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Favre Looked Sharp in His Debut. Throws Touchdown Pass

Brett Favre made his debut tonight against the Washington Redskins. In the first quarter, Farve went  5 of 6 for 47 yards and a  4 yard touchdown pass which put the Jets up at the end of the first quarter 7-0 over the Redskins.  Favre certainly looked sharp in his passing and it is obvious that Favre will help the Jets this year. and he most certainly would have helped the Packers.

The Jet simply wanted to get Favre some reps in the game to test his arm and get him acclimated with the offense.  This was Favre first game ever as a Jet, so it was important that he get  a feel for his new teammates in a game situation.  Favre was sharp in his Jet debut.  We are in for an exciting run this season with New York and look for great thing form Favre.  Favre sat out the remainder of the game.


Favre retired in March and decided a few months later that the still wanted to play football, but the Packers had another thought in mind; they wanted to move on. Favre was traded to the Jets less than three weeks ago and since it has been a world wind of activity.


Broadway Brett is Headed to New York To Save The Jets

It official, Bret Favre is no longer a Packer. He’s a New York Jet. He’s going to the Big Apple, which has not seen a player of this magnitude since, well, Broadway Joe. Although Favre is somewhat reluctant, this will be a great move for him. He will literally own New York. The entire state will be focused on the Jets. Make no mistake this is a big time, high profile market.

The elevation of the Jets to the big time is evident with Farve. They now become meaningful in a town the the Giants owned with their Super Bowl victory this year. The Big Apple will be rocking with this trade. Favre probably isn’t aware of it now, but life just changed for him. The move to New York will test Favre. The fans there will not tolerate mistakes and they will let him know it. So he will be challenged by two things; carrying a team on his back to the playoffs, and pleasing demanding New York Jets Fans.

But Favre is a great quarterback and he is up to the challenge. He also has an awful lot to prove. Perhaps hoping against hope that he will meet the Packers in the playoffs. This season will be fun to watch. A high profile quarterback in New York with a chip on his shoulders; a great combination. More to Come.

It Appears Favre Will Not Be A Packer

Well here’s the latest in the Brett Favre situation. Mike McCarthy has made it clear, that Favre is not wanted. And Favre has made it clear that he does not want to be in Green Bay if he’s not wanted. While the Packer faithful are busy saying in unison: “Say it ain’t so”. But guess what, ‘it is so”. Mike McCarthy made it clear the Brett Favre would never again appear in a Packer uniform.

McCarthy said he and Brett Favre said that they both agreed to disagree. Favre said that he was not ready to play for the Packers. So it appears that a trade is eminent or a release from the team. The entire situation is in a word; regretful. That the Packers would carry this situation to this point. It appears that Tampa Bay, Chicago or Minnesota may be trade possibilities. The next couple of days will determine what happens.

Lebron James Seeks to Become The $50 Million (A Year That Is) Man

LeBron James has a stated goal to become the richest man ever. Lofty goals for some one who will probably achieve it within the next two year. James will become a unrestricted free agent and a number of suiters will come calling for his services with bags and bags of money. Top suiters will be a team from the European Basketball league who reportedly can offer James at least $50 Million dollars per year, to come play basketball in Europe.

It appears to be an ambitious proposition, but it is one that James would consider, because, he does, after all, wish to be the richest man ever. James it seems would not stay in Europe long term; maybe for one year and then return to the NBA.

If Europe does not break the bank on James there is someone else who will. The New York Nets are removing players and dead weight from their roster in hopes of freeing up enough salary cap room to offer James the world to come play for them. After all James has designated Brooklyn as his favorite Borough in New York. So james has his eye of his future, no matter what.

If James elected to go to Europe, it would be a devastating blow to the NBA, one which they would not take lying down. The NBA would probably find a away to match the European offer. Brooklyn would spare no expenses in trying to land James. in the works are plans to build a new arena for the Nets in Brooklyn called Atlantic Yards. James would not only have a huge salary more than $50 million dollars per years, and a new home to play basketball. Both are intriguing possibilities.

