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Profits Continue More than Ever to be King

We live in stragtegic and difficult times. When the pressure to perform is at and all time high this is a difficult and troublesome trend that does not bode well for the future. There is in effect so much pressure that it is nearly impossible to do your job, let alone reach goals.

This is not a new trend, it is however more urgent and more demanding than ever before. Employers know they do not have to be fair and that they can turnover an entire office and feel confident that they can fill positions in a heart beat. That is the crux of the situation. Compassion for employees has literally gone out the window.

So profits are king at the expense of everyone and everything else. Of course there are no hard feelings. We care about you, but you must understand this is merely business.


Do Your Homework Before You Purchase a Product

If you are thinking about purchasing a product, perhaps an electronic device or equipment, think long and hard about where you decide to purchase the product. There are few hard and fast rules that you should employ before you decide to take the plunge and purchase the product.

1.) Always consider the return policy- Never purchase a product from a store that only offers a two week return policy. You need at least one month to work out any kinks and to determine if the product is truly what you want or what you thought you wanted. A store must offer at least one month return policy and the assurance that you can return it undamaged with a receipt. If you don’t have that assurance, don’t purchase the product.

Many stores will allow you to purchase the product and give you a warranty, where they will actually send the product off for repair. That’s fine,  if you are okay with the hassle involved,  and the time that you will spend away from your new toy. If you are like me, if there is a defect,  I simply want to exchange the product for a new one, a different brand or I want my money back on the spot. If a store cannot make that promise, then don’t patronize  or do business with them.

As a general rule small mom and pop stores cannot afford to take back merchandise that you purchased two weeks ago. They can only send off your product to a contractor that they have as a referral and you are responsible for paying the charges that your warranty, if your purchased one, will not cover. Why put up with the hassle?

Solution- You can purchase high quality merchandise from Sam’s Club or BJ’s and you are able to return it in a reasonable amount of time with out hassle, certainly within 90 days.   Large chains like Walmart and Target have offerred generous return policies and you should not fear returning them if you are not completely satisfied.

Whenever you purchase a product, make sure you keep the box it came in, with out the box, you are out of  luck  in  trying to return it; even if you have a receipt. Just because you have the money to pay for a product, don’t squander you money needlessly by letting a company pass the service fulfillment onto you.