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Allen Iverson Hates to Practice

Allen Iverson is at it again. If we don’t know enough about Allen Iversion, there is one thing that we really do know about him; he can’t stand practice. You know the activity that basketball players go through to get better. To make a themselves better and to gel with teammates. Yeah, that’s it, Iverson does not like to do it. Iverson has repeatedly told a number of coaches that he does not see the value in practicing and some times, as a result he simply want do it. He may choose to miss practice altogether thank you. You see he sees it as a distraction.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask Larry Brown, Chris Ford or how about Maurice Cheeks, all coaches who see the values of refining your basketball skills through practice. Iverson has defied all three coaches and missed practices that he should have attended. Apparently Iverson gets very upset when a coach demands that he attend practice, so much so that he stormed out of the gym once when Maurice Cheeks demanded that he attend, you guessed it; PRACTICE. One month later he was traded from the 76ers to the Denver Nuggets.

Apparently Iverson feels justified in his feeling about the issue after all he makes over $22,000,000 playing for the Detroit Pistons. Why should he be forced to attend practice? I guess that is a question that we will be forced to ponder, since three coaches have not been able to figure out an answer to it or to persuade this well paid superstar to earn his money by attending the team practice sessions. I guess Michael Curry, coach of the Detroit Pistons and Iverson’s latest victim, will have to deal with this as well. Iversion will too. Time is not an his side. He’s getting old and patience with his antics is getting old as well.