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Hurricane Update 2:30 PM

2:30 p.m. update:If you’re well north and west you might still be waiting on Irene. However, south and east of D.C. rain is beginning to add up. Very little has fallen in parts of northern Loudoun County to .3-.6 (light gray) in a belt from near D.C. to Baltimore and then up to 1” plus over far southeast areas. Yellows and oranges well southeast are in the 2-4” range already. This pattern of rainfall was expected during the day, and more consistently heavier rains will continue to advance north and northwest into the evening.

Even before the brunt, local EMS offices are reporting increased calls with power lines already coming down and water leaking into structures.


Hurricane Preparation Is Substantial In The Wake of Gustav

All along the Gulf coast, from the Florida/Alabama state line to Galvaston, Texas, everyone is gearing up evacuating and monitoring the process of making sure the entire process is going smoothly. Nothing is being left to chance. This is in stark contrast compared what happened with Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

The Army Corps of Engineers says that the levees are safe to handle a category three hurricane in New Orleans. Governor Bobby Jindal, told Louisiana residents to be careful in monitoring the storm’s progress. Jindal warned that the storm surge could be as high as 12 feet of water. Depending on the direction of the storm east or west, many in the densely populated areas will need to act quickly to get to a safe place.

This storm could spend a lot of time in Louisiana; including storm conditions that could linger for days. So residents are still being evacuated and headed for shelters in other states. Over 50,000 National Guard troops have been activated.

Everyone is chipping in to help Louisiana Alabama and Texas.