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Jack Black and Morgan Freeman Support Nuclear Deal


Obama Will Not Change His Agenda Because of the Republican Landslide

Obviously the Republicans are gloating over taking over the Senate and securing their dominance over Congress. They expect Obama to fall in line and bow down to them. A funny thing happened the Day after the Election, Obama showed no respect to the victors, in fact he acted rather unfazed toward the Republican victors.

In fact, he mentioned that the only reason the Republicans won was because half of America did not vote. We don't need a rocket scientist to figure this one out. President Obama was not on the ticket and no one with the political charisma like Obama was on the ticket. To add insult to misery and injury this will be the way things will play out until the 2016 Presidential election, then everyone will vote in full force.

Your guess is as good a mine as to why the Americans were led to vote for old tired Republicans who will surely try to set back political progress some 50 years. They have two years to do it. Those who voted for them, best of luck, lets hope you don't regret it.



Is Partisan Cooperation Possible ?

The fiscal cliff is really something that we need to really avoid.  Republicans are acting as if they actually won the election and that they have a mandate. However  no mandate was ever given to the Republicans and despite that they do not want to do what is right and what the  American people asked  them to do.  This is the same tired  story that we run into each in every year when we come to this point.

We need to come together as Americans. Democrats and Republicans alike,  thinking in  the same manner in a way that we work together to bring this country together.  The question is do we have the talent and skills to make cooperation between party lines a reality?

Republicans Continue Racial Insensitivity Toward Michelle Obama

This is an interesting article from The Root that touches on the apparent inability of Republicans to cease the demeaning attacks not only in the President, but also on his wife. This is getting to be hard to take and ridiculous. It is racist, insensitive, and disrespectful. Of course Republicans apparently think black people do not deserve respect. Racial insensitivity training and racial tolerance training is in order here. Until they see black people as equal and worthy of the same respect that they themselves demand from everyone else, this will never change. Here’s the article for review.


This Article Was Originally Publish By The ROOT……………………

One thing I hate to do is act as teacher to the clueless. But it’s clear, after the speaker of the Kansas House, Republican Mike O’Neal, forwarded an email with pictures making fun of first lady Michelle Obama’s appearance and calling her “Mrs. YoMama,” that school is once again in session. You would think these folks — including Wisconsin GOP Rep. James Sensenbrenner, with his unhealthy obsession with what he called the first lady’s “large posterior”; the South Carolina Republican activist who once compared her to a zoo’s escaped gorilla; and all the other offenders — would have at least learned self-control. But since they can’t seem to help themselves, some lessons bear repeating. Read and learn.

1. When people who aren’t black use slang that purports to be “black,” it just makes them look incredibly foolish. To all who thought the email O’Neal sent was hilarious, you need to know that black people don’t go around saying “YoMama” in conversation. (After holiday visits with family, I can report that the term did not come up once.) Use the term around anyone, particularly your actual mother, and random black people within earshot will make that circle-around-the-head motion and slowly back away. (Hint: Black people call other black people by their names.) Words such as “YoMama” are used by people who don’t know anything about black people to mock them. It’s how they imagine black folks speak, and the fact that they spend so much time imagining such things is something they probably should discuss with a doctor. Either that, or spend some time with black people.

2. The cartoon in O’Neal’s email showed Mrs. Obama’s hair blowing in the wind and compared it to an image of Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. Hair is hair. A black person’s hair is no exception. It comes in all different textures and styles. We wash it, dry it, curl it, straighten it or leave it be — and sometimes it even blows in the wind. Our hair is not a secret weapon or a hiding place for one.

3. An apology goes something like this: “I messed up; I’m sorry.” In O’Neal’s apology, first reported in the Lawrence Journal-World, he said he didn’t read the email before he forwarded it and had no idea it labeled Mrs. Obama with a racist slur. He made clear that he did indeed intend to share the cartoon, which he thought was a real thigh-slapper. In a statement, O’Neal said, “I’ve had bad hair days too … To those I have offended, I am sorry. That was not at all my intent.” Did you write that statement — the one that repeats one part of your insult before implying that anyone who had a problem with the email might be too thin-skinned — with a straight face, Mr. O’Neal? No apology at all would have been better.

