The Primary Process In New Hampshire

The Primary/Caucus Election process has been very interesting to say the least, both on the Democratic and Republican side in New Hampshire and Iowa.  It is going to be interesting, that is the next couple of weeks.  It will make everything a little more interesting in  the primary season for both  the Republicans and the Democrats. Whether the focus is on self funding candidate, Donald Trump or the  rise of Progressive Bernie Sanders, the rest of the 2016 election for the White House will continue to be interesting and intriguing.  New Hampshire is no doubt playing a huge part in this election. That is the beauty of the Electorial Process.

Where this election will end up is anyone’s  guess, however this year’s  election is without a doubt eventful, entertaining and curiously partisan,  Each voting block has a uniqueness of it own and we will continue to see more passion and more deep held commitment through the rest of this affair in the battle for the White House.  That my friend is the absolute anaylsis of this very interesting campaign for the highest office in the land.


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