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President Elect Obama and President Bush Meet Today At The White House

President Elect Barack Obama and President Bush Met today that White House for a wide ranging Discussion.  The New York Times devoted an informative piece on this meeting.

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Speculation is That Palin Could Evenutally Be A US Senator

Speculation is that Sarah Palin may soon be back in the America mainline. This time as a US Senator from Alaskan. Alaskan Senator Ted Stephens was found guilty of seven felony charges of failing to to properly report gifts. Ironically, Stephens appears headed for re-election once all the votes in Alaska are finally counted. Stephens in all likelihood will be expelled from Congress by his Senate colleagues. This will paved the way for Palin and get her much need exposure in Washington, and perhaps a clearer path to another run for the White House in 2012.

Although this is not Palin only options; she has a television background and could pursue such a career. We must not forget that Palin though campaigning for the Vice Presidency, she probably had an eye on possible career changes while in the mainline. In any event, Sarah Palin will still be on the political scene for the next four years and America will get a much clearer picture of her than the little over two and one half month glimse we received from her bid for with John McCain for the White House.

This Election Day Is A Special Day

Today’s the day! It is a great day for America. We are a diverse people and this Presidential race is the first to embrace the embodiment of diversity. I took pride this morning when I went out to vote at 6 AM. It was with pride and a sense of history that I pulled the level for Barack Obama. I would like to say a lot of things, but as an African American, I think back at how we we denied the ability to vote for many many ,many years.

We were slaves only 145 years ago. Although Abraham Lincoln freed our ancestors with the Emancipation Proclamation, we still did not realize the promise of all the freedoms of America. Families were separated doing slavery, slaves were not allowed to learn to read or write. The African American family was totally separated and destroyed. When the slaves were finally freed, we were still second class citizens. Harassed and denied the freedom that everyone else enjoyed, even in a free country.We were looked down upon, degradated, called every name, but a child of God, yet we pressed on.

Given these odds, we still pressed on, our ancestors rallied and accepted the long odds set against them, but kept pressing for the next generation. For black people to make it in America was like being in a race where you forced to start one hundred yards behind that starting line. Those were the odds we were faced with.

The leaders that helped us paved the way for our piece of the American dream, was W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, A. Phillip Randolph, Dr. Martin Luther King, all helped us through the age of Jim Crow, segregation in the south, voter suppression, lynching, and a host of other atrocities that in many cases were sanctioned or ignored by our government.

So this day is a special day, given our struggle, given the resolve that we had to face. But given our faith, our strong faith in God, we have seen this day. It is a day of Hope for all Americans, and that is the key for All Americans… because that is what we truly are. It is a day that we can look back on and say we can really overcome the stain of racism, we can overcome to stain of complacency in our own community, and striving as a race to be the best that you can be. It is a day that we change the outlook of African Americans, that if you buckle down and work hard that the dreams of America, really can be yours. That’s what this day means to all of us……..Americans.

In Fighting Between King Family Tarnishes King Legacy

The fight between Bernice and Martin Luther King III vs their Brother Dexter King continues. The three King siblings have been fighting over family memoirs and documents since the death of their Mother Coretta King a few years ago. It is a sad commentary that America’s premier Civil Right Family is embroiled in a a fight over who has the right to the personal intimate documents of Coretta King. At issue is $1.4 million book deal that Dexter signed to publish the memoirs of Coretta Scott King.

Bernice and Dexter King refused to release these documents to Dexter, who signed a book deal with a book Publisher to publish Mrs. King’s Memoirs. This has become a power struggle between the siblings. Bernice and Martin III vs Dexter. This is not the first time they have butted heads regarding the King Estate. A Georgia Judge ruled that Bernice and Martin III must turn over the documents and any party failing to turn over the documents will be subject to sanctions, which could include jail time.

It is totally a travesty that the King Legacy is tarnished by his own family and by this in family fighting. His legacy belongs to more people than just the immediate King siblings, it belongs to America, a point the King children should give serious and sincere thought.

Infomercial, Clinton, and Obama

Barack Obama Infomercial was a well done documentary/commercial that told a story about Americas working class, Obama’s life story , and his vision of American. This proceeded two rousing campaign stops by the dual campaigning of President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in Sunrise and Orlando, Florida. Bill Clinton was Bill Clinton, tonight he was a speaker who is able to isolate the issues that mean something to the voters.

Clinton called the presidential campaign the greatest job interview in the world. You are making the decision on who can best lead us out of this economic downturn. Then came Barack Obama, Obama said that American could see the peace that we saw under Bill Clinton is the 1990’s. Obama said we now have six days left to change. Six days left until the election. The choice is clear, four more years of the same tired economic theory or a new adventure filled with change in Barack Obama.

An Obama Presidency May Look like This

We are looking at a crossroads in the country. With the Election of Barack Obama, thing will change. Rapidly. The stagnation we have faced over the last eight years has been an Albatross over the necks of Americans. Now we don’t need partisan politics, but cooperation on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Barack Obama will bring more faces and thoughts to the table to create policies and decision that will be better crafted than at any time in the last eight years.