4. No woman likes to be insulted and demeaned or compared to cartoon characters. Just because black women are used to such treatment (and worse) in America does not mean they think it’s OK. Would your wife or mother, daughter or sister, like it? What would you do to the guy who spread insults about them? Keep it up, and even no-drama Obama might be tempted to punch you in the mouth.

5. A little history and geography lesson is also in order for those who continue to grumble that the president and first lady took a Hawaiian vacation on the taxpayers’ dime. All presidents take well-deserved breaks; many Americans, for that matter, return home for the holidays. For me, that meant seeing hubby’s mom in New York and my family in Baltimore. President Bush loved to clear brush in Crawford, Texas. President Obama returns to Hawaii because he was born and mostly grew up there. (Yes, it is a state.) It’s where the grandmother who helped raise him lived until her death in 2008. He can’t help it if his home has beaches, warm weather and killer optics. In November 2012 there will be an election when all those who want a new family in the White House will have the chance to make their dreams a reality. It’s how America works. Until then, the first family we have is the image the United States presents to the world. Some respect, or at least good sense, is in order.

And one final lesson: When you receive a nasty email, “delete” works so much better than “forward.” Mary C. Curtis, an award-winning Charlotte, N.C.-based journalist, is a contributor to the Washington Post’s She the People blog, The Root, NPR, Fox News Charlotte, Creative Loafing and the Nieman Watchdog blog, and she was national correspondent for Politics Daily. Follow her on Twitter.

Gabrielle Giffords Story of Triumph

Gabrielle Gifford’s story is one of tragedy and also of triumph.  But in between there are many moments of sadness  and many untold , painful memories.   However you cannot cannot help but admire the courage, resolve and conviction of this woman, who defied the odds. This is something that no one can comprehend how difficult it would be to endure.  Only Gabby Giffords and her husband knows.  She is a true American hero and someone that we all are proud of.  God’s speed to you Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Mr. President Your Speech To Congress was a Home Run

Mr. President, you  stood up to the Republicans in Congress tonight.  You made it awfully hard for Republicans to ignore your plea ” To Pass This Plan Now.”  I am with you and proud of your response.  I believe the response was right on time!   This is what the country needed from you.  They needed this speech desperately from you.  You will see your poll numbers rise rapidly as a result of this speech.

The American people needed you to fight for them and you certainly did that for us tonight.  We are with you, Mr. President!  We know that you will continue to be passionate about helping the American people.   This speech was a home run and  when your Poll numbers rise, it will be because the American people truly believe that you are really fighting for them.

Yes, it was high stakes, and you rose to the moment and delivered. Congratulations!

Republicans Want to Destroy President Obama and President Obama Wants To Compromise With Republicans

President Obama continually stumbles into  mishaps and he continually cave, gives in to Republicans.  The latest fiasco is the scheduling conflicts in his efforts to call a joint session of Congress to present his job plan speech. Someone said that America need a jobs plan, but the President needs a social secretary.

President Obama also needs to think about switching parties,  maybe he has a secret  desire to be a Republican.   The President  really has no basis or background to even begin to know what it means to be  an African American.  He was not raised in a black  household by black parents, so he has absolutely no reference point.  His reference point is primarily multi-racial.

We call him the first African- American President, primarily  because of lienage. He had an African father, who was in effect absent.

That hardly qualifies him to really know what it means to be a black man in America.  Any knowledge he gleamed came  second hand from any Black Man  or Woman he may have known.  President Obama is a good man, a very good man, however, he finds it awful hard  take a hard line against Republicans.

He most likely had to get along all his life growing up  as the only black in the neighborhood.  So he learned to compromise, no matter what the cost.  That’s a good thing, however Republicans have no good intentions toward  President Obama.  He needs to use the bully pulpit of the White House to get the lowly Republicans in line, to overcome,  quite frankly, their blatant racism toward the President.

