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President Obama’s Weekly Address

President   Barack Obama’s Weekly Radio  Address.


Barack Obama Acceptance Speech

President Barack Obama. Just saying it has a different Ring. We are now witnessing a tremendous world event. The first African American President of the United States. Here’s Barack accepting his election as the Nations next President of The United States.

Fact About The Presidential Election Campaign

  1. If Obama wins he will be the first African- American to win the Presidency.

  2. If John McCain wins he will be the second Naval Academy graduate to win the presidency, Jimmy Carter was the first.

  3. This is the first election in 24 years without a Bush or Clinton heading the tickets as President or Vice President.

  4. If Obama wins he will be the third President from Illinois the other two were Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant.

  5. If Obama wins, he will be the 15th Democratic President

  6. 35 US Senate seats are up for grabs

  7. If McCain Wins he will be the first President from Arizona

  8. If Obama wins He will be the first President born in Hawaii

  9. Democrats need a net Gain of plus nine seats to win a filibuster proof senate.

  10. If Obama wins, he’ll be the fifth youngest President

News Around Political World

David Alan Greer, former cast member of In Living Color, has a new show called Chocolate City. The show airs on Comedy Central on Wednesday Nights at 10:30. The CNN poll of polls has Barack Obama up by 7 points on Thursday morning. That’s down one point from the day before. Obama continues the last few days on the campaign trail in Florida, a key battle ground state.

John McCain continued his constant attacks on Barack Obama on the Larry King Show. McCain throughout his campaign has not yet explained what he would do to fix the economy. All that we know is that he is an expert at attacking Obama. An attack dog. That’s what he is all about. Both McCain and Palin are both empty suits. The light are on and no one is home.

Obama Closes- While McCain-Palin Continue To Feud

The Democrats look for the race to tighten up in the last few days of the campaign. Florida is a battle ground state. Governor Charlie Crist has extended early voting hours, so most polls will be open for twelve hours. The Obama campaign is a well oil machine and well organized. Obama is out spending McCain 4 to 1. Tonight Barack Obama will buy time on many Television stations nationwide. This is an unprecedented move for any candidate and has never been done in history. It is an half hour ad. His last closing argument to the nation.

This is the latest in the many twist and turns of the Obama- McCain battle for the White House. Sarah Palin continues to build an audience for what many seem to think is a move to be the presidential candidate in 2012. Palin has decided she would take advantage of her stage despite McCain’s slip in the polls. A top unnamed McCain advisor called her a “wack job”. Yet no one is blaming John McCain for choosing her. There is no criticism of McCain for choosing her. McCain is the the main culprit for choosing Palin as his running mate.

This is not a good scenario for the Republicans. The way John McCain has managed his campaign leaves much to be desired. If this foreshadows how he will manage a McCain administration, we are in deep trouble.

The McCain-Palin Campaign In In Shambles

How do you define Sarah Palin? Is she a “Diva”. Is she a “Rogue” candidate? Is she out for herself? Could it be all of the above? There is absolute confusion in the the McCain House. He has lost total control of his kingdom and the main culprit wreaking havoc on the McCain Castle is, you guessed it, Sarah Palin, an invited guest no less. John McCain should take more time in preparing his guest list. Perhaps give the guest list a good once over before inviting your guest to your home.

Now McCain looks a little lost and disgusted whenever he’s on stage with Sarah Palin. Suppose the McCain-Palin ticket wins? What will John McCain do then with his loose cannon? Can you imagine how Palin will deviate from policy when visiting foreign dignitaries? Would she be on message or off message. The way things stand now, she certainly would be off the official message and more on her own agenda.

The McCain-Palin campaign is a disaster. This could be a complete and utter catastrophe for the Republicans, who stand to lose majorities in the Senate and in Congress and the Democrat achieve a filibusterer proof majority. George Bush has done so bad that no mater what, the electorate are blaming all Republicans for being another version of George Bush.

Trouble In The McCain-Palin Camp

There trouble in the McCain camp with Sarah Palin. Aids are now saying that she is unprepared on the issues. They have all along been fearful of turning Palin loose for fear of what she would say. As any hiring manager knows you meticulously research your job candidate. You do a background check, checking everything. You get a feel for what the person has done in the way of former employment. In the interview process you look for all you can for telling comments or information.

If you can detect of trend in behavior from the past, you note it and follow up on it. The best predictor of the future is what a person has done in the past. So Sarah Palin’s flaws were staring John McCain in the face. Why did he not question the fact that she attended five colleges. Why did she enter a beauty contest? All these things would speak to the character of the person. I’m sure McCain knew about Trooper gate. If he did not it proves that he is incompetent. If He did; it proves that he is even more incompetent.

The point is McCain staffer are beside themselves because Sarah Palin has started to improvise on her own. She has taken on the role of ” Loose Cannon”. McCain would have known this if he had hired smart. He did not. He only has himself to blame.

An Obama Presidency May Look like This

We are looking at a crossroads in the country. With the Election of Barack Obama, thing will change. Rapidly. The stagnation we have faced over the last eight years has been an Albatross over the necks of Americans. Now we don’t need partisan politics, but cooperation on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Barack Obama will bring more faces and thoughts to the table to create policies and decision that will be better crafted than at any time in the last eight years.

An intellectual deficit took place with an a country led by George W. Bush. America is stagnated, dead in the water both at home economically and diplomatically abroad. The prescription for this is the change we need. Obama’s, world view and the ability to at least engage foreign leaders around the world speaks volumes about where we will go and how our standing around the world will improve. Of course this is a mute issue for many Republicans, who could care less about how the world feels about America. But this head in the sand mentality our country can Ill afford to accept.

At home in America, we place little value on the lives of our elders and have not made provisions for them in regard to our aging populace. Health care is a national disaster, that is not considered a right or a privilege in this country. But in reality it is both. Provisions should be made to insure all American. To ensure that employers will not take away hard earned benefits that worker have earned throughout their lives.

Barack Obama will change all of this and we can expect more of a prosperous, pro-active and aggressive America. A country that truly cares about it’s people.

Is Powell’s Endorsement Of Obama The Last Piece Of The Victory Puzzle?

We’ve had time for the dust to settle since the announcement by Colin Powell of his support of Barack Obama for President. Although there are no clear cut polls substantiating this, but the Powell endorsement preceded the commanding 10 point lead that Barack Obama now enjoys in a number of Polls. It may be a little pre-mature to say this, but Colin Powell, sealed the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s run for the White House.

Say what you will about him, Powell is still a respected and revered American. He is an American Hero and he put his stamp of approval on Barack Obama on Sunday. Not only this, but the fact that he is hailed as a respected Republican says volumes about this endorsement. The timing of the endorsement was brilliant. Powell was out of sight and out of mind. Right wing Republicans had not denounced him, so he still held significant status within the party. Although many speculated that he would endorse Obama, it certainly was not established that he would.

But Powell endorsement, was something that he had contemplated for a long time. His legacy in Republican party, serving in many Republican administration, has given Powell many future frontiers to explore. Powell now has an obvious chance to exonerate himself in Government. Obama has said that Powell would certainly be a key adviser in an Obama administration.

With the election less that 14 days away, the Powell endorsement will no less go down in history as on of the most important events within the last three weeks of the election to propel Obama over the top.