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Michelle Obama Speech

Michelle Obama spoke tonight. This in itself is nothing new. She has transformed herself into a likeable first lady and she will try to help President Obama in his task to win a second term. She had a great message and a great agenda. She is a great advocate of health care reform. More importantly Michelle Obama has increased her visibility as an ambassador for the President.

The newscasters and pundants are comparing Michelle to Ann Romney. To me it is no comparison between the two, both come from divergent backgrounds. One black, one white. Both are passionate about their message and their husbands. You've got to give them both credit for that. They are both strong women. They do have much in common. They have simular missions, both care about their families. But that is where the comparisons end. In reality Democrats and Republicans have different agendas.

Michelle Obama stands for everything that our Government can do to help Americans in need. I write this in anticipation of Michelle Obama's speech. She is not from the upper crust. She does not live as the rich may live. She was literally raised in the in humble beginning. She works hard and look where she is today.

Michelle spoke about values, what it means to be providers for the family. She spoke about basic American values. You work hard, you're committed, you will succeed in this world. She talked about gratitude and humanity, values that define who we are. Michelle said “Being president dosen't change who you are. It reveals who you are”. Barack Obama said Michelle lived this realization. We literally witnessed the total transformation of Michelle.

Four years in the White House has allowed her to see what the rigors of the Presidency can do by bringing out the best in it's inhabitants. In this case Barack and Michelle. The Obamas believed not in how much money you make, but the difference you make in someones life.

This sums it up… “My most important role is being a mom”.. Michelle Obama



Democratic Convention Schedule


DNCC Announces Full Performance Schedule for the 2012 Democratic National Convention

In support of President Obama, Charlotte to host an impressive line-up of musical acts including Foo Fighters, Mary J. Blige, James Taylor, Marc Anthony and Earth, Wind and Fire

CHARLOTTE, Aug. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Following last week’s announcement of iconic North Carolina artists, today the Democratic National Convention Committee announced the full line-up of performers set to take the stage at Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium next week.

“This roster of performances only adds to the excitement building in Charlotte for the historic week ahead of us,” said 2012 Democratic National Convention Chair Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “The tens of thousands who will attend Convention events in person, and all those tuning in across the country, should be ready for quite a show.”

The schedule of performances at the 2012 Democratic National Convention:

Thursday, September 6 (Bank of America Stadium)
Foo Fighters
Mary J. Blige
Earth, Wind and Fire
James Taylor
Delta Rae
Inspire the Fire
Marc Anthony (national anthem)

Wednesday, September 5 (Time Warner Cable Arena)
DJ Cassidy
Jessica Sanchez
Branford Marsalis (national anthem)

Tuesday, September 4 (Time Warner Cable Arena)
DJ Cassidy
Amber Riley (national anthem)

The 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee is a not-for-profit organization responsible for planning and executing the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, the week of September 3, 2012.

President Obama- Simply a Politician

We are  definitely in an up and down relationship with President Obama.  The trouble  is  Obama’s relationship with  independent voters, African Americans, his so called base, labor unions,  and Republicans, remains undefined  and unclear at best.  No one has  a clear handle on this man, who remains a mystery to all.

The only thing we really know is  that Obama is likeable and easy to talk to.  He also appears to be too willing  to yield in deference to the wishes of others,  even when by doing so it is in conflict to his stated beliefs and policies.  So we really do not know this man. I’m beginning to wonder if he really believes in or stands for anything of substance, or  is he in the mold of testing the wind, to see which direction it blows and follows the least provocative course? Typically  political.

It was troubling to hear president Obama talk condescendingly to the Congressional Black Caucus at the their recent dinner.  It was so odd that it appeared staged. It probably was.  Obama really wanted to send a message to independent voters that he would not  focus on African American issues, if  they (African- Americans) follow me, they will need to  get in line, a number of people and groups have agenda’s and I am president of them all. Well that is really noble. The trouble is Americans want a President that stands for something.  At the end of the day, if you cannot stand up for your base, how can you stand up for Independent Voters or any other Democratic constituent?

That is clearly a noble stance for a president if it were believable. The American people really need to know what this  man believes and the most predictable gauge of determining that is by closely studying his actions.  Obama’s  words and his subsequent actions are not in alignment.  In his efforts to appeal to one group, he acts condescendingly to others ( The Congressional Black Caucus).  He in effect harms his standing with African- Americans and ultimately appears to  African- Americans as someone who cannot be trusted.

So our problem is we have to choose between too evils, totally odd and  mentally challenged Republicans and Tea Party members, and a man who in effect bends over backward in deference , but rarely does his actions validate his stated goals. Still the choice is clear , given the alternative, it simply has to be President Obama.