Avery Johnson Making An Impact For The Tide


Avery Johnson has led the Alabama Crimson tide to signature wins.  The Tides record stands  at  8 wins and 2 Losses.  The signature wins were significant, with  wins over Wichita State, Notre Dame and Clemson.  Johnson transferred his coaching skills to the college ranks from the NBA and has proven that the Tide will be a force  to deal with during the run to capture the SEC Conference championship and to secure a birth in the NCAA Tournament in March.  As usual the SEC will be tough and it will be a battle in a run for the crown.  If this start is any indication, we can expect the Tide to be in the running for an NCAA tournament berth.

College Basketball Update

Tom Izzo has the Michigan State Spartans off to a great start  with a 13-0 record through the Christmas break.  As usual  Izzo is a master of scheduling and  he is a master of putting fear in the referees thus the 13-0 start. Of course when the NCAA tournament roll around expect Izzo to meat formidable competition in the Big Ten.  Signature wins were over Kansas, Louisville, and Florida. 

These teams finish the season in the Top Ten Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina, Louisville, Kentucky,Virginia, North Carolina, Duke, Utah, in no particular order. Biggest Surprises Expect Kentucky  and Louisville to inhabit  the Top Ten  before the season is over. Xavier, Butler, Iowa State, Virginia to  drop out of the top tenTeams to watch Pitt, VanderbiltUCLANotre DameDayton, and Alabama.

 Current Top Ten USA Today

 Michigan State, Michigan State,  KansasMarylandVirginiaXavier,  ArizonaNorth CarolinaIowa State, Butler.


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