Louisville Shows Great Potential

  Trey Lewis

The Louisville Cardinals are an unknown commodity at this point in the season.  Although the Cards are undefined, they do show tremendous potential. Coach Rick Pitino has a special team, perhaps the first team that has shown unity. This is the first time in years that the Cards like each other. Now that the Cards are one big happy family we can get down to basics.  The Cardinals are destined to be an exciting team, a team that can run the floor with the best of them, and a team with a lethal trade mark of finishing either from behind the arc or with a devastating knack of getting to the basket and finishing.

These are the traits  that define the Cardinals. Starting with the the play of Trey Lewis and Damian Lee, we find the heart and soul of the Cardinals.  Lewis at this point is probably the most consistent and deadly of the two, giving his ability to to get to the rim and finish with a slashing, penetrating style. Damian Lee is a great compliment to Lewis given that he is a lights out shooter and can penetrate as well with the dribble drive or make his way to the rim via freelancing.

Lewis is a graduate transfer from Cleveland State. Damien Lee is a graduate transfer from Drexel.  Both bring mad skills to the table and have helped the younger players to bond. Quentin Snider, a sophomore who earned his way into a starting position with the Cards has matured over the summer and he is the Cards team leader at point guard. 


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