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Clinton Drops in the Polls to Sanders, Leads 52-31 Percent

Bernie Sanders appears to be gaining ground on Hillary Clinton, at the moment in Iowa Clinton leads Sanders by 52-31 percent. This represents a drop in Clinton's lead in June in Iowa which was 60 to 15 percent. Sanders is clearly gaining ground on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, which with New Hampshire is one of the the two most important primary states.

Listen folks the race is getting interesting. In 2008 Clinton lead Obama In Iowa, but lost the caucus there to Obama. Anything can happen we will be interested in the results.



President Obama and Newt Gingrich Will Bring Intelligent and Inspired Debate

I believe Newt Gingrich is a socially responsive conservative. Meaning he is attuned that there are issues that should be address with America’s  poor, but that they should be held accountable to work for the improvement of their lives. The problem is how do you legislate that? Gingrich in my opinion is a little more than sound bites often drawing up the staunch conservative ideas and phases. Some of which are thinly disguised.

I believe you can have an intelligent opposing view with this man and if he is the nominee, it will be a fascinating debate between, two well learned, articulate candidates; President Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich. Neither lack for an abundance of intellect and both can articulate their viewpoint well.
Republicans traditionally put forward an intellectual lightweight, often  not well versed on what it means to be an American and the issues that affect America’s  rich and poor.

So it will be a great debate if Gingrich the current front runner is the nominee.

Chris Christie is Out- He Will Not Seek The Presidential Nomination

Chris Christie is calculating and perhaps living for another day. Whether you like his politics or not, you have to like Chris Christie, a little.  He seems to be very passionate about what he  believes, however he has alienated many women.  Polls say the men like him.

The guy is very blunt, sarcastic, and to the point, those are all likeable qualities, to some. He says what he means and means what he says. He also is slightly left of center Republican, who in these days and times is not really a great place to be if you are a Republican, nearly all are far right.

But I think Christie is smart  to pull out of the race.  Although  Obama  has his problems, I believe it will be very, very hard for a Republican to beat him even in this economy. Christie proves he is very prudent, reflective, and realistic about his decision-making.  He will be a player in the future.

Perry Lands Himself In Hot Water Less Than One Week of Entering The Race For President

The White House denounced Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry on Tuesday for his threatening remarks toward the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve that represented some of the most inflammatory rhetoric of the 2012 election campaign.

Campaigning in Iowa on Monday, the Texas governor said he would consider it “treasonous” if Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke “prints more money between now and the election” in November 2012 — a fresh sign of the political heat the central bank faces as it tries to right the stumbling U.S. economy.

“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what y’all will do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas,” Perry said to laughter from supporters in Iowa.

“Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous, treasonous in my opinion,” he said.

The White House responded by saying it is important for the Fed to remain independent, and jabbed back at Perry, who on Saturday entered the race for the Republican nomination to face Democratic President Barack Obama. Perry is already considered one of the strongest candidates for the Republican nomination.

“I certainly think threatening the Fed chairman is not a good idea,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

“When you are president or running for president, you have to think about your words,” Carney said in Iowa, where Obama was on a campaign-style bus tour.

Perry, who succeeded former President George W. Bush as Texas governor, is known for strongly conservative social and fiscal views. In his first three days as a candidate, he has upset Democrats by questioning Obama’s patriotism and implying the U.S. military does not respect Obama as commander-in-chief. His remarks on Bernanke caused the biggest flap.

Another top-tier Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, also criticized the Fed. “The Federal Reserve is not subject to transparency. The Federal Reserve has made terrible, grievous errors,” Bachmann told reporters in South Carolina on Tuesday.

U.S. Representative Ron Paul, another Republican presidential candidate, also is a fierce critic of the Fed.

Bernanke was appointed in 2006 by Bush, a Republican, and reappointed by Obama. Under Bernanke, the Fed has embarked on one of the most extended periods of cheap money in U.S. history, keeping U.S. interest rates near zero since late 2008 and pledging to do so until mid-2013.


Perry, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, may have been trying to tap into the anti-Fed sentiment of some of the most right-leaning Republican voters, who deeply distrust the unelected, but powerful, officials of the central bank.

The Fed has faced fire in Congress over its emergency financial rescues and regulatory lapses. Defenders argue the central bank was right to act aggressively to stem the crisis, and they credit it with preventing a financial collapse.

In fact, some argue that with no appetite among politicians for more fiscal stimulus, Fed action could be the only avenue left for Washington to support the U.S. economic recovery.

While investors chalked up Perry’s comments to the campaign season, they said criticism of the Fed and threats to its political independence could multiply if the economy sours even more and the central bank takes further action to spur growth.

“Make no mistake, inflammatory comments like these are indicative of one thing — an election cycle,” said Keith Wirtz, the chief investment officer at Fifth Third Asset Management, with $18 billion in assets.

Financial markets increasingly expect the Fed to launch a third round of bond buying to provide liquidity if the economy continues to weaken.

“If correct, the noise will explode,” Wirtz said.

The Fed has already conducted two such programs, known as quantitative easing, since the financial crisis. Critics say that such programs are equivalent to the Fed running the printing presses faster and can lead to a long-term reduction in the value of the dollar.


