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T.O. Signed with The Buffalo Bills- He will be Paid $6.5 Million Dollars For One Year.

Buffalo Bills did something that no one expected they would do. Owner Ralph Wilson is near the century mark in terms of age and wanted to make one last stab at the playoffs and  possible a championship signed Terrell Owens.  He not only signed T.O.  he made him $6.5million dollars richer.  The jury is out on whether this will be termed a  brilliant move by the Bills.

In terms of the gate,  T.O. will fill the stands in Buffalo and certainly when they travel north to their annual game in Toronto.  Whether you like  him or not T.O. is an attraction.  It remains to be seen if western New York fans can handle him. This upcoming season promises to be an exciting one with the addition of  T.O.  Let’s hope he’s worth  the $6.5 million that the Bills are willing to pay him.