The Brett Favre Merry Go Round

The Brett Favre Merry Go Round continues. And we don’t know which side to choose. That is the $64,000 question. Whose side do we choose and why? One minute Favre retires, the next minutes he does not, one minute the Packers claim Aaron Rogers is the starting quarterback and Brett Favre cannot compete for the starting job if he returns to the Packer training camp. The next page is a different story, now the Packers say that Favre can compete for the starting job. Some say this is a ploy to raise his trade stock. Others say that the offer of $20 million over the course of 10 years is still on the table.
Whatever the case, it appears that we are dealing with a totally dysfunctional family; the Green Bay Packers. Of course it isn’t their fault, some mistake were made while growing up and it produced rampant indecision and an inability to own up to reality. Someone please call in Dr. Phil, we have a classic case study in the making! When was the last time that anyone has seen such antics in professional football. Even the commissioner is getting in on the act; acting as some sort of family adviser. But even he can’t get the families members to come to terms and end this latest episode of the Packers, “A family in Turmoil, Part 10”.

On Monday night Brett Favre and Packer coach, Mike McCarthy, met for almost four hours discussing his future with the Packers, no one knows what was said, but it was reported by NFL TV that Brett Favre said he did not know if he would be allowed to compete. One thing is certain, someone related to the Packers, better get their house in order and resolve this situation before the season starts or they can kiss championship aspirations goodbye. It is entirely too much of distraction to deal with at this late date. But this soap opera can continue and both sides look like they cannot possibly have a clue. Perhaps some mediation is in order.

Green Bay Reportedly Offers Favre 20 Million Not to Play?

The situation in Green Bay continues to drag out and become a distraction. Now the Packers are saying that they possibly will pay Brett Favre not to play; to the tune of $20 million dollars over 10 years. The deal could effectively end Favre’s bid to return to the Packers, or any other team for that matter. This is an an odd scenario; but it appears the Packer have offered up the deal. No one knows the particulars of the deal at this point, but it appears that Favre is at least open to it. Who wouldn’t be?

It is obvious that only Brett Favre knows what is important to him and what his motivation to retun to football is all about. The Packers, still apparently are not willing to see him play for another NFL team; so they are in effect buying out his contract. One could speculate all day long regarding the “whys” of this situation. To do so would be entirely hypothetical. Whenever we tread down the “what if” hypothetical road, we are asking for trouble. On first blush it seems to be a rather odd offer. It is a payoff to in essence, make the Favre situation go away. The million dollar question(s); Why is Favre even considering it? Do the Packer know more than they have been saying from the beginning? The short answer to question no 2 is Yes! Packer management has said this has been in the works for quite sometime. I guess that is news to us!

Whatever the reason, which probably will come out in the next few days, I believe this entire situation was handled in the wrong way by both parties, but more so by the Packers. What can the Packer front office learn from this situation? Take care of loose ends on the front end and don’t let anything come back to haunt you in the future. The Packers will do well to take heed to that advice and not let what appears to be a “loose cannon”, in this case Favre, derail both your plans and your process. It can be quite expensive to fix; perhaps a $20 Million dollar fix.

One and Done Rule Has Changed College Basketball For Good Or Bad

College coaches continue to make the big bucks. In addition to their huge contracts. Huge incentives, shoe contract, television shows, uniform contracts and incentives for winning. A Division I college coaching job is not at all a bad proposition.

College basketball is a  big time business. Especially for the major Division I institutions where the rich just keep getting richer. The one and done athletes continually select the large top ten schools for their one year of college basketball sabbatical; someplace where they can get great exposure and raise their draft position.

It is winning a proposition for College coaches at the power Division I colleges,  because not only do they have an excellent chance at going to the big dance; but they have a great shot at winning it all. To do so means an incentive bonus for the coach and a huge payday for them school.

To hire a well known coach is like hiring a marketing brand in itself like. Roy Williams, Bill Self, Ben Howland, Lute Olsen, Rick Pitino, John Calipari, all are big time coaches that are tremendous draws. The blue chip college athlete is more than likely to choose their school. What that means is usually a cash bonanza for both the coach and the school.

While the coach and the school make out  the one and done blue chip athlete makes out even better.  Where does it leave the other less talented players? They do get scholarships and a four year college education; if they take advantage of the opportunity.  Lute Olsen after losing California High Schooler Brandon Jennings possibly to European Professional Basketball, has vowed that he will never again recruit one and done players. Olsen calls the rule that requires a high school player to not enter the NBA draft until they turn 19 years of age, a farce. Most elect to attend one year of college.

Many coaches don’t see it the same way as Olsen. Tim Floyd Head Coach at USC , who signed OJ Mayo to what turned into a one year contract, said his one year with Mayo did wonders for his program and for the school.