An intellectual deficit took place with an a country led by George W. Bush. America is stagnated, dead in the water both at home economically and diplomatically abroad. The prescription for this is the change we need. Obama’s, world view and the ability to at least engage foreign leaders around the world speaks volumes about where we will go and how our standing around the world will improve. Of course this is a mute issue for many Republicans, who could care less about how the world feels about America. But this head in the sand mentality our country can Ill afford to accept.

At home in America, we place little value on the lives of our elders and have not made provisions for them in regard to our aging populace. Health care is a national disaster, that is not considered a right or a privilege in this country. But in reality it is both. Provisions should be made to insure all American. To ensure that employers will not take away hard earned benefits that worker have earned throughout their lives.

Barack Obama will change all of this and we can expect more of a prosperous, pro-active and aggressive America. A country that truly cares about it’s people.

Is Powell’s Endorsement Of Obama The Last Piece Of The Victory Puzzle?

We’ve had time for the dust to settle since the announcement by Colin Powell of his support of Barack Obama for President. Although there are no clear cut polls substantiating this, but the Powell endorsement preceded the commanding 10 point lead that Barack Obama now enjoys in a number of Polls. It may be a little pre-mature to say this, but Colin Powell, sealed the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s run for the White House.

Say what you will about him, Powell is still a respected and revered American. He is an American Hero and he put his stamp of approval on Barack Obama on Sunday. Not only this, but the fact that he is hailed as a respected Republican says volumes about this endorsement. The timing of the endorsement was brilliant. Powell was out of sight and out of mind. Right wing Republicans had not denounced him, so he still held significant status within the party. Although many speculated that he would endorse Obama, it certainly was not established that he would.

But Powell endorsement, was something that he had contemplated for a long time. His legacy in Republican party, serving in many Republican administration, has given Powell many future frontiers to explore. Powell now has an obvious chance to exonerate himself in Government. Obama has said that Powell would certainly be a key adviser in an Obama administration.

With the election less that 14 days away, the Powell endorsement will no less go down in history as on of the most important events within the last three weeks of the election to propel Obama over the top.

Pat Buchanan’s Uncalled For Attack On Colin Powell

Pat Buchanan has some very interesting comments in a segment on MSNBC Sunday afternoon with Chris Matthews. Buchanan felt that Colin Powell had sold out the Republican party by supporting Barack Obama. He eluded to a number of things saying that other generals were more qualified to be the Joint Chief of Staff, but were passed over to give the position to Powell. He felt that that Powell was not loyal to the party and had a hidden agenda. His own agenda.

This was a highly offensive assault on Colin Powell, by Buchanan, and was uncalled for. Certainly Colin Powell has a right to his opinions and does not need to get permission from anyone to voice his opinion or to get permission from conservative Republicans, before he decides to speak out on issues. Buchanan also said that Colin Powell supported Barack Obama, simply because both are black. Powell said during his announcement of his endorsement of Obama, that even though both are black, he made a conscious efforts to study both John McCain and Barack Obama, before making a decision on who he would endorse for the office of the Presidency, primarily because he knew that the issues of a black endorsing another black would come up.

Powell eloquently explained the thought process that he used in arriving at his decision and came up with a thoughtful, carefully crafted statement of why he decided to support Barack Obama. Yet Pat Buchanan could not accept this. Buchannan needs to know that we live in a changed America, not in the America that he envisions. . This is a new diverse America, with all types of people and no segment or race within American society has a premium on thoughts, actions , political agenda or patriotism.

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While Palin Attacks; The Alaskan Legislative Council Say Palin Violated Public Trust As Governor

Sarah Palin has been campaigning hard to discredit Barack Obama. Trying to link him to William Ayers. She has spewed hate and fear within the Republican Conservative Base and has effectively brought out the worst in not only the Republican audience but also in herself. The low point of this assault came today in Minnesota when an obviously, ignorant woman, stood up at a McCain rally and said she thought that Barack Obama was an Arab. To his credit, John McCain said Barack was not an Arab.

McCain has a lot to deal with at his rallys, shouts of traitor, terrorist, or how about this; kill him. What kind of people attend McCain rallys? It would lead one to believe that Sarah Palin is the magnet to draw these types of people to McCain rallys. She has led the charge of denouncing Obama as a terrorist and someone who cannot be trusted. Now today we see that Sarah Palin can’t be trusted as well. Why? Because Palin was determined today, by bi-partisan Alaskan Legislative Council, to abuse her power as Governor, by pressuring subordinates to fire her brother-in-law. In theory to advance her personal agenda. In the process, she fired the head of the Alaskan State Troopers, Walt Monegan, because he refused to fire him. Which in fact is an ethics violation.

Yet here is a women on the campaign trail calling Obama Un-American and a terrorist. Perhaps now we will see a change in strategy from the McCain camp in putting Palin out front on Obama attacks. If you live in a glass house as Republicans do…. please do not throw any stones.