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The Transition Of Tim Tebow

It has been a long road  for  Tebow as he transitioned to Professional Football. Despite confronting and understanding adversity Tebow will get his first start this year for the Denver Broncos.   Tebow Was drafted by the Denver Broncos, by a coach that believed in him.  This year that changed. Tebow did not start for Coach Jim Fox, the new Broncos coach who  works with John Elway, who one could say is not exactly endured with Tim Tebow. The thing is Tebow is loved and revered by the Denver fans and fans around the country, this was enough this season, coupled with a terrible start for the Broncos, that Tebow is getting his chance.

Because of providence, Tebow, will probably never give up this opportunity, whether he is with the Broncos or some other NFL team.  Tebow has always been scrutinized, but now he is more scrutinized because of the NFL’s  penchant to changed quarterback mechanics. Because of the their belief an NFL quarterback, must have a muscle memory  attribute of 90 degrees.  Personally, I believe the NFL is too focused on this not only with Tebow, but with other quarterbacks. They literally tried to makeover Tim Tebow.  As the did they did with Michael Vick in Philadelphia. I say let the quarterback, be who he is.


Tim Tebow Has A Decent Game Against Dallas

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been under the microscope so much lately it’s a wonder he’s not encased in glass.

So it is then, that the view of his preseason performance in Thursday’s 24-23 loss to Dallas at Cowboys Stadium depends through what lens that effort is viewed.

Entering the game one series after starting quarterback Kyle Orton departed with a field-goal drive in his pocket, Tebow was 6-of-7 passing for 91 yards in four first-half possessions. More than half his passing yards came on a 46-yard strike over the middle to receiver Matt Willis. He was at the helm for six Broncos points against the Cowboys’ second-team defense.

“He put points on the board, that’s the key,” Broncos coach John Fox said. “And we didn’t dump the ball to the other team, so I think for a young quarterback he did very well.”

Tebow had a 118.8 rating while working nearly as much from the shotgun (eight snaps) as under center (13). Tebow, starting his second NFL season, also saw a seven-yard TD scramble over the left side wiped out by a holding penalty, an interception nullified by a pass interference call and a 10-yard loss on a sack in which he had no escape.

Tebow also had some of the hiccups that drive his critics batty. He seemed to take off a tick too quickly on a few occasions. His accuracy—another emphasis—wasn’t pinpoint, despite the high completion rate.

The Willis catch might have been a long score had it hit the wideout in stride. Another red-zone pass was behind Willis instead of leading him on third down, sending out the field-goal unit.

Still, after no organized offseason and barely two weeks of practice under intense media heat, Tebow’s work was a stepping-stone.

“I felt more confident in my reads and decisions,” Tebow said. “There’s a few I’d probably change but for the most part I felt like I did the right thing the rest of the plays. Definitely room for improvement.”

Brady Quinn continued to keep the heat on Tebow for the No. 2 job with a strong second half, in which he was 8-of-14 passing for 120 yards, a TD and 109.2 rating.

Half of Quinn’s four series culminated in TDs, including an eight-yard bullet pass to Eron Riley in the back of the end zone with 5:44 left,

“I think we all felt good on offense,” Quinn said. “We’ve definitely come along.”