Tubby Smith says who wouldn’t want to coach the best talent available even if it is for one year.

But something is inherently wrong when colleges place so much emphasis on cash cow sports and not enough on making sure all students both athlete and non-athlete have a real chance in life, by making sure that they receive a college education.

The Cost of attending a four year college; both state and private has skyrocketed to the point, that the average student would be hard pressed to fund a college education and it would be harder for the parents as well. As it stands now colleges are in the middle of misguided rules set up by the NBA and it is affecting everyone; coaches, players and their families, and not to mention involving unscrupulous agents as soon as high school player hit the recruiting radar screen

How Do The Packers And Favre Come To Common Ground?

The Brett Favre situation continues and I believe the Packers or more at fault than Favre. Trade him, keep him or release him. If they really feel the Brett Favre’s best years are behind him, then cut ties with him. Don’t let the situation linger. There are many strong opinions on all sides of this issue. So anyone reporting on it is in a no win situation, as there are many passionate Favre and Packer supporters, who take issue with either side.

With that said; I believe Favre could definitely help the Packers as their starting quarterback, however the Packers are ready to pull the pull the plug on Favre and go with Rogers. But as said before there are passionate fans that are letting the world know where they stand on the Brett Favre situation. There is no shortage of Green Bay Packer sites and the Favre story is literally all over the internet.

The lure of Favre coming back has always been a great scenario to consider and this certainly is the case this year. The problem is the Packers have moved on with their plans and appear ready to stick by them; and grow their team in a different direction for the future. No one can fault them for that. And for that matter the passionate desire that Favre has to continue to play football foremost for the Packers and if not possible; for any available team, is unquestioned.

There in lies the problem; how do both sides work this situation out monetarily and contractually for the Packers; and emotionally for Favre?

Norman Reluctantly Proves He Has Relevance in Golf

Greg Norman despite off course troubles and other distractions in his life. is still relevant, especially when it really appeared that he was not. Norman is the current leader in the British Open; no one expected him to be there. Perhaps Tiger’s misfortune is Norman’s gold and he has mad his way to the top of the leader board with two rounds to go. But with Normans past (he has a tendency to choke), we will all have to collectively take a deep breath and see how this will play out.

Still it is refreshing to see an elder statesman like Norma, make one final run for glory at the British Open, where golfing in never a cake walk and you earn every round by playing strategically to the top of the leader board. It is ironic that Norman 53, considered the British Open more of w warm up for the British Senior open. Although the accolades may be way to premature, Norman finished Friday as the clubhouse leader at 1- under par, It is still a remarkable achievement for a golfer who in most respects has lost relevance.

So as Norman surprising stays in the final final two round and restores his relevance, we will bask in the history if it and know that this is golf being elevated to the excitement level that Tiger Woods demands. That says that his influence is so striking on the game the people still follow it, despite his absence.

Si we have unexpected dram a the British Open and we can all root for Norman to pull it off. It will make for good coverage over the weekend for fans and great hype for the game.

An All Star Farewell At Yankee Stadium

After 85 years Yankee Stadium will be no more. The stadium, what it stands for; the history that took place there all mean something. Different things come to mind for different individuals but Yankee stadium is in a word a modern day icon.

It’s the home of Ruth, Gehrig , DiMaggio, Mantle and Maris; and yes Reggie Jackson, who hit three World Series home runs there. Ruth accomplished most of his 715 home runs there and Torre led the Yankees on a great run during the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

And so the Yankees will be in a new home next year; they probably will not finish off the season this year with a World Series run for effect. But the 2008 all star game is a fitting tribute to the history and the glamour that is Yankee stadium.

Yes, the memories are many; the great plays are archived in Yankee lore. And the players, well the list of great one live on; Phil Rizzuto, Bobby Richardson, Tom Tresh, Craig Nettles, Derrick Jeter, Roy White, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Ralph Houk, Stan Bahnsen, Goose Gossage, Thurman Munson, Paul Winfield, and these were just some of them lesser known Giants of Yankee Stadium.

You get the picture , there’s a lot of history here; so we will savor the memories and look forward to new beginnings in their new home; but Yankee Stadium will never be forgotten.

The pre game festivities had to be one of the most memorable moments in baseball when nearly all the living Hall of Famers gathered on the field. It was a great moment for baseball and a great moment for Yankee stadium.