The Deal- Hand the ball off



Today’s segment of the Deal is quite simple. In this  life we will be faced with challenges,  stressful situations that give us pause. If we  know Jesus, We know we have a friend  that is as close to us as a brother, yet in our earthly wisdom we somehow believe we can fix any problem, any situation. We listen for that small still voice deep within that is trying to offer us a solution. Yet in our earthly wisdom we decide we have the answer,  a way out and a way up. It is that small still voice that is leading us, or at least we think it is, often it is simply us who decided we will fix this problem ourselves.

You know many of us believe we have the wisdom, the courage to handle  any situation. Yet we quickly learn that the small still voice is not who we thought it was. It was not Jesus, it was you, me, and no doubt many other Christians who think of themselves as smart, aware and brilliant in the way we think. In our vanity we began to believe that we are bigger than God and there is no problem that we cannot fix. When we’re treading down this path, we are navigating away from the Lord. We need to hand the ball off to the Lord, He will fix it.

Yes, we’ve all done things that are important and placed us in the spotlight. Yes this is good for our ego, but not so good for our soul. We need to listen to the Lord and His infinite direction, yet we still do all we can to try to score the proverbial touchdown. We’re listening to something, but it is not the Lord. It’s just like you’re the quarterback and God is the Running back. The Runningback sees the entire field, and knows where we will end up before the ball is snapped. Yeah, we have made the mistake of trying to fix a problem more than a few times in our lives. We fumbled the ball, turned it over to the other team. We lost the game!

God has given you the answer to nearly every problem when we are willing to “hand the ball off. We can’t carry this burden alone however God has a game plan, a fourth quarter scheme that is part of our offense. To your surprise it is not something new it is quite simple. You learn it when you finally learn to hand the ball off, give it to God, He has the game plan and don’t mistake that you have the answer, you need to give everything to the Lord, hand the ball off and let the Lord Run with it. When you’re stumped and do not know when or where to turn. Hand the ball off! When you don’t know what to do and you’re dazed and confused, Hand the ball off to the Lord. 

When sickness comes and you seek the Healing provided by Jesus Stripes, declare it and hand the ball off for your healing. When you’re facing a life or death situation look no further than the Lord, hand the ball off! God is waiting on you to trust him, listen for His voice He will reveal it to you in many forms. Just listen and when you finally get it…..Hand the Ball Off To The Lord!!




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