Obama Needs Better Advisors

Obama-Boehner speech spat should worry Democrats
By James Downie
When you thought Washington couldn’t get any lower, now the two parties are squabbling over when the president can speak to Congress. The White House asked if President Obama could address a joint session on Sept. 7 at 8:00 p.m., the same night and time as the next Republican presidential debate. House Speaker John Boehner, citing scheduled votes that would make a security sweep before the president’s speech impossible, asked the White House to move the speech to Sept. 8. Should this even be a story at all? No, of course not, but the whole episode should still have Democrats concerned.

Of the two, Boehner is acting less dignified. Citing a cluttered House schedule when he controls said House schedule is ridiculous, and citing the logistics of security sweeps on top of that is even more so, especially when Boehner’s rejection of the president’s request is historically unprecedented. Frankly, though, his actions aren’t surprising, given his antics during the debt ceiling debate.

But I’m more disappointed with the White House, because this spat sums up so well the image problems that Obama has faced since the start of his term.

● If the White House has spent months working to appear above the partisan fray – as they insist they have – then pulling a blatantly partisan stunt like this torpedoes all of that PR work.

●Pretending the timing was a coincidence has backfired with the press and pundits. Did the White House really think, when it sent Jay Carney to his press briefing, that people would swallow his line that the timing was “coincidental”?

●In the aftermath of the announcement, the narrative of the afternoon on cable news ran in part that the White House had not cleared the date with the speaker, with some outlets suggesting that Boehner’s office had only been given 15 minutes notice. If true, the White House was disrespectful and should rightly be admonished.

● Since Boehner’s rejection, several outlets have now reported (and the White House is now insisting) that the speaker’s office “raised no objection or concern.” Yet if that is true, that’s scarcely better news for Obama, because that means his staff somehow let the opposite narrative in this “nuh-uh, ya-huh” debate get a multi-hour head start. Now they’re scrambling to correct the record. If only there’d been some kind of press conference where these details could have been mentioned.


Washington Politicans Continue To Use Racially Disparaging Code Words Agaianst President Obama

In this climate of change in demographics, and more people are inclusive of individuals different from them, why is it that so many politicians feel that they have creative license to use  racial slurs or racial innuendos, when they are complaining about President Obama’s political agenda.

Instead of attacking the agenda, they are attacking Obama, personally with racially charged  code words.  They say everything except actually use the “N” word.  If they could get away with it, they would use the “N” word.  They usually follow-up the slurs with a half  heart apology.

Why is it that Mitch McConnell can brag that his mission is to destroy Barack Obama to ensure that he does not have another term?  He’s calling himself-  “just a committed Republican”.  How about a committed racist?  Yes, it is alright to oppose  the President on an ideological basis, thats politics, but to literally oppose any and every legislation that he puts forth and to state that you hope everything he does fails, is not in the spirit of what this country is about.  He is not only disparaging President Obama, he is also harming our country and the American people in general.

McConnell is a great example of a Republican from Kentucky, who has way to much power, especially to speak for  all Americans. Yet McConnell and his Republican friends, who by the way, all look like him, mistakenly believe that this  is what America wants.  And to top it off the guy is 69 years old. Can you say out of touch? No way him or his friends will like President Barack Obama, a black president from Hawaii!

No way we can expect that McConnell  will warm up to Obama, he probably never knew  a black man, except maybe his gardener or someone who worked in his cotton field in Kentucky.  Here are some words of encouragement we can give the president in dealing with  this guy – “Good luck with That!”

We Will See Legislative Stagnation in Congress And The Senate For the Next Two Years

2011 promises to bring still more pressing  governmental issues, ranging from the budget deficits too much debate about the direction that the  country is headed. There will be more  block and tackle techniques used to tackle legislation and the Republican led congress is set to stymie any legislation put forth by  Democrats.

President Obama is poised to  work toward bipartisan legislation, but many critics see this as a flawed strategy.  These are  key times when the country is trying  desperately to pull itself out of increasingly gloom economic times. The prognosis appears to be more of the same stagnation that we have faced.