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The Deal-Charleston and Affordable Care



This is a good time for all Americans. We are seeing a coming togther of all races, national companies and all those who are passionate about equality, love and justice. Charleston, South Carolina is a great example of how love can overcome hate. The Supreme Court just yesterday showed compassion to the millions of Americans who need Heath Care by upholding the tenants of Affordable Health Care.

It is a great week despite terrible things that have happen, just a few weeks ago. Everyone is still coming together despite those who try to impede progress. We are Americans, however we care about each other…. and that is the most important thing. This day we should all be proud to be Americans.


God Bless Boston

The resiliency of America,particularly Boston is more than commendable. It is historic in the sense that this city  defines America dating back to the  American Revolution. That’s America.  No one can take that away from Boston, no one can take that away from this country.  America is a mecca for all.  But we as American’s know  sacrifice.  We as Americans know  what Boston has suffered. This  affects us all as Americans. Please take a moment of silence to our Lord, asking him to comfort those who lost loved ones, are were affected in anyway by this tragedy.  America’s  resiliency showed that day.

Those who came forward to aid the wounded, are to be commended.  Those who volunteered to help, stepped forward. That defines Boston. That defines what Boston is all about. Americans with fortitude and those who suffered defined that. We thank them all for their service.  God Bless Boston and all who suffered through the tragedy and God Bless America!

The Deal- What Can We Learn From Leaders

Leadership is  a gift, yes God may have given you this power, but not in the way that many think. You see leaders  have a specific task to lead with compassion understanding and  trust. Those who serve under leaders have a task to be trustworthy and loyal, no matter how dysfunctional  the culture and leadership may be. Those who follow leaders can learn from each and every situation, not so much of  what not to do when you become a leader, but your obligation is to search your inner thought processes and ask yourself the following.

Will you lead with compassion?

Will you respect leaders even though they have not earned your respect?

Will you check ego and power at the door and be willing to truly identify why God has you in this situation and how he wants you to lead?

Will you interact with others  truthfully and honestly?

Will you use your current situation to understand how God wants the experience  to mold you into the Leader he wants you to be?

Will you be a team player no matter what?

Remember in all situations  to search your soul to understand what God is trying to teach.  God put you in this situation for a reason and the people in your work life are there because God wants them to be.  Not because they a good or bad people, more importantly  he is using them for your benefit, so that you may  grow in your life walk.

Ryan Continues to Deceive You and Other Americans

Some say that Paul Ryan’s speech was electric. Some say that he was highly effective. No one said that he had selective memory. Yes memory that appeared absent in his speech at the 2012 Republican national convention. That is a problem when nearly all republicans continued to deceive everyone. As they literally lied about President Obama and nearly everything else.

So politics has come to this, put out lies that soon become a great alternative to the truth. If you vote research the truth.  Do your fact checking and make sure you know the real truth before you cast your vote. Don’t let Paul Ryan and folks like him deceive you.

Republican Continue to Lie and Deceive in 2012

I can’t hold back any longer other than say this, the Republicans are the biggest liars and deceivers on earth. All the problems that we are facing today were caused by the Bush administration and the Republican do nothing congress led by Tea Party influences. It is sad for America that we accept lies and deceptions from Republican and call it truth.

I watched the republican convention and it struck me as unbelievable all the lies that the Republicans came up with in blaming nearly everything on President Barack Obama. As usual the Republican came up with zero solutions. Yes fellow Republicans you can do better than this.

