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Obama Did The Right Thing To Put a Cap On Salaries of $550,000- It’s Enough

It a new day and a new climate for Wall Street firms. If you are going to accept tax payer money, there will be strings attached. It is corporate welfare.  You take our money, then you have to be responsible how you spend the money. There will  consequences.   If you take bail out money, you will need to be accountable.  The cap is at $550,000 per year, the pundits are saying this is not a lot of money for an executive to  make.  Sounds like a lot to me. What about the rest of us who are making  maybe a tenth of that?

Come on, give me a break.  It’s our money, you don’t like it, then leave.  It is accoutability.  There is no credibility and there is no confidence in Wall Street. Banks are taking junkets, spending year end bonus on some far away location.  Many are saying that the talent may leave because they can’t make the money.  I guess they need to make the free enterprise system work for itself…. Find a new job.

Palin Post Election Interviews Are Not Helping Her

Sarah Palin says during last week’s media blitz that she would love to do interviews. The problem is that Palin did not help herself by conducting all the interviews. She actually hurt herself in the interviews. Matt Lauer’s interview with Palin brought out twisted logic and some cases out and out lies to cover up her ineptitude.

Sarah Palin is extremely ambitious, and very unprepared. She did not clearly articulate her vision on what she wants to do next or her vision for Alaska. She did not get specifics on what she would do in the future. Many in the media say she often goes into Tina Fey mode when she has no answer or does not know the answer to questions.

Palin said the mainstream media started the rumor that her son was not her baby. In fact John McCain put out a press release about the rumors stated on the Internet; at the point the media responded. Palin tried to paint herself as a victim. Because of the scrutinizing of Reporters like Katie Curic and Wolf Blitzer, the American people earned more about the unpreparedness of Sarah Palin.

The Great Debaters Starring Denzel Washington

If you did not see the movie, the DVD is available.

The Great Debaters, a movie about a famous, yet little known debate team from small Wiley college in
Texas, was an inspiring movie. The central focus of the movie was about students from the African American College who defeated Harvard University’s debate team in 1935. Later the debate team  went on to defeat the University of Southern California to win the National title in 1935. The Movie focused on the debaters most
notably James Farmer, Jr., who went on to be a significant figure in the Civil Rights movement in the south.

Facing touch and demeaning Jim Crow laws in Texas, Wiley College overcame significant prejudice to rise
to one of the Premier debate teams in the country. The Wiley debate team and a winning streak of ten years.

Television’s Split Screen Gives Obama the Victory in The Third Debate

In 1960 John Kennedy and Richard Nixon squared off in a series of debates to determine who would become the next president of the United States. This was the gold standard of debates. It was not the most influential debate. That remains the Lincoln-Douglas debate in the 1860 presidential elections. No the Kennedy-Nixon debates highlighted the power of television and how the relatively new phenomenon of television in 1960 helped millions of Americans make up there minds and decide to vote for the nation’s first Roman Catholic president, John F. Kennedy.

The televised debates showed both candidates live. It also showed them for the first time, with on camera flaws. Many of us history buffs and those who witnessed the debates, know that Richard Nixon, appeared sweaty and flustered on television. Causing him to appear less presidential. While his opponent John Kennedy, appeared cool, calm, and more importantly; presidential. As a result the American public decided on Kennedy and it had the power of television to thank

It has been forty-eight years since the now infamous, Kennedy-Nixon debates and we have learned that one thing remains constant, the power of television. Flash -forward to the McCain- Obama debates. And the fourth and final debates of the 2008 presidential election. Again television has played a very important role in this 2008 election. With the simultaneous wonder of television’s split screen where two candidates can be seen side by side. McCain lost the third and final debates and could very well lose the election because of the way the split screen, McCain’s portion of the split, portrayed him to the American people.

McCain appeared mad, steely eyes, his eyes moved about erratically, his facial profile was not becoming, and he constantly appeared mean spirited while reaching for his pen to take notes, but not without removing the scowl from his face while doing so. Not surprisingly, poll after poll gave Obama the victory by a decisive margin and again television has made the difference. Perhaps television helped determine the winner of this years presidential debate.

