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This Day in History

On Sept. 23, 1952, Republican vice-presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon went on television to deliver what came to be known as the “Checkers” speech as he denied allegations of improper campaign financing.


President Obama Wins Re-Election

Mitt  Romney is a bad looser. He simply will not concede. President Obama has won re-election. That is a reality.  It’s over.  The Republican party as will know it will have to change. That is the reality.  Forget about Mitt Romney tantrums and stamping of feet.  The Republican party will need to redefine itself  Romney’s  time is over.

Seriously folks America has changed and Republicans will have to change with it.  That the reality of it.  Barack Obama is only the second two term Democratic  president  since  Franklin Roosevelt. He died in office in 1945.  Bill Clinton was the first.

Republicans Need To Keep Their Members in Line and Stop Racial Rhetoric

It is absolutely ridiculous that Republicans continuously use racist innuendo to disparage the President of the United States with racist jokes and get away with it. Yes presidents have been ridiculed before, but never taken to this low level. Certainly not at a racial level. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They have posted pictures of watermelons on the white house lawn, drawn offensive pictures of Obama, and just out and out disparaged President Obama and His family. This is absolutely unacceptable to most Americans, but apparently not to the Republicans, who within their own party have said absolutely nothing to stop this behavior by their peers; fellow Republicans.

Just like the continued erosion of this country, we see a strange tolerance that speaks volumes about who we are as Americans. We are better than this and Republicans need to step up and get their fellow Republicans in line and stop this behavior.

What Are Herman Cain’s Intentions?

Herman Cain seems to be in the race perhaps for  a  position in the administration should a Republican candidate win the nomination.  When prompted the question at the most recent debate as to what position he would take in a supporting role, Cain did not reaffirm his commitment to be president. He instead answered the question and inferred that he would entertain any offers should he not be the nominee.

This is unprecedented in  the heat of a political race. Never has a current candidate suggested anything other than they are in it to win it.  So Mr. Cain  apparently relishes the attention. Attention is publicity and aids him in securing a position after he loses the nomination.  Sarah Palin, played this card magnificently.

The evidence is pretty clear, Cain was on a book tour when he started his campaign. So where  does his goals and  intentions lie?

We  will need stay tuned to this story, because the last chapter has definitely not been written.


Donald Trump You’re Fired!

What’s up with Donald Trump and who gave him the idea that he could be President of the United States of America?  Perhaps President Obama inspired him.  The theory is if  Obama, can  become the nation’s first black President, how can the brilliant Mr Trump not be elected?  It happened before, a celebrity or actor becoming President of the United States,  Ronald Reagan broke that mode.

So Trump has lots of motivation to try to become President.  Its a noble goal and Trump certainly has the money.  But Trump lacks the most important thing, a  sure fire strategy. The best he can think of  is President Obama needs to produce a birth certificate.  That will not get him elected.    And we thought Donald Trump was a smooth businessman.

He is good at firing people every Sunday night, but somehow, I don’t think he qualified to be President or to hold a candle to President Obama.  When all is said and done let it be known that Donald Trump is out of  his league.

What Now For President Obama?

President Obama appears to  be reflective and subdued. He should be. After missteps and an abundance of bad personnel decisions related to who Obama chose to have around him in the White House, during the first two years of his term, Obama miscalculated  the ability of his inner circle to accurately gauge the economic, lifestyle, and personal security needs of those who supported him.

Obama  relied on instincts that have guided him throughout his life; that is what we all do.  Obama equipped with a need to not offend and avoid  confrontation, proved ill  prepared ‘or unable to make the tough choices that would offend some and infuriate others.  He simply lacked that character trait.

One cannot say that Obama is not a likable person, but we can  say with conviction that he lacks courage to lead.

Does  he have the courage to stand up for what we who supported him expect him to do? Ultimately it is us. His supporters who;

  • Lost  jobs
  • Saw our pensions and 401 k’s disappear
  • Lost our ability to retrain and to retool  for  another career because we are too old
  • Lost retirement insurance because it went up over 280% in 2009
  • Saw layoffs
  • Multiple cancer diagnosis
  • Saw love ones  fight cancer and have to fund it with their own health care coverage, with no help from the government.

Many of our children owe over 100,000 in student loans, because we all seek not just the  American dream, but merely a chance to feed our families and the ability to put a roof over their head.

We had to face all of this without the government’s help. We worry about the future and our kids future, but almighty God did not promise us a future so we can think about ourselves and our families only.

No,  He told us through His  Son to take care of our brothers and sisters; Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party Activist, Liberals,  and  Conservatives. It does not matter. We should not lead driven by greed.  We should lead  based on compassion for our  fellow-man and women. That  indeed appears to be a novel idea.

House Passes Health Care Reform Bill 220-215

The house passed the Health Care Bill tonight by a margin of 220-215 for the bill.  It is a culmination of nearly 75 years of attempts to pass a bill. With the passing of tonight bill it is the first step in the process. The Senate will have to pass their version of the bill. 39 democrats  actually voted against the bill. Which says volumes about the split between progressives and so call Blue Dog Democrats.

President Obama, congratulated  Nancy Pelosi, for a great victory in overseeing a  house majority in the vote for Health Care reform. The passing of the bill insures that every American will have affordable health care. Only one  Republican voted for the the Health Care Bill.

Law Makers Should Impose Sanctions On AIG For Bonuses

My feeling are mixed on President Obama call to lawmakers to not govern in anger, by imposing taxes on  AIG bonuses.  I believe that congress in this instance is acting appropriately. Perhaps the President knows something that we don’t know. But on the face of it, it is wrong for executives to take government money and pay bonuses from it , especially at a time when when are economy is facing  problem, people are losing their jobs, and many are unemployed.

Some sanctions need to be applied to these execuitve to deter future activity and governement in Washginton should be more responsible. Mainly reading the language in bills that they pass. To make sure unwanted clause are not included in the bills. We will neer know  who was responsible for placing this clause in the legislation or who turn their head to let it pass. That is the trouble with Washington too much secrecy and too much behind the scene deal making.

President Obama Said to Tap Kansas Governor As Secretary of Health and Human Services

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius , is President Obama’s  choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Obama will mke a former announcement next week on the choice, according to a White House Sources who not authorized to speak on the record. Sebelius a former insurance commissioner and long time friend of  Obama is no stranger to health  care reform.  She is an advocate for the the consumer and has been know to fight long and hard for the consumer.

President Obama move to pick Sebeius is  one that will strenght the foundation of his fight to brings someone well versed on the subsject of insurance and health care; equipped to handle the tough questions and touch issues that arise form the many susbets of the Health car issue. Sebelius is bright, a fearless advocate and will bring must knowledge to the table  in Obama fight to overhaul healthcare and the reform  that is needed in that area.

More on the story.