More on Leadership

What is leadership-How do you get people to follow you
1.   People must have confidence that you will get things done
2.  People must have evidence that you have successfully accomplished objectives in the past.
3. You must be a  winner-you must stand out from the crowd.
4. You must be persuasive-You must have the ability to move people to action
5. You must be guided by good and admirable principals
6. People look to you for guidance, opinions, and the ability to influence others
7. A leader  exudes action and a can do attitude.
8. Leaders can inspire people to do the seemingly impossible
9.Leaders are trustworthy
10. Leaders can create an unmistakeable legacy.
11. Leaders are not afraid to make the right, value centered decision.
12. Leaders must be intuitive and able to use the information for the common good.
13. A leader cannot be biased and show favoritism.
14. A leader must have clear goals and a clear vision for success.
15. A successful leader is Christ centered in their thinking and in their life.
16.  A leader must pick the right moral cause to fight for- if you are on the wrong side of the fence you want be seen as a leader or have a legacy as a leader.
17. True leaders are calm in the midst of the storm

Republicans Can No Longer Place Blame on President Obama

President Obama has to be very pleased about the news of 200,000 jobs added in December 2011. This is the highest uptick of jobs since February 2009. All rational economists know that the cause of this recession was not on Obama’s watch; however a shell game, played by the Republicans was instrumental over the last two years to place blame on the Obama Administration. This dubious strategy put forth by Republicans is in a word irrational and a failed strategy. Much to the Republican’s deep alarm, the economy has taken a turn for the better and now the spin doctors are hard at work to deny any gloating from the Obama administration. The last thing they want is for Obama to gain traction with this good news.

Already there is little they can do to pin the recession on him. He has virtually won the terrorist war. He has brought home the troops from Iraq. He has begun to withdraw troop from Afghanistan. Republicans now have nowhere to go in pointing out deficiencies in Obama’s policy. Not only that, the best candidate that they can put up against Obama is Mitt Romney. They certainly will need to bring someone stronger than that. At this late date, it is highly unlikely that they will find the perfect candidate with the attributes to beat Obama. So the next few months will be interesting to say the least as the election season gears up.

Your Soaring Health Insurance Premiums – NYTimes.com

Published: October 3, 2011

Annual premiums for employer-sponsored health coverage soared by 9 percent for families and 8 percent for individuals this year from 2010, far faster than wages or inflation. Republicans, predictably, blamed health care reform for contributing to the rise. In fact, the reforms accounted for only 1.5 percentage points of the increase this year. The value to millions of Americans who are already getting expanded coverage and benefits is undeniable.

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Health Insurers Push Premiums Sharply Higher (September 28, 2011)

Times Topic: Health Care Reform

So what is driving up insurance premiums? The main factors, analysts say, were increased medical care costs and higher profits for insurance companies, which charged a lot more in premiums than they paid out for medical services. Both problems are being addressed by the health care reforms. But, clearly, they will require even more vigorous attention.

This latest survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust found that the average total family premium climbed above $15,000 in 2011, with the worker paying roughly $4,100 and the employer about $10,900. Since the survey started in 1999, worker contributions to premiums have increased 168 percent, while wages have gone up 50 percent.

The two reforms that affected premiums — together making up about one-sixth of the 9 percent premium increase for a family plan — required that parents be allowed to keep children up to age 26 on their policies and that many insurance plans cover preventive services like cancer screening and immunizations at no cost to patients. Some 2.3 million young adults were enrolled on parental policies and 28 million workers (plus their dependents) benefited from preventive care provisions.

The reform law has two provisions that kicked in this year and could help hold down premiums in 2012. Insurers will have to spend at least 80 percent to 85 percent of their premiums on medical care, which will force them to keep the premiums closer to their claim payments. And insurers seeking rate increases of 10 percent or more in the individual and small-group markets must disclose and justify their proposed rates, allowing state regulators an opportunity to reject them or force them down.

The reform law also provides $250 million for grants to help states strengthen their ability to challenge insurers’ rate requests. Only about half the states give insurance commissioners power to veto rates deemed excessive; all should allow regulators to reject unfair increases before they happen.

For the longer term, the reform law will create a slew of pilot projects in Medicare to find ways to reduce the cost of delivering care. Any effective strategy should be pushed quickly into the private sector. Until the underlying health care costs are reduced, it will be hard to hold premiums down.