth at least $5 million dollars a year.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is the primary issue that defines Joe Biden. The Georgian crises has been an advantageous issue for Biden, in relation to his pick as VP. And it is a great help for Obama. Obama seems more confident in talking about international affairs because of his International trip and Biden’s ties to the Foreign Relations Committee.  Both effectively negates any perceived gain, that John McCain felt he enjoyed.