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Lamar Jackson Louisville’s Dynamic Quarterback


Redskins, Stop Disrespecting The American Indian

In an era when everyone gets props and consideration, it's time for the American Indian to get some respect. It time for the Washington Redskins to change their name and stop disrespecting the American Indian. We've been ripping off the American Indian since the beginning of time. They deserve a little respect. The Redskins could be renamed, how about these to get started?

The Washington Capital Bombers

The Washington Force

The The Washington Filabusters- ( how about “Busters” for short)

The Washington “Whips”

The Presidents

The Commanders

Just a few names for consideraton. They really do need to stop disrespecting the American Indian.


Marvin Lewis Should Be Given Another Chance in Cincy

ESPN's Steven A. Smith, has his opinions. That my friend is an understatement. Will leave that conversation for another day. Now he saying that he believes Marvin Lewis needs to be fired, because he has not won a single playoff victory. Yeah in today's world, that's probably right because of the nature of fire them if they don't win in the NFL. However in my opinion it says that owner and general manager is supportive of Marvin Lewis.

There are many intangibles in the front offices in the NFL that Steven A. Smith is not privy to. It is up to the owner who operates the team. Mike Brown owner and operator of the franchise has given Marvin Lewis a vote of confidence. So these are merely empty words from a sportscaster, which holds no water whatsover. Lets give Mike Brown a thumbs up for supporting his coach and not merely throwing him under the bus and then run over him two or three times, like many franchises do. Good luck to Marvin Lewis a great man and coach.


Reports: Tom Jurich Will Re-Hire Bobby Petrino

Ok, this is for all conceivable purposes this is a done deal! It will be sealed tomorrow on Thursday. A hurting Tom Jurich went back to the coach who just can't seem to stay put, none other than Bobby Petrino. None of us can say with a straight face that Petrino can't coach. That is the least of our worries. The guy, if he decides to accept this misson and stay put, will win at Louisville. He's won before and yes, he will win again. Petrino can flat out coach.

Is Tom Jurich okay with this? I will answer my own question. I quess he is. Petrino would not be a good guest for the old program “Truth or Consequences”. Let hope this time around he will be honest with Jurich. Because Louisville needs him given the curtain call act that Charlie Strong performed just a few days ago. If you analyze the move by Jurich, it was brilliant. He has been jilted more than any bride could ever imagine. But Tom Jurich is a risk taker and time and time again it has paid off. We can't hold him responsible for Cardinal coaches with a penchant for waiting for the next flight out of Louisville.

All of us remember the Petrino years, they were winning years and quite frankly, he put Louisville on the map. When he left Louisville the program declined and Charlie Strong built them back up, giving them more credibility that any coach in Cardinal history. Now he is gone to Texas to coach football and listen to high end boosters who really believe he is only suited to be a position coach. What a great environment for Strong….. ha! ha! It will be interesting to see how this experiment works out for Strong. Personally, I believe he made a mistake. Louisville is at present a better program than Texas. Particularly going into the ACC. If Petrino can hang on to Strong's recruits and bring in a few of his own, Louisville will not miss a beat.

We need to hang our hats on the Bobby Petrino band wagon at this point. Of course we know there is more to the story with Bobby, stuff that would make a good made for TV movie. But I will say it again……. The guy can coach!


Aaron Rodgers Leads Packer to a Playoff Birth

Aaron Rodgers lead the Green Bay Packers to a playoff Birth by defeating the Chicago Bears, 33-28 with a virtual last second TD pass to Randell Cobb. This was Rodgers first game back from a collar bone injury. Rodger was able to come back, and because of his return the Packers are now in the playoffs, which promise to be a war, with the prize being the Super Bowl.


Harbaugh Brothers and Ray Lewis Are In the Super Bowl

There are so many stories with this years Super Bowl.  The Harbaugh brothers will face each other while a proud mom and dad will watch.  Ray Lewis will play in his second Super Bowl during the season that he announced his retirement.  These are the stories of fairy tales and we are living it.

