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Hillary As Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton Secretary Of State.  It has a  ring to it.  CNN reports that Hillary is being considered by Barack Obama. She would bring Clinton star power to the White House. President Obama has a  enough confidence and self esteem to know his standing and hers.  It may be time for Clinton to leave a sinking ship in New York state, with the upstate economy on the rocks and state struggling to make budget.  It would be great time for Hillary who seems  a little warmer to Barack Obama now that the hostilities are over.  Hillary brings her White House  ties and her standing along with Bill around the world.

Obama is very smart and calculating.  He knows he needs to surround himself with very smart people and  he is confident enough to feel comfortable around them.  He resisted the urge to bring Hillary on as his Vice Presidential selection, perhaps to prove that he could win the White House  and her supporters on his own.  Hillary now sees him as an equal who can stand on his own. He has earned her respect. What better person for her to go to work for to build President Obama’s legacy and her own? After all she would be on the world stage as Secretary of State.