McCain and Palin Lose Character

I am concern about the direction of the campaigning in the latter days of the election. The hate inciting, aggressive comments from the crowd, are not helpful in a Presidential debate. In fact the idea of tying Obama to William Ayers is not only ridiculous; but it is hugely irresponsible, reprehensible, shows a clear lack of Judgment, and no regard for possible consequences of this action.

We do not need Sarah Palin out on the campaign trail inciting hate toward Obama. If it does not stop, then we must go beyond the usual response that this is politics. It is much more than that. It is hate and and it is bigotry. If that is what Sarah Palin and the Republicans are about; we Americans can do without both.

This despicable behavior has not done anything to help McCain/Palin. There are now about 27 days left. Obama is up 264 electorials votes to McCain’s 164. In the projection game, Obama only needs a mere 7 votes to go over the top. McCain would literally have to run the table in order to defeat Obama.

There is certainly no love lost between Obama and McCain. During the Presidential debates at Belmont College in Nashville, McCain referred to Obama during his response to a question by gesturing at Obama and then saying…….”That One”. Which shows a disdain and dislike toward Obama.

This behavior leads to questions of McCain’s character and Palin’s character is also in question

McCain Has Always Been Reckless and A “Mavarick”- Read The Article on His Flying Skills

Here’s a performance review on John McCain, you need to read. No one is questioning his courage and his service to his country, he is an American hero, but his judgment is questionable. It is good insight in how McCain would lead this country in the office of the President. It also questions lesson learned by McCain. It appears that McCain has not learned many of them since he was twenty-three. Read the article and judge for yourself.

Click link Below-Article on McCain Naval Flying Record,0,5745552.story

CNN, CBS- Joe Biden Wins Debate

Last nights debate was not a game changer. Barack Obama and Sarah Palin did ok. But it did not change the polls. Sarah Palin would not answer any of the questions which were put to her in last nights debate. Joe Biden maintained a presidential presence. In a CNN Poll 54% thought Biden won the debate and 36% thought Palin lost the debate. Joe Biden had more of a demand of the substance of the debates. There no accusations of Gender biased in this debate.

Sarah Palin did not answer any question posed to her, she merely sprouted off Republican sound bites. She did not stick to the questions, which were the rules. CBS Polls among uncommitted voters Biden won 46% to 21% for Palin.

Obama Moves Up In The Polls, While McCain Ponders What To Do With Palin

The voters have finally turned their attention to the candidate. The Ole Miss Debate at Oxford, Missisippi  was a chance to see Obama and McCain, side by side in a debate setting. It probably did little for those voters who already made up their mind, but it gave the uncommitted voters a chance to see the differences between Obama and McCain.

Obama, clearly benefited from this more scruitinized  look by the voters. Now a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll gives Obama an edge in the debate and an edge in the weekly opinion poll by 8 percentage points. The stakes are rising in the presidential election and the candidate face more intense scrutinity from voters in the remining debates.  With Sarah Palin, facing intense scrutinity from conservatives who want her off the ticket, McCain will have some serious issues to deal with this week.

Palin’s popularity has dropped considerable over the weeks since her selection by John Mccain as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Since that time because of a series of interviews, Palin has proven to be  unknowledgeable and has looked terrible.

This is a crucial week for John McCain, who faces tough decisions on whether  he keep Palin or cave into conservative Republicans and move her off the ticket.  Look for the rhetoric in this area to increase this week and in the weeks to come.

OBama Wins Debate According to CNN and CBS Poll

According to a CNN Poll 51% of those polled thought Barack Obama did a better job in Friday night’s debates than Barack Obama. Obama also leads McCain in a CBS News/New York Times Poll 47%-42 % taken before the debates and before McCain made his announcement to temporarily halt his campaign. The debate helped many uncommitted voters to improve their opinion of Obama. The uncommitted voters said that Obama won the debate according to a CBS Poll, Obama won, 39% to 24%.

The uncommitted voters who watched the debate said they were impressed by Obama’s poise and knowledge about the issues, and that he was more knowledgeable about the issues than they previously thought. They also felt McCain this not control himself well under pressure, that he was angry and bad tempered, and felt that he talked too much about the past.

Link to the CBS Poll breakdown.