Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead At 79

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is dead, may he rest in peace. For Forty-Four years the Republicans held a majority on the bench of the Supreme Court. The court now is at a 4-4 count, meaning four Democrats and four Republicans. This will be a game changing situation where there will be much discussion and debate on who will be nominated to the court.

Justice Scalia was a colorful judge who ruled conservatively in nearly every argument that came before the Supreme Court.  Scalia was a thoughtful and staunch conservative. He always emphasized the clear context of the argument when evaluating a potential ruling. Scalia often ruled against liberal leaning cases, which is not to say that Scalia was not a little more than a partisan Justice. He held close to his conservative opinions but evaluated each case and sometimes surprised pundants and elected officials alike in coming to his opinions.

There are already calls that President Obama not be allowed to nominate the next Supreme court Justice. A fight on this can be expected, from Democrats and Republicans alike.

 The court has been split five to four for a huge amount of time. There will be a fight to stop President Obama from nominating the next Supreme Court Justice. If we think the Presidential election is entertaining at this point, it will promise to be  life changing. Justice Scalia was 79.


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