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Bernie Sanders Continues to Draw in Contributions

Bernie Sanders appears to be pushing the right buttons. He has different ideas, yet he is obtaining tremendous amount of endorsement dollars. This cannot be ignored. He believes in the single payer health care system and is a strong backer of charging higher amounts iin taxes for the rich. These two initiatives are enough to warrent consideration for a Bernie Sanders candidacy vs Hilary Clinton. There is no telling how this will play out, but Sanders candidacy will need to be given consideration in his quest for the Presidency. Lets see how this play out.


Joseph R. Biden III Dies of Brain Cancer

Joseph R. Biden III, the former attorney general of Delaware and the eldest son of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., has died after spending more than a week battling brain cancer at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, his father announced on Saturday. The younger Mr. Biden was 46.

Our prayers go out to the Biden family.


Michelle Obama Speech

Michelle Obama spoke tonight. This in itself is nothing new. She has transformed herself into a likeable first lady and she will try to help President Obama in his task to win a second term. She had a great message and a great agenda. She is a great advocate of health care reform. More importantly Michelle Obama has increased her visibility as an ambassador for the President.

The newscasters and pundants are comparing Michelle to Ann Romney. To me it is no comparison between the two, both come from divergent backgrounds. One black, one white. Both are passionate about their message and their husbands. You've got to give them both credit for that. They are both strong women. They do have much in common. They have simular missions, both care about their families. But that is where the comparisons end. In reality Democrats and Republicans have different agendas.

Michelle Obama stands for everything that our Government can do to help Americans in need. I write this in anticipation of Michelle Obama's speech. She is not from the upper crust. She does not live as the rich may live. She was literally raised in the in humble beginning. She works hard and look where she is today.

Michelle spoke about values, what it means to be providers for the family. She spoke about basic American values. You work hard, you're committed, you will succeed in this world. She talked about gratitude and humanity, values that define who we are. Michelle said “Being president dosen't change who you are. It reveals who you are”. Barack Obama said Michelle lived this realization. We literally witnessed the total transformation of Michelle.

Four years in the White House has allowed her to see what the rigors of the Presidency can do by bringing out the best in it's inhabitants. In this case Barack and Michelle. The Obamas believed not in how much money you make, but the difference you make in someones life.

This sums it up… “My most important role is being a mom”.. Michelle Obama



Latino Votes Swing Toward Obama

Daily News


KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Her Latin American background is clear in her speech as Lynnette Acosta talks about how President Barack Obama’s health care plan could help a diabetic neighbor. “La familia es bien importante para el presidente Obama. Y e?l sabe que familias que son luchadores a veces lo han perdido todo porque alguien en la familia se enfermo?,” Acosta says in an Obama campaign ad. The English translation: “Family is very important to President Obama. And he understands that families that are fighters sometimes have lost everything when someone gets sick.” The upbeat ad starring a Florida resident is one of several such spots the Democrat’s team is running on Spanish-language stations in pivotal election states, and it contrasts sharply with the hard-hitting commercials in English that the incumbent’s campaign is airing against Republican rival Mitt Romney. With the lighter tone, Obama hopes to shore up what polls indicate is a large lead over Romney among Hispanics. They are the nation’s fastest growing minority group, usually a reliable Democratic voting bloc that’s causing consternation for Republicans trying to position their party for the future. Obama is reinforcing his advantage with a sizable Spanish language TV and radio ad campaign in some of states expected to be among the most contested in the general election. On this front, he is vastly outspending Romney in a race that could be decided by thin margins in many states. “It makes sense for Obama to run nice ads in Spanish that only Latinos watch. It’s a way of saying, ‘We’re the candidate and the party that respect you,'” said Marc Campos, a Texas-based Democratic strategist who produces campaign commercials targeting Hispanics. “When they see positive, feel-good ads in their native language it reinforces the notion that this administration is working on their behalf.” An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released last month found Obama leading Romney among Hispanic voters by a margin of 61-27 percent. It’s a gap so wide that for now at least, Obama’s campaign is running positive ads designed to boost confidence in the president among Hispanics rather than to discredit Romney. The Obama campaign has spent $1.7 million since mid-April on Spanish language ads in Florida, Nevada and Colorado, according to SMG-Delta, a media firm that tracks campaign advertising. Obama carried all three states in 2008 against Republican John McCain; all are closely contested this time. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/obama-campaign-woos-hispanic-vote-tv-radio-ads-article-1.1092602#ixzz1xJmJmQgM

How Well Did Obama Do?

