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The Deal



The Deal

If you spend too much of your life in the time capsule of the past, you'll live the rest of your life missing the most important, exciting things that you never dreamed existed. They are often right before your eyes. All you have to do is focus and learn to stop,look and above all else listen.


Facing The Giants

This may be the one little known Christian film that is at once inspirational and realistic in it’s portrayal of High school football in Georgia. It is a story about a struggling football coach in a small Georgia town, who faces many adversities while trying to find a winning formula for his football team. All the while giving praise to the Lord in his life despite the many setbacks that he incurs.

The coach at the fictional Shiloh Christian Academy faced tremendous odds in football crazy Georgia. The coach is faced with his best player deserting his program for a more up and coming program with more promise. On top of this his hopes rest on the one player who transferred.

Finally with problems seemingly confronting him from every angle. He turns to the Lord, for strength. He begins to face the demon put in front of him and trust in the Lord to see him through. The tables start to turn for the good. The coach discovered under utilized talent and the team starts to win. An unexpected visitor challenges him to trust in the power of faith. Not only does he turn a losing program around, but great things begin to happen in his personal life.

All because he discovered the strength of perseverance in his personal life. Purchase a copy of the DVD. It is great inspirational movie.