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Dumars Trades for Allen Iversion;Move Will Help Pistons

Allen Iversion

Allen Iverson trade is a strategic one for Piston’s General Manager Job Dumars, who knows a little bit about winning. Dumar s brought in Iverson and combined him with Rip Hamilton, which gives them a potent two guard set with Iverson being a great duo purpose guard who is at home playing the point and scoring as well. It gives the Piston another option in the backcourt and increases the overall scoring capabilities.

Chauncey Billups handled the point effectively, however the Piston’s offense was slow and methodical, which nullified any backcourt threat that the Piston may have had. With Billups at the point the Pistons had a slow methodical offense that did not suit the talent that the Pistons brought to the table. Iverson increases the tempo and the flow, freeing up scorers like Rasheed Wallace ,Tayshaun Prince, and Rip Hamilton, all three thrive in an up tempo offense.


IKEA Continues to Expand In North America

 IKEA, the Swedish Furniture retailer has taken North American by storm. The contemporary furniture designed for today’s customer, college student and upwardly mobile types has swept the country by storm and created a frenzy for the Furniture they offer. Over the past seven years stores have pop up in Canada and the United States and they has been a huge hit.


Brooklyn’s  Red Hook community is no exception and IKEA has proven to be a hit, much to the surprise of the Brooklyn native who worked hard to keep the retailer out of Brooklyn. Primarily fearing huge crowds and a congested neighborhoods. They felt would make the neighborhood crowded and unlivable. This was the classic Wal-Mart syndrome, where the residents fought tooth and nail to keep the retailer out of Brooklyn.


But IKEA did a funny thing, they heard the concerns and actually addressed them with innovative solutions. The biggest being paying for a water taxi that transports both customers and residents between Red Hook and Lower Manhattan. This has been a successful venture that has alleviated the concerns that many customers and resident alike have had concerning riding the antiquated subways. Needless to say the water taxi has been a huge hit.


IKEA’S success and acceptance in Red Hook is no surprise. Stores have sprung up in selected cities in Canada and the United States and needless to say they have been huge successes. IKEA’S following has been legendary and their success is unequaled.


IKEA Atlanta, located in northwestern Atlanta in close vicinity to Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Spellman, Morehouse and within driving distance from Athens,  where the University of Georgia is located, has made the store a popular destination for college student. Particularly as parents help their students to move in and furnish their dorm rooms.


The IKEA Orlando recently opened and appeals to wide variety of customers in Central Florida. Disney Interns, University of Central Florida College students and residents in the huge and growing Central Florida Region .


IKEA is noted for it’s unique European furniture is a magnet for those who wish to be stylist and different.  That is exactly why when you mention IKEA, a feeling of excitement energizes the consumers and this spell even more expansion in the future. You can bet that even more stores are on the horizon.