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Marvin Lewis Should Be Given Another Chance in Cincy

ESPN's Steven A. Smith, has his opinions. That my friend is an understatement. Will leave that conversation for another day. Now he saying that he believes Marvin Lewis needs to be fired, because he has not won a single playoff victory. Yeah in today's world, that's probably right because of the nature of fire them if they don't win in the NFL. However in my opinion it says that owner and general manager is supportive of Marvin Lewis.

There are many intangibles in the front offices in the NFL that Steven A. Smith is not privy to. It is up to the owner who operates the team. Mike Brown owner and operator of the franchise has given Marvin Lewis a vote of confidence. So these are merely empty words from a sportscaster, which holds no water whatsover. Lets give Mike Brown a thumbs up for supporting his coach and not merely throwing him under the bus and then run over him two or three times, like many franchises do. Good luck to Marvin Lewis a great man and coach.



Aaron Rodgers Leads Packer to a Playoff Birth

Aaron Rodgers lead the Green Bay Packers to a playoff Birth by defeating the Chicago Bears, 33-28 with a virtual last second TD pass to Randell Cobb. This was Rodgers first game back from a collar bone injury. Rodger was able to come back, and because of his return the Packers are now in the playoffs, which promise to be a war, with the prize being the Super Bowl.


Nationals Meltdown With One Out, One Strike to Advancement

I visited Nationals Park in 2010. Just curious as to how Major League Baseball looked in DC after so many, many, years without a major league team. Now just watching the last out of the ninth inning I realize that they may be at the brink at going  deeper in the playoffs than any Washington DC baseball team.

So this is historic, Washington failed as a baseball town, but a trip to the World Series will be unprecedented. 1924 was the last time a Washington Major League Baseball team the Senators played in an won a World Series Game.

The Washington Senators beat the New York Giants.

Te-ee-bow, Woe, OH (Phrase Coined by NFL Network)! Tim Tebow brings Home the Playoff Win over the Steelers!

This playoff game was another miracle for Tim Tebow.  Unbelievable performance for the Denver Broncos, as Coach John Fox, takes the reins off of Tim Tebow and he proceeds to throw for more than 300 yards against the #1 defense in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This was one of the most improvable victories in the history of the NFL.  The Broncos take the victory over the Steelers 29-23. Absolutely an unbelievable game.

Tim Tebow one throw in OT wins the game and takes advantage of the NFL new overtime rules that says the first team that scores a TD wins the game. Guess what Tim Tebow throws a pass on the first possession of overtime and it’s a touchdown!  Unbelievable. This is one of the greatest NFL Moments in quite some time; the last one that I can remember was the improvable fumble recovery by Franco Harris, ironically of the Steelers in the seventies.   This overtime lasted less than on minute.

Tim Tebow won this game with his arm 10-21 passing and throwing for 300 plus yards, 2 TD, and rush for one TD.  Thus is a quarterback that they said could not play in the NFL. One week ago we did not know that the Denver Broncos would even make the playoffs. Tim Tebow helped this team come back to win five times this year.  The Broncos were buried in oblivion. Without him the Broncos would not be in the playoffs.   It pays to be a man of faith who follows  the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Both The Cubs and The Sox Are In The Playoffs, First Time In 102 Years

Chicago White Sox Made it to the playoffs. Barack Obama’s favorite baseball team. In the bottom of the 8th Joe Nathan came in for the Twins, to serve as a closer for the Twins, who were due up top of the nInth. Nathan quickly gave up a single base hit to Jermaine Dye. That brought up Jim Thome who hit a lead off home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. Thome had a chance this time to seal the deal with Dye on first in the bottom of the eight, with two out. On the line the White Sox chance to win a spot in the post season, since they captured the World Series in 2005. It was not to be. So the Sox would need to hold serve for the final three outs in the Twins at bat, in the top of the ninth with a one run lead for the Sox.

Set down the Twins in three outs and the Sox are in the post series playoffs. Looming large a possible Chicago World Series; Sox vs the Cubs. The White Sox closer Bobby Jenks entered the picture in the top of the ninth with 29 saves for the year. It was all on Jenks now to close the game. With two out gone Jenks had the Twins down to their last out. Standing room only crowd for the Sox, and all standing. A diving catch and the Sox win and spot to the playoffs by defeating the Twins, 1 to 0. They are the 2008 AL Central League Champions. They will play the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday. For the first time in 102 years, both Chicago teams, the Cubs and the White Sox are in the playoffs.