I viewed a documentary about race in the New York Times. It was an Editorial in video format about how ackward it is to talk about race. I can undestand it. It is part of our persona and identity, however I can understand the hesitancy involved in obtaining the courage to speak about it.   It is our reality and we have learned to deal with it and and how to embrace it.

I once attended a seminar conducted by CT Vivian, a  Civil Rights icon, Vivian who  asked the participants to talk about race and how it affected them. Race it is an inherent part of our lives, nevertheless  skin color affects our life.  His seminar resulted in an honest discussion. Vivian’s  seminar was nearly 30 years ago. Our society is quite different today, however how we deal with race continues to be part of the discussion.

It is a liberating experience when we deal with race and it’s effect  on our lives.   We all believe  we have come a long way, and we have in many respects, however there are stories in everyone’s life that touch on race and its impact on their lives.  It is liberating to talk about race and the effect it has on our lives. We become a more nurturing and caring society when we take steps to understand and care about all Americans.


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