Ray Lewis


The stories are made for TV drama that no one could write the script. A Super Bowl that will truly be a family affair and a  future Hall of Fame legend Ray Lewis will end his career  in the Super Bowl.  It  doesn’t get any better than this. And this is not a beer commercial.  This is an ending that none of us could have imagined.   The mighty New England Patriots lost their swagger and now the NFL is up for grabs.  It as excitement at its best!

Jim Harbaugh


Louisville Defeats Cincinnati

(Photo: Jamie Rhodes, US PRESSWIRE)
Louisville improved to 8-0 and snapped a four-game losing streak vs. Cincinnati
Cardinals cornerback Terrell Floyd picked off a pass on Cincinnati’s first drive of overtime
John Wallace kicked the game-winning field goal
1:53AM EDT October 27. 2012 – LOUISVILLE – The Louisville Cardinals reclaimed the Keg of Nails without putting the hammer down.

They won without demonstrating their dominance, without overpowering their opposition from the University of Cincinnati, without an unambiguous answer to how they have managed to remain undefeated.

But not, yet again, without proving their worth.

BOX SCORE: Louisville 34, Cincinnati 31 (OT)

“We talk about tenacity, about finishing, and about resiliency,” Louisville head coach Charlie Strong said following Friday’s 34-31 victory over the visiting Bearcats. “And that’s what you look at with this football team. . .We have yet to put together a 60-minute game. But this team continues to find a way.”

Trailing by as many as 10 points, forced into overtime by a desperate game-tying drive in the final minutes, confounded by a curious injustice in the football rulebook, Team Tightrope nonetheless persevered, performed and prevailed.

Indisputably imperfect, yet remarkably resilient, the No. 14 Cardinals won their fifth one-possession game of a serendipitous season. This time, their escape act was made possible by a freeze-the-kicker timeout Cincinnati coach Butch Jones called just prior to a Grant Donovan snap that sailed over holder Will Stein’s head on a potential game-winning field goal.

Thus reprieved, John Wallace converted a 30-yard kick to seal the soggy Big East Conference showdown and hold Louisville’s place vis-à-vis the BCS post-season picture. The victory reduced the number of teams still unbeaten in Big East play to two and further raised the stakes of the Nov. 29 matchup between Louisville and Rutgers.

For the moment, though, the Cardinals should be counting their blessings instead of counting down to their regular season finale. They should count themselves fortunate that they could yield 196 yards rushing and a game-tying 53-second touchdown drive with less than two minutes remaining in regulation and yet somehow emerge victorious.

“This win shows how much our team has matured from last year,” receiver Damian Copeland said. “We knew this was going to be a big week and a big game and we got it done.”

Louisville’s success, again, hinged on the considerable skills of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (24-of-41, 416 yards, two touchdowns) and his latest go-to guy, DeVante Parker. Parker’s juggling 30-yard touchdown reception early in the fourth quarter required an official review before it could be ratified, but his subsequent 64-yard cross-country touchdown run rated extensive replays because of the moves he made and the amount of ground he covered.

“DeVante is a special kid,” Bridgewater said. “He always steps up when his number gets called. We have to get him his touches each and every game because he has that big-play ability.”

For most teams that approach Halloween still undefeated, Parker’s second score, a go-ahead touchdown with 1:56 left on the clock, might have been sufficient to send the fans home happy. But nothing comes easily for these Cardinals, and Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux shredded Louisville’s defense with another rapid-fire touchdown less than one minute later.

It was that kind of night. Until Wallace’s winning kick, Louisville’s celebrations were consistently brief and sometimes premature. And those in search of bad omens did not have to look very hard to find one.

With Cincinnati leading, 10-7, early in the second quarter, Cincinnati’s Anthony McClung muffed a punt, kicked it into his own end zone, and was tackled on top of it only to be rewarded with a touchback instead of being penalized with a two-point safety.

