Ben Simmons Is The Next Real Deal

Great court vision and excellent leadership by Ben Simmons powered LSU past Kentucky in an important SEC Match up in Baton Rouge.  Simmons provides the entire package at LSU particularly by providing a marque win at home against Kentucky. The Tigers came away in the end with a 85-67 victory over the Wildcats. Simmons provided the leadership and scoring 14 points, 3 assist, 2 turnovers while playing 27 minutes due to foul trouble.  Simmons is without a doubt the real deal and comparisons will continue with Simmons being compared to both Magic Johnson and LeBron James as a 2016 Point Forward.  Whatever position the pundants feel Simmons fits it does not matter, he will be a first round NBA draft pick and his upside is well, amazing.  The win cast doubt on where Kentucky will finish, we will not know what effect this loss will have on the Wildcats until a few days from now. The SEC will be Interesting this year.



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