The Atlantic Magazine did a piece on Barack Obama and the question posed in the article is how well did President Obama’s agenda play out when he first took office? The answer to that question is not very well, given the changing state of the economy that prevented The President from implementing the ideas that he ran on doing his election campaign. The article then went on to rate the President’s social ability to interact, his staff’s ability to live up to the difficult expectations of Obama’s Presidency. It proceeded to rate the President more stringently than a typical performance review.

I want dwell on the Atlantic article, however I believe they are ill suited to run a critic of President Obama. Yes he started off rocky, placating the Republicans perhaps because of his wish to be a conscientious defined president. That is his ideal of how and where Republicans and Democrats worked together. He followed that line entirely too long. This less than a year when voters would actually go to the polls to elect a new President or reelect Barack Obama in November 2012.

What I believe we witnessed was that Obama realized, that there was something bigger and more important than his agenda, and perhaps how he defined himself. Prior to the final year of his term, he finally realized that he must reach and define the expectation of what the electoral base expected of him. This made Obama step out of his comfort zone. Things came easy for him, but Obama has demonstrated that he is adaptable and a master of analytics, human analytic and dynamics. He can then define a roadmap and a plan to execute a winning strategy. If one were to define Barack Obama, you can call him adaptable and able to apply reason and strategy at the right time with an eye to the future. Also he is a master of what if scenarios, able to apply contingency plan when needed and shift to new strategies when necessary,

Your Soaring Health Insurance Premiums – NYTimes.com

Published: October 3, 2011

Annual premiums for employer-sponsored health coverage soared by 9 percent for families and 8 percent for individuals this year from 2010, far faster than wages or inflation. Republicans, predictably, blamed health care reform for contributing to the rise. In fact, the reforms accounted for only 1.5 percentage points of the increase this year. The value to millions of Americans who are already getting expanded coverage and benefits is undeniable.

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Health Insurers Push Premiums Sharply Higher (September 28, 2011)

Times Topic: Health Care Reform

So what is driving up insurance premiums? The main factors, analysts say, were increased medical care costs and higher profits for insurance companies, which charged a lot more in premiums than they paid out for medical services. Both problems are being addressed by the health care reforms. But, clearly, they will require even more vigorous attention.

This latest survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust found that the average total family premium climbed above $15,000 in 2011, with the worker paying roughly $4,100 and the employer about $10,900. Since the survey started in 1999, worker contributions to premiums have increased 168 percent, while wages have gone up 50 percent.

The two reforms that affected premiums — together making up about one-sixth of the 9 percent premium increase for a family plan — required that parents be allowed to keep children up to age 26 on their policies and that many insurance plans cover preventive services like cancer screening and immunizations at no cost to patients. Some 2.3 million young adults were enrolled on parental policies and 28 million workers (plus their dependents) benefited from preventive care provisions.

The reform law has two provisions that kicked in this year and could help hold down premiums in 2012. Insurers will have to spend at least 80 percent to 85 percent of their premiums on medical care, which will force them to keep the premiums closer to their claim payments. And insurers seeking rate increases of 10 percent or more in the individual and small-group markets must disclose and justify their proposed rates, allowing state regulators an opportunity to reject them or force them down.

The reform law also provides $250 million for grants to help states strengthen their ability to challenge insurers’ rate requests. Only about half the states give insurance commissioners power to veto rates deemed excessive; all should allow regulators to reject unfair increases before they happen.

For the longer term, the reform law will create a slew of pilot projects in Medicare to find ways to reduce the cost of delivering care. Any effective strategy should be pushed quickly into the private sector. Until the underlying health care costs are reduced, it will be hard to hold premiums down.


Democratic National Convention 2012

Dear Friend,

Two weeks ago, over a thousand people gathered at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC to celebrate the Democratic National Convention Kick-off.

The energy was electric as we shared the excitement of being part of history in the making.  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz summed it up best when she said,

This convention is about Americans coming together to commit ourselves and our country to a path that creates more opportunity. The success of this convention will be determined by the participation of you, the American people. This convention’s success will be based on engaging the American spirit and involving people who want to put their shoulder to the wheel and change the country for the better.

Now is the time that you can seize the momentum of that day by visiting our website and checking out the official 2012 convention merchandise store.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Thank you for signing up and thank you for being a part of this historic convention.  As we progress towards September 2012, I’ll be sending more updates and contests so you can stay informed.


Dan Murrey

Executive Director

Charlotte Host Committee 2012</