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Facing The Giants

This may be the one little known Christian film that is at once inspirational and realistic in it’s portrayal of High school football in Georgia. It is a story about a struggling football coach in a small Georgia town, who faces many adversities while trying to find a winning formula for his football team. All the while giving praise to the Lord in his life despite the many setbacks that he incurs.

The coach at the fictional Shiloh Christian Academy faced tremendous odds in football crazy Georgia. The coach is faced with his best player deserting his program for a more up and coming program with more promise. On top of this his hopes rest on the one player who transferred.

Finally with problems seemingly confronting him from every angle. He turns to the Lord, for strength. He begins to face the demon put in front of him and trust in the Lord to see him through. The tables start to turn for the good. The coach discovered under utilized talent and the team starts to win. An unexpected visitor challenges him to trust in the power of faith. Not only does he turn a losing program around, but great things begin to happen in his personal life.

All because he discovered the strength of perseverance in his personal life. Purchase a copy of the DVD. It is great inspirational movie.


Louisville’s Last Number One Seed Was In 1983

louisville-19831The last time Louisville received a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament was 1983.  Mike Schmidt was the National League Home Run King hitting  for 40 home runs.  Don Nelson at the time was Coach of the Milwaukee Bucks was named Coach of the Year.  The NBA MVP was Moses Malone of the Philadelphia 76ers.   The Philadelphia 76ers were NBA Champions.

The top four seeds in the  1983 NCAA Tournament were

Houston #1 seed in the Midwest, Louisville #1 seed in the Mideast,  Virginia #1 seed in the West, and  St. John #1 seed in the East.  1983 was the year when Lorenzo Charles won the tournament with a last second dunk for  Jim Valvano’s wolf Pack.  The Final Four participants were Houston, Louisville,  North Carolina State, and Georgia.  Houston won the championship with  the famed Phi Slama Jamma, Clyde Drexel, Akeen Olajuwon, Larry Micheaux,  Alvin Franklin, and Michael Young.

Louisville was defeated in  final four by Houston 94-81.  The Louisville starting five the McCray Brothers, Scooter McCray, Rodney McCray, Charles Jones, Lancaster Gordon and Milt Wagner.  Perhaps the  highlight of the tournament was Jim Valvano, who came into his own after running excitedly around  and up and down the court after Lorenzo Charles put backjam, gave Valvano his first tournament victory.   The all tournament team  had an NC State flavor,  Thurl Bailey, Sidney Lowe, and Derrick Whittenburg, all from N.C. State making the  All Tournament Team.  Louisville’s Milt Wagner and Houston’s Akeem Olajuwon rounded out the five man team.

Palin Already Wants to Go to War With Russia

According to her interview with  ABC’s Charlie Gibson, Sarah Palin wants to go to war with Russia. Sarah Palin is a “Hawk” without site. The inability to see what a war with Russia would really mean. First and foremost no one has ever won a ground war with Russia. The climate is simply too cold. Given that scenario it would simply evolve into a nuclear standoff. At worst the demise of the world as we no it. All over a little country like Georgia.

Secondly we are stretching ourselves entirely too thin. We’re currently not out of Iraq, we have not found Bin Laden, we have as serious potential nuclear threat with Iran, and North Korea looms on the horizon. No one knows where that situation will go. Militarily we are stretched entirely too thin. To advocate that Georgia join NATO, so that NATO countries can come to their aid can happen, but it is a not responsible foreign policy. Particularly when we have done little diplomacy to encourage our allies to join in.

Palin is merely mirroring John McCain’s policy and it is a policy that is curious at and usual at the least.