Hillary Clinton And Bernie Attack Each Other

To be honest Hillary Clinton will more than likely be the Democratic  nominee for President of the United States. The numbers add up and it appears to be a given. However I am disappointed in the tactics that Secretary Clinton used to get here.  Bernie , in a moment of frustration,  basically said that Hillary is not qualified to be President. That is not a new revelation, it is not even surprising in my opinion that Sanders is saying she is not qualified. She has not been forthcoming, she has pushed the needle and as a result of insulting Bernie Sanders Clinton got a less than hospitable  response from Sanders.

The media has a lot do do with all this, They are pro Clinton in their reporting and has egged on and encouraged this in order to further implicate and disqualify Bernie Sanders. To his credit Sanders has still provided a great example of how to run a campaign. Clinton chose to go negative and we are where we are because of that.  Hillary Clinton’s negativity is the culprit.

The New York media is in Hillary Clinton’s back pocket. But Sandres knew this when he decided to go against  her. It goes with the territory. If Hillary Clinton learned anything from this, it is be very careful that you do not poke the Bear, in this case  the bear would be Bernie Sanders. We will see where this goes and how this plays out in the coming days. 

Sanders faces an uphill fight and will not give an inch to Hillary Clinton, CNN or MSNBC.


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