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Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Is Nothing New

“Pass A Bill”…………President Obama


President Obama announced an Executive Action on Immigration last night. This is nothing new, President Roosevelt, President Bush are among Presidents who have announced Executive Action. This is literally nothing new.

Couple this with the fact the Republicans have not passed a bill since it seems like, the stone age. Which begs the question why? To find the answer you will need to request an explanation from both House and Senate Republicans.

The entire congressional and senate arm of our government is broken. Not because of Democrats, no more likely because of Republicans,


Last Day To Sign Up For Affordable Care is March 31, 2014- Read Details

Question: When is the last day to sign up for Affordable Care Act / Obamacare?

Quick Answer: Last day to apply for health insurance is March 31, 2014 but you should apply before February 14 to avoid tax penalty.

The last day to apply for the new health care, Affordable Care Act is March 31, 2014. But with the new health care individual mandate, currently uninsured will need to get health insurance by March 31 in order to avoid tax penalties.

But in order to accomplish that, the insurance signup must be completed around mid-February and coverage would then be initiated by March 1.

The reason for the mid-February date is that health insurance typically starts at the beginning of a month and it takes up to 15 days to process the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare application.

For example, if a person signs up for health insurance on February 10 and it takes 2 week to process the application, then the whole process is finished on February 24 and the health insurance starts on March 1. Health insurance coverage only starts on the first of the month.

If you signup for Affordable Care Act after February 15, most likely you will be accessed tax penalty for not having health insurance coverage by March 31. Since 2013/2014 is the first year of implementation, you can likely get the penalty waived as long as you signed up for the health insurance coverage by March 31.

In subsequent years (for 2015 and afterwards), the last date for open enrollment is December 7.


President Obama Wins Re-Election

Mitt  Romney is a bad looser. He simply will not concede. President Obama has won re-election. That is a reality.  It’s over.  The Republican party as will know it will have to change. That is the reality.  Forget about Mitt Romney tantrums and stamping of feet.  The Republican party will need to redefine itself  Romney’s  time is over.

Seriously folks America has changed and Republicans will have to change with it.  That the reality of it.  Barack Obama is only the second two term Democratic  president  since  Franklin Roosevelt. He died in office in 1945.  Bill Clinton was the first.

When Mitch Speaks, Republican’s Listen- Payroll Tax, Medicare and Unemeployment Highjack Lifted

The Republicans in a startling move finally came to their senses and approved a two month extension of the Payroll Tax and Medicare payments, as well as jobless unemployment payments. The move opened the gates to fund a good number of much needed programs to keep those who work and those who can’t afloat. The whole point of this Republican charade is well pointless.

I really can’t tell you why, and probably you don’t have an explanation either. So we are all speechless. Maybe all this drama is just an insane hatred of President Obama, which probably has underlying undertones. We will leave that discussion for another day. The good news is someone slapped some sense into the Republicans. Could it be Mitch McConnell? How about Newt, he seems to be the sanest Republican at the moment.

In any event let’s give the Republicans a round of applause, even though it is great that we did not hear the greatest lie of all come from the Mouth of Republicans, “The American People Have Spoken” no it seems like what really happened is Mitch McConnell spoke and Congress perhaps caved? Mitch McConnell?? Who would have thought?

Republicans Need To Keep Their Members in Line and Stop Racial Rhetoric

It is absolutely ridiculous that Republicans continuously use racist innuendo to disparage the President of the United States with racist jokes and get away with it. Yes presidents have been ridiculed before, but never taken to this low level. Certainly not at a racial level. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They have posted pictures of watermelons on the white house lawn, drawn offensive pictures of Obama, and just out and out disparaged President Obama and His family. This is absolutely unacceptable to most Americans, but apparently not to the Republicans, who within their own party have said absolutely nothing to stop this behavior by their peers; fellow Republicans.

Just like the continued erosion of this country, we see a strange tolerance that speaks volumes about who we are as Americans. We are better than this and Republicans need to step up and get their fellow Republicans in line and stop this behavior.

President Obama Speaks at Dr. Martin Luther King’s Monument On The Mall In Washington D.C.

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr.s day and the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, must be commended for their work in accomplishing the completion of  this great  monument.  Although we in Black fraternities and sororities are competitive, we do come together to celebrate this monument and Omega Psi Phi  Fraternity commends the dedication and commitment of the Alpha Phi Psi Fraternity in honoring their brother and our revered leader, Civil Rights and American Icon, Dr. Martin Luther King.

It is a great day for African-Americans and Americans as a whole who sacrificed much and overcame much because of this great man. We were denied common rights as Americans. The rights to vote, the right to drink at a public fountain, the right to use public parks, the right to attend integrated schools. Dr. King gave his life so these basic rights were available to all.

Now Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has a Monument on the Mall in Washington, D.C. This is a great day and as we celebrate our nation’s first African-American President, it is a testament to the sacrifice that Dr. King made. Without Dr. King’s supreme sacrifice, President Barack Obama would not be where he is today.

President Obama, said the Monument was not just for him, but for those who struggled with Dr. King.  Obama mentioned the strength and courage of  those  who march with Dr. King, some living, some have passed on. Those who marched and sang, sit in and stood in. Obama called them foot soldiers for justice.   He talked about the half century that has passed since the March on Washington in 1963.  The day when Martin Luther King gave the “I Have A Dream Speech”.

Martin Luther King, was flawed, he had setbacks, he was a man of flesh and blood, said President Obama.  All of us have fallen short of God’s perfect nature.  He was a man sent by God that tried.  He tried because of what he tried to accomplish. The people he tried to bring together, to bring the detractors and positive people together to come to the table of negotiation.

That is what our challenge is and we must  never forget  the sacrifice and the hope of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama Felt Compelled, Forced, to Show Birth Certificate, Trump Takes the Credit

President Obama is great at compromising, witness Obama showed his birth certificate.  He felt compelled to do so by the rant of  Mr. Toupee, “The Donald” Trump. Obama held a news conference  to show a full copy of his birth certificate and Trump held a news conference; and had a “whose your daddy moment”, while taking credit for forcing Obama to produce his birth certificate.  Who cried uncle first, President Obama?

Now everyone will think he is weak and will not stand up for principals or his stated values.  He was basically called out by Donald Trump.  Any sane man would have told Trump where to take his request and his toupee. Now it is too late for Obama to go back, every no name, insignificant idiot  will feel they can push President Obama into a corner and he will cave.

It is a shame that  it’s come to this. The nation’s first African-American president is  being questioned, called out, and outright disrespected by nearly everyone. It gives one room for pause when this has never happened to any other president. Just saying.