Perry’s campaign did not back away from his comments. Campaign spokesman Mark Miner said the Texas governor was expressing frustration with the economic situation and “out of control spending” in Washington.

“Most Americans would agree that printing and spending more money is not the answer to the economic issues facing the country,” Miner said.

But his tone could turn off independent voters whose support will be needed to defeat Obama in the 2012 general election.

“When you say those things in the Lone Star State (Texas), you look colorful. When you say these things on a national stage … it’s going to come back and get you,” said Ford O’Connell, an advisor on Republican John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

“You’ve got to be more like James Bond and less like Rambo,” he said.

Democrats have seized on the latest remarks by Perry, who caused a stir in 2009 when he said Texas might need to secede from the United States, to make their case that he is a loose-talking cowboy likely to act too hastily under pressure if he were to win the White House.

At a campaign event on Monday, Perry was asked if Obama loved the country, and replied, “You need to ask him.”

Asked whether Perry’s remarks were disrespectful, Obama said he would “cut him some slack” as a new candidate.

“Everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn’t like running for governor or running for senator or running for Congress, and you’ve got to be a little more careful about what you say,” Obama said on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

This Election Will Not Change a Thing

We American’s are a waffling bunch. At many points in the past we have had the American people polled to favor less Government. Still in some years the American people have been polled to favor more government involvement.  Still more; we have had more American people polled to  to favor a third party. We change our minds like we change shoes. Literally daily.  To the point that we really do not know what we want or when we want it.

We are impatient and think that change will occur overnight.  Nothing changes overnight. Everything requires change. Everything requires preparation. Nearly everything requires thought and sometimes agreement. So if the balance of power shifts to any party during the midterm elections. It want matter, because nothing will change quickly and during the next election the pendulum will swing because the party in power will not be able to get anything done and the voters will vote them out.

In the meantime America will continue to suffer.

Obama Takes The Right Stance In Iran Unrest

Pat Buchanan supported President Barack Obama’s hand off stand in letting the protest in Iran play out. He stated that the United States cannot have blood on it hand by “egging on” Iranian protectors by articulating support for one side over the other. This is a fine line that Obama is walking and so far he is taking the right stance. Some in the Republican party are calling the comments by Republicans in the Senate calling for more input from President Obama as irresponsible.

Rush Limbaugh Is Not Very Inclusive

Ok. It is time to at least pose the question. I believe I have the answer. But I want to ask the question.  You see   some people how a way of showing their true colors. It comes out.  You know the type, they always complain about the same people. They never have anything good to say.  They sometimes hide behind the cloak, of ” I am just reporting the news”. Or how about this: ” I will say what I everyone else is afraid to say”. They are banking on a huge army of people suddenly emerging to validate a viewpoint.

Usually these people are very narrow minded. They have not taken the time to be inclusive, understanding, or even any semblance of trying.  They don’t care, because in their mind the world is behind them and their message. No one else truly matters.  They are usually my way or the highway personalities. So it’s time to ask the question ……….What is Rush Limbaugh problem? I don’t know the man. But he seems to feel really good about putting down President Obama. Time and time again. Why!

He never put down President Bush. But he always goes out of his way to put down the current President of the United States. The leader of our country and the free world. Where is the respect? By the  way, President Obama happens to be the first African American President of the United States. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh can’t bring himself to like that and it is showing.  So he attempts to rally like thinking individuals who cheer him on. But how can you cheer on someone who appears to dislike President Obama?  Maybe you don’t like the President’s policies, or his politics, but do not become mean spirited enough that it crosses a line and causes the public to wonder…….. What is Rush Limbaugh’s motive, what his problem?  Can’t he be accepting of all people and all races?

It is time for Americans to hold Limbaugh accountable for his words and his actions. He should show some repect to the President.   No Rush, the President will not debate you.  Why should he?  He  won the election, it is over. No one cares what you think.

President Obama is the Leader of the free world. You are merely a talk show host. The last time I checked, that occupation does not rate very high on the list of most influential people.

President Obama Learned From the Mistakes of Bill Clinton Regarding Health Care Reform

President Obama learned from the mistakes of  Bill Clinton in rolling out the Health Care Reform Initiative.  Obama has the benefit of wide spread political support from the American people, but not from Republicans in the house and senate.  The American people put Obama in office.  The election was  more a repudiation of 8 years of Republican strategy and certainly not an endorsement of  Republican doctrine.

Republican  ideology  is the same.   Spend less, Taxes Less. That is their only message.  The trouble is Republicans have never cared about the working poor or even those who are laid off, trouble is  Republican have never  given much thought to helping those less fortunate receive a job.

When raising the minimum wage for workers came up time and time again.  Republicans voted against it. When  the issues of  providing Health Care for Children came up, Republicans voted against it.  They do not believe in “trickle down”  theory of economics.  Article of Health Care Reform.

President Obama Keeps His Promise To The People Who Elected Him

President Obama, challenges lobbyist and special interest groups in his weekly radio address.  He is gearing up for a fight and he will not back down.  President Obama calls it the change that the people who elected him believe in.

More from President Obama.