The rules interpretation was plainly right – you can’t fumble a ball that you never really possess — but the result was patently ridiculous, with the Bearcats improving their field position through their own sequential clumsiness.

It appeared for a while as if the Keg of Nails trophy might remain in Cincinnati because football’s rules makers have some screws loose. But in the end, the home team was carrying the keg and a still unblemished record.

These Cardinals don’t do dominance, but they sure do drama.

Te-ee-bow, Woe, OH (Phrase Coined by NFL Network)! Tim Tebow brings Home the Playoff Win over the Steelers!

This playoff game was another miracle for Tim Tebow.  Unbelievable performance for the Denver Broncos, as Coach John Fox, takes the reins off of Tim Tebow and he proceeds to throw for more than 300 yards against the #1 defense in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This was one of the most improvable victories in the history of the NFL.  The Broncos take the victory over the Steelers 29-23. Absolutely an unbelievable game.

Tim Tebow one throw in OT wins the game and takes advantage of the NFL new overtime rules that says the first team that scores a TD wins the game. Guess what Tim Tebow throws a pass on the first possession of overtime and it’s a touchdown!  Unbelievable. This is one of the greatest NFL Moments in quite some time; the last one that I can remember was the improvable fumble recovery by Franco Harris, ironically of the Steelers in the seventies.   This overtime lasted less than on minute.

Tim Tebow won this game with his arm 10-21 passing and throwing for 300 plus yards, 2 TD, and rush for one TD.  Thus is a quarterback that they said could not play in the NFL. One week ago we did not know that the Denver Broncos would even make the playoffs. Tim Tebow helped this team come back to win five times this year.  The Broncos were buried in oblivion. Without him the Broncos would not be in the playoffs.   It pays to be a man of faith who follows  the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Ordeal of D.J. Williams of the Green Bay Packers

Review/Excerpts from ESPN E-60
This is just a riveting story about D.J. Williams of the Green Bay Packer and the difficult childhood he had to overcome. Yet for D.J. a somewhat happy ending despite the scars. He had to overcome a childhood racked with drugs and violence. Born in Fort Worth Texas, Williams was born to a family where the father was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

It was just a terrible story of abuse that D.J. and his mother and sister had to endure. The physical abuse of D.J.’s mother left scars on the children and the family. The parents broke up but got back together. But this time his son was physically abused.
Williams father a drug addict, took his son with him to get drugs. One day D.J.’s father gave his son a gun. His mother left again D.J.’s father shot a man eight times and a massive man hunt for his father occurred. Texas authorities told D.J.’s mother to leave the state. They randomly picked Arkansas. So D.J. and his mother and sister fled to Little Rock Arkansas where he became a football star at the University of Arkansas. D.J.’s father was convicted of murder and is serving a 25 year sentence in prison.

D.J. has begun his second career after being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. He has not ruled out reuniting with his father who is serving a 25 year sentence in prison. His father has so far served 11 years.

Denver’s 4 and 1 Under Tebow, but Jesus Christ Has a Platform To Spread His Word

Tim Tebow did it again going 4-1 as the replenished starter of the Denver Broncos.  How is he doing it?  He is playing throw back football, running option plays, running plays from the line of scrimmage, in which he is the primary ball carrier, and yes, by the way, throws a pass now and then.  That is Tim Tebow. But ironically Tebow is more than that. Tebow, loves the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  How God is using Tim Tebow, we cannot say? Is God using him as a platform? It appears so. Yes the wins are great, but the  gift that God gave Tebow to play football, is a platform to spread His word.

This is not a new thing. Jesus Christ said in what amounted to  His final visible speech on earth to “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the  Son and The Holy Ghost.” Matthew 28: 19.  That is the charge that we all have. Tim Tebow, took up that cross and continues to follow God’s instruction. Tim Tebow’s platform is football.  He has used this platform for the Lord. So it is not a coincidence that Tim Tebow is doing what he is doing, but rather a revelation of Gods word.