Kentucky Defeats Louisville

It was a hard fought game yesterday in Rupp Arena, Kentucky prevailed 75-73 over Louisville. Like every game in the Rupp the opposing team has to play smart basketball,  Louisville did that for much of the game. As usual referees are not a friend of Louisville, you have to play a thinking game because the refs are like a sixth, seventh man for Kentucky in Rupp Arena. Although the refs called a fairly good game as they tried to balance the pain among both teams. This game was a preview perhaps for a bigger showdown in the NCAA tournament. It could happen.

Louisville fought hard and hit the boards with aggression. Louisville is a young team and they will most certainly get better. To fall to Kentucky by only two points in Rupp Arena is a testament to the potential  that this team shows.  Louisville is a tough gritty team and they will get better. If Louisville’s Yum Center was the venue for today’s game, the outcome would have been a victory for the Cards. A botched three point shot by Damian Lee at the buzzer held the key to victory for the Cards. That’s how close Louisville came to victory. Go Cards!!





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