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The Media is Trying To Sabotage The Bernie Sanders Surge

It seems as if there is a bottleneck on how to address the issues important to the Black Lives Matter Coalition. A clear action plan by the Black Lives Matter Coalition has not been articulated by the group itself. They are demanding action, but a clear action plan has not been articulated by the Black Lives Matters Coalition itself. There is also an attempt in my opinion to stop the progress of Bernie Sanders by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Just this past weekend Bernie Sanders spent a considerable amount of time trying to address the concerns of Black Lives Matters only to be shouted down by members of the Black Lives Matters coalition.

I believe all of this was orchestrated by the Clinton Campaign to stop the progress of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton did not even attend the conference this past weekend choosing instead to comment on Facebook instead. To be fair, Bernie Sanders has addressed the issues of Prison Reform and economic inequality much better than any of the candidates on the Democratic side, including Hillary Clinton. The Black Lives Matter Coalition will not achieve its goals by shouting down candidates who are trying to come to the table with possible solutions.

This issue is a lot more than intellectual nonsense that I have heard from political pundants and political comentators who know absolutely nothing about the political landscape. The issues that need to be addressed are the killing of black men and women when they are arrested, economic disparities in the black community, Improved voter registration, reform of the criminal justice system and most importantly, the Black Lives Matter Coalition needs to do a much better job of clearly articulating issues that are important to the organization.

The other issue is this, most of the concerns of the Black Lives Matters Coalition are issues that mirror those of other progressives. Everyone is concerned about the killing of black men, the incarceration rates of Africa American men and prison reform, particularly how it relates to non violent offenders. These issues are being addressed and discussed and they are very important.

The Media does not want Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination and they are doing all they can to stop the Sanders train. They are trying to stop Sanders because they believe he is to old to be effective. No amount of smokescreens put forth by MSNBC are any other media outlet will stop the Sanders machine. If The Black Lives Matter Coalition wants to achieve its goals, they need to sit down and orderly discuss options with Bernie Sanders and they need to understand who Sanders is and the history of Bernie Sanders. If they do this, they will know that Sanders is already fighting for their cause. It only takes a little research and the ability to listen to the Bernie Sanders message with an open mind. We are all in the same boat, what is good for one is good for all. Most importantly research the candidates, KNOW THE HISTORY OF THE CANDIDATES.


The Deal-Psalms 1-3



Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and it's leaf does not wither, in all that he does he prospers.

Psalms 1-3


Bernie Sanders Continues to Speak In Front of Record Crowds

Bernie Sanders has gained on Hillary Clinton in the polls. The reason, he has increased his awareness among voters. His message of change is without a doubt is resonating among voters. Also Sanders is not afraid to spread his message. He has always had an appealing message of change. The problem was no one was willing to listen to his message of change. It is a common sense approach that requires a tell it like it is, no nonsense politician to deliver it. It is people power politics, and Bernie Sanders is the politician who can deliver this message.

Sanders is about income equality for all. This is his game and it is an appealing message. Sanders is speaking before standing room only crowds. This is his message, this is his audience and he is gaining on Hillary Clinton. It is a grassroots audience of Americans in tune and eager to hear it.



The Deal- Charleston Continues To Be A Catalyst For Discussion on Race

The Confederate flag is an unwanted symbol of hate and oppression. Hate that signifies a long history of oppression and offensiveness to African Americans. They say the Confederate flag is a symbol of pride. Pride for some and pain for those who were oppressed. Yes, our past is unspoken, shameful, and the flag is a starting point for discussion and where we stand as it relates to race. There is great significance attached to this flag wherever it blows. Significance that is certainly not good, and in no way honorable. It is ironic that one flag can represent so much pain, sorrow, and hurt. Yet we have participated in many hours of debate on whether it should fly in front of the South Carolina Statehouse. It is a no brainer…… Take Down The Flag!

I believe the flag will be removed not only in Charleston, but on state capital grounds across the south. The Flag unfortunately flew despite the oppression and the hurt inflicted on African Americans for hundreds of years. It continues to fly. There is no excuse. However despite this, yesterday one woman broke the law. No doubt she was fustrated like all of us. She did not want to see it anymore. the Confederate flag is hurtful, it is racist, it signifys insurrection, slavery, bigotry, hate, and a host of other adjectives.

The Civil War started in Charleston, South Carolina,when Fort Sumpter was bombed in 1861. Fort Sumpter was a federal fort. It was bombed and the Stars and Stripes were removed from the pole and replaced with the Confederate flag a symbol of hate, racism and bigotry. Yesterday, It took an activist to take matters in her own hand to take the Confederate flag from a pole in front of official state office complex. She was wrong to do so by law. Morally, because of the oppression, the hurt, and the misguided patriotism that the flag represents it is time for the flag to go.

Ironically discussions we are having in 2015 are about events that occured in Charleston, South Carolina the first state to succeed from the Union and where the hostilities of the Civil War occured 154 years ago. We are still debating equality and appropriateness of symbols today. Ironically, Charleston, South Carolina is again at the center of discussion and debate. It was 1861 when the Civil War started in Charleston, where the first shots were fired to start the Civil War. This speaks volumes about our perceived progress in the realm of race relations. We have miles and miles to go before we can get to inclusiveness and our moral center.




The Charleston Victims And Their Families Need Our Prayers

I have mixed emotions concerning the tragedy that took place in Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up an AME pastor’s son and my father served as a pastor at nine AME churches in the south and as Presiding elder  of the North Nashville District of the AME church for over 16 years.  My father served at over nine AME churches doing his career. I grew up in the AME church. He’s gone on now to be with The Lord, but he  would be more than concerned about what happened at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

It pains me mightily to even think about what happened at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Never in my life have I heard of  such  a thing happening at an AME church.  I ask all who care to pray for Emanuel AME Church to pray for the victims who lost their lives and for their families who are grieving still today because of of a unexplained and tragic decision of a misguided young man, who let a heart filled with hate drive him to commit such an act against innocent bystanders.

Some things in life are unexplained and if they were we still could not wrap our arms around it. However, now is the time for healing, for all those who care to pray for the victims and their  families. All over this country people are praying, no matter what faith they are, because this incident and how it happened left an indelible impact on all of us.

Wednesday prayer meetings are a tradition, not just in the AME church, but in congregations of different denominations across this great country of ours. So many people are grieving , many are concerned about gun violence and many are asking the simply question WHY!  Sometimes we have no  answers, this is one of those times. One thing is for sure, there is no place for intolerance, there is no place for violence and there is no place of feelings of hate when it comes to worship or any other endeavor in life.

I ask that we all take a moment today to pray for the victims and their families at Emanuel AME Church and pray to  God that gun violence wherever it occurs will be eliminated in America.  God bless Emanuel AME Church and the members of  this great Church as they begin the healing process.  Let’s do all we can to help eliminate intolerance and gun  violence in this country.

The Deal-The Storm

The storm has a way about it. Sometimes it can be violent or perhaps even a little calming. That’s the beauty of God’s work. It has that influence over us. Yet the storm can provide a teachable moment, a moment in our time and place that allows for reflection and a minute or two of  anticipation. Sometimes God allows this time just for us to grow into our role and our place.

Once the storm passes nearly always the sun shines brightly and we know that everything is fine. What a relief.  That’s exactly how  God’s planned it and He’s always right on time!