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An Obama Presidency May Look like This

We are looking at a crossroads in the country. With the Election of Barack Obama, thing will change. Rapidly. The stagnation we have faced over the last eight years has been an Albatross over the necks of Americans. Now we don’t need partisan politics, but cooperation on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Barack Obama will bring more faces and thoughts to the table to create policies and decision that will be better crafted than at any time in the last eight years.

An intellectual deficit took place with an a country led by George W. Bush. America is stagnated, dead in the water both at home economically and diplomatically abroad. The prescription for this is the change we need. Obama’s, world view and the ability to at least engage foreign leaders around the world speaks volumes about where we will go and how our standing around the world will improve. Of course this is a mute issue for many Republicans, who could care less about how the world feels about America. But this head in the sand mentality our country can Ill afford to accept.

At home in America, we place little value on the lives of our elders and have not made provisions for them in regard to our aging populace. Health care is a national disaster, that is not considered a right or a privilege in this country. But in reality it is both. Provisions should be made to insure all American. To ensure that employers will not take away hard earned benefits that worker have earned throughout their lives.

Barack Obama will change all of this and we can expect more of a prosperous, pro-active and aggressive America. A country that truly cares about it’s people.


While Palin Attacks; The Alaskan Legislative Council Say Palin Violated Public Trust As Governor

Sarah Palin has been campaigning hard to discredit Barack Obama. Trying to link him to William Ayers. She has spewed hate and fear within the Republican Conservative Base and has effectively brought out the worst in not only the Republican audience but also in herself. The low point of this assault came today in Minnesota when an obviously, ignorant woman, stood up at a McCain rally and said she thought that Barack Obama was an Arab. To his credit, John McCain said Barack was not an Arab.

McCain has a lot to deal with at his rallys, shouts of traitor, terrorist, or how about this; kill him. What kind of people attend McCain rallys? It would lead one to believe that Sarah Palin is the magnet to draw these types of people to McCain rallys. She has led the charge of denouncing Obama as a terrorist and someone who cannot be trusted. Now today we see that Sarah Palin can’t be trusted as well. Why? Because Palin was determined today, by bi-partisan Alaskan Legislative Council, to abuse her power as Governor, by pressuring subordinates to fire her brother-in-law. In theory to advance her personal agenda. In the process, she fired the head of the Alaskan State Troopers, Walt Monegan, because he refused to fire him. Which in fact is an ethics violation.

Yet here is a women on the campaign trail calling Obama Un-American and a terrorist. Perhaps now we will see a change in strategy from the McCain camp in putting Palin out front on Obama attacks. If you live in a glass house as Republicans do…. please do not throw any stones.

OBama Wins Debate According to CNN and CBS Poll

According to a CNN Poll 51% of those polled thought Barack Obama did a better job in Friday night’s debates than Barack Obama. Obama also leads McCain in a CBS News/New York Times Poll 47%-42 % taken before the debates and before McCain made his announcement to temporarily halt his campaign. The debate helped many uncommitted voters to improve their opinion of Obama. The uncommitted voters said that Obama won the debate according to a CBS Poll, Obama won, 39% to 24%.

The uncommitted voters who watched the debate said they were impressed by Obama’s poise and knowledge about the issues, and that he was more knowledgeable about the issues than they previously thought. They also felt McCain this not control himself well under pressure, that he was angry and bad tempered, and felt that he talked too much about the past.

Link to the CBS Poll breakdown.

Whats your Opinion On the McCain Obama Debates- Who Won?

Your honest Opinion. Who do you think won the debate? Did Obama have a grasp of the economy and foreign affairs? What was behind McCain’s seemingly inability to look Obama in the eyes? Did McCain have a better Grasp of the economy? Opinion polls say Obama won, but what do you think. Weigh in here.