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Washington Politicans Continue To Use Racially Disparaging Code Words Agaianst President Obama

In this climate of change in demographics, and more people are inclusive of individuals different from them, why is it that so many politicians feel that they have creative license to use  racial slurs or racial innuendos, when they are complaining about President Obama’s political agenda.

Instead of attacking the agenda, they are attacking Obama, personally with racially charged  code words.  They say everything except actually use the “N” word.  If they could get away with it, they would use the “N” word.  They usually follow-up the slurs with a half  heart apology.

Why is it that Mitch McConnell can brag that his mission is to destroy Barack Obama to ensure that he does not have another term?  He’s calling himself-  “just a committed Republican”.  How about a committed racist?  Yes, it is alright to oppose  the President on an ideological basis, thats politics, but to literally oppose any and every legislation that he puts forth and to state that you hope everything he does fails, is not in the spirit of what this country is about.  He is not only disparaging President Obama, he is also harming our country and the American people in general.

McConnell is a great example of a Republican from Kentucky, who has way to much power, especially to speak for  all Americans. Yet McConnell and his Republican friends, who by the way, all look like him, mistakenly believe that this  is what America wants.  And to top it off the guy is 69 years old. Can you say out of touch? No way him or his friends will like President Barack Obama, a black president from Hawaii!

No way we can expect that McConnell  will warm up to Obama, he probably never knew  a black man, except maybe his gardener or someone who worked in his cotton field in Kentucky.  Here are some words of encouragement we can give the president in dealing with  this guy – “Good luck with That!”