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Greg Oden Could Be The Missing Piece of the Puzzle For The Heat

Greg Oden is with the Miami Heat. With the problems with his knees over the past few years that is a blessing. Oden says he is taking it slow. The big center is a great addition to the Heat if he can stay Healthy, so that is the reclamation project for the Heat. How to keep Greg Oden healthy?

The cards are laid on the table and this is without a doubt a chance The Heat is willing to take. With the addition of Greg Oden, Michael Beasley, and Lamar Odom, the Heat have the pieces that can take them to a three peat, fairly easily. So these are the pieces of the puzzle that can take a tremendous load off LeBron James and Dewayne Wade. People say that the measure of true super star in the NBA is the number of championships, then put me down to say this quite possibly will be three peat for the Heat and for LeBron James.



Why LeBron Seems to Disappear

LeBron James seems to be in a perpetual state of frozen animation when playing basketball. Don't get me wrong he's a brilliant player and he possessive wild skills. The problem is we do not understand why he is not consistently taking over the game. Sometimes he appears lost even though he is probably the best player on the planet.

Yes LeBron James seems to be someone who really has a problem being consistent in how he approaches the game. Yet despite this, he is an outstanding player and that's something that we all have to come to terms with. Yes many hate him for having the gall to say he was going to take his talents to Miami but we must understand this is truly a talented basketball player.

So that is the LeBron James we know. Sometimes he's there. Sometimes he gives you maximum effort and sometimes when he's on the big stage he seems to freeze up. Probably it is psychological I can't really tell you why but it seems to happen quite often. No we can't get into LeBron James' head. That is an exercise reserved for the experts, but we can ponder why he seems to disappear in some circumstances.

But maybe LeBron James' coach can tell you why he seems to have a photographic memory. A great memory of plays and situations and how the play is likely to turn out.

Spoelstra said James' recall helps because ultimately it's attention to detail that helps a team win. “That's how coaches are,” Spoelstra said. “We remember details and we want to emphasize those details. And when your best player recalls the minor things and also understands the importance of those things, it has a big impact on our team.”

James looks at his ability in two ways.

“Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn't,” he said. “Sometimes it can cloud my mind too much and I get to thinking about the game too much instead of just playing. Sometimes I'm able to put myself in situations that are better for me and better for our team by knowing what happened before.

“I guess it's a gift and a curse.”




Memo to Heat: Get More Production From Their True Centers

My take on the Miami Heat. Chris Bosh says he wants more touches inside and his teammates need to get him the ball. Look, Bosh in my opinion is not the superstar that he and a few others thinks he is.  He has a decent game, but nothing that could be construed  as on the same level as  LeBron, or  D Wade.  Bosh is a power forward, but yet he sees himself as a post player, a big man. Look he’s 6’10 and 235. That is not the build or the make up of a center.

Yes the Heat need  a formidable  center in the middle,  a go to guy to take the heat off of James, Wade,  and Bosh. But that is  just it. They only need someone in the middle that can score consistently and forcefully. They do not have that on this team.  Getting the ball more to Bosh inside is not the answer. Bosh is already getting the ball. He’s averaging 18 points per game.  The scoring mix is where it needs to be,  James is averaging 26 points , Wade is averaging 25, and Bosh is averaging 18 points.  The rest of the team is averaging 4 points per game collectively. There lies the problem.

In effect the Heat are playing without a true center. Dampier is big enough and so is “Z”, but neither are productive enough to draw defenses away from the big three and allow them  to do their thing.  That is the problem.  The Heat needs to  get more production from Dampier and Z;   at least enough  to draw attention from opposing teams, and not allow them  the luxury to double team either of the big  three stars.