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Last Day To Sign Up For Affordable Care is March 31, 2014- Read Details

Question: When is the last day to sign up for Affordable Care Act / Obamacare?

Quick Answer: Last day to apply for health insurance is March 31, 2014 but you should apply before February 14 to avoid tax penalty.

The last day to apply for the new health care, Affordable Care Act is March 31, 2014. But with the new health care individual mandate, currently uninsured will need to get health insurance by March 31 in order to avoid tax penalties.

But in order to accomplish that, the insurance signup must be completed around mid-February and coverage would then be initiated by March 1.

The reason for the mid-February date is that health insurance typically starts at the beginning of a month and it takes up to 15 days to process the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare application.

For example, if a person signs up for health insurance on February 10 and it takes 2 week to process the application, then the whole process is finished on February 24 and the health insurance starts on March 1. Health insurance coverage only starts on the first of the month.

If you signup for Affordable Care Act after February 15, most likely you will be accessed tax penalty for not having health insurance coverage by March 31. Since 2013/2014 is the first year of implementation, you can likely get the penalty waived as long as you signed up for the health insurance coverage by March 31.

In subsequent years (for 2015 and afterwards), the last date for open enrollment is December 7.



Signing up For Affordable Care Insurance

Here’s my account of signing up for Affordable Care Act Insurance.   I was laid off from my job on December 12. The company that I worked for  has a policy of terminating Health Care Coverage the day after you no longer work for them.  Of course this is legal, they have lawyers and they  did  their  homework.  But this is an entirelydifferent story of which I am not compelled to elaborate.  So on December 13,  my wife and I had no insurance coverage. Trust me we both need health insurance, no doubt, no lie. So  I began my quest to secure health insurance.

My next step was to try to sign up for  the  Affordable Care Act Insurance.  What a nightmare.  I went to the site three times that night and each time I went to the site encountered a large notice which said “The Site Is Down For Maintenance.”

I  just can’t take no for an answer so I decided to  call the people at Affordable Care.  After a long wait which included me watching two movies  all the  while having my phone of speaker, of course with the volume turned down, I finally got a live person. This person promptly told  me that  they could began the application process, however I could not actually sign up for the program today. He also said they would notify me via email to let me know when it would be good time to finish up my application. Never recieved the email!

I finally called a few days later and got a live person and was able to actually sign up for Insurance, but to my dismay at an incredibly  high rate.  I complained. They told me to call back after my carrier notified me.

The carrier, never notifies me, so I called them  and now I have to wait for  the invoice and pay the premium.   A lot to go throught but my wife and